Two hearts with one beat (episode 8)

Hello everyone.shrilatha is back….I am really hurt yaar ..may be this will interest u guys…silent readers please do respond…here goes the story…

Ragini shocked..
Ragini: sanskar
Sanskar shows his palm to stop her…
Sanskar: sanskar maheshwari..
Ragini: why did u do this..(completely broken)
Sanskar: u wanna know go and ask ur father shekar gadodia..
Ragvi were confused..
Sanskar: areh ragini..u r crying for this small insult…u have more coming…
Yuvi: how dare u…u made my sister cry
Yuvi holds sanskar’s collar
Sanskar releases himself..
Sanskar: whoa angry young man..u r sister just cried for few minutes and u couldn’t take it ..beacuse of ur father my mother has been crying for twenty five angry should I be..
Ragvi r totally confused now..
Ragini: ur mother..what r u saying..u wanna know clearly go ask u r dad about janki maheshwari…
He leaves the shocked ragvi there..ragvi look at ecahother..
Sanskar reminisces swara and mahi showing him ragini’s pic and telling him about ragini being gadodia princess…
He was definitely shattered..the girl who was his best friend till now..was actually his enemy…
True his heart did feel the pain when she was crying..but his mother’s crying face came infront of him…immediately he brushed his feelings aside…

Here @GM
Ragini: paru..paru..mishty..where r u…
Sumi comes..never has she heard ragini so tensed..dadi also comes out..
Ragini: paru where is tiger..
Dadi: he is not here…why what happened..
Ragvi look at each other..
Yuvi: u know who is janki maheshwari..
Sumi and dadi look at each other nervous…
Ragini: paru..please tell..who is janki..
Dadi: laado she is ur bua..
Ragvi were shocked..
Ragvi: bua..we have a bua
Sumi: haa..but she went against ur father and married someone..from that moment u r father said she is dead for us..she loves ur dad a lot..
She tells them all the past
Ragini: this is wrong mishty…how can tiger do this to her…
Dadi: we tried to contact her but shekar was adamant ..we came to know that her husband went missing..we have even seen him..I miss my daughter..
Yuvi: no doubt sanskar hates us..
Dadi: sanskar??
Ragini: paru he is ur grandson…
Dadi: what janki has a son..and she named him sanskar..I knew she will never…I want to see him…I wanted to raise him..but fate played with us..
Ragini: no paru he will come here..janki bua will come back here I will unite janki bua and tiger..this is my promise to u..these two families will become one family..
Yuvi: but ragu he seems rude..
Ragu: don’t worry bhai..u know me one can stop me..u all have to help me in this…
Yuvi: what is going on in ur mind..
Ragini: I am going to maheshwari house..I will stay there and return with bua only..till then u have to manage tiger…
Sumi: but ragu ..if u dad comes to know then he will not even let u come back..
Ragini: don’t worry mishty..i wont back out I will unite these two families ..I will eradicate all the bitterness from sanskar’s heart..
Dadi gets emotional..
Dadi: u will do this na.ragu..u will really bring my sanskar and janki..
Ragini: haa paru..this is my promise to u..maheshwari be ready ragini gadodia is coming…

Ragini gets down infront of maheshwari house with her luggage..
She is about to enter the house..but thinks..
Ragini : ragu basically she is ur bua..and sanskar is ur love so technically this is ur right leg..
She keeps her right leg in the house..

Swara feels like earthquake..
She brushes the feeling..
Swa…….san and mahi come down and r shocked to find ragini there
Ragini(in mind): oh teri..ragu..u have slapped every one in this house..yeh do chidiya r also from this house only ..
Sanskar: what r u doing here just get lost..
Ragini: I came to meet my bua..
Sanskar : oh mnow u remember..u cant meet her go from here..
He hurries because he didn’t want janki to see ragini..because janki loves gadodia…
Ragini: I wont whatever u want..
Janki: sanskar who is there beta..
Swa….san and mahi r tensed now….
Janki is surprised to see ragu there..ragini is also shocked..she felt some connection to janki in their first meet but never thought she would be her bua..
Janki: ragu u here..
Ragu: jaanu..u..oh my god..jaanu..i need to tell u something..
Janki: haa tell me..
Mahi swara and sanskar r tensed now..
Ragini: I am ragini Gadodia..
Janki becomes emotional on knowing this..she ccomes forward and hugs ragini..
Janki: my bacha..ur my neice..I always felt some connection to I know we r related by blood na that’s why..
Ragini starts crying like kid…with lot of sound..
Ragini: jaanu I had a fight with papa..can I stay here..
Sanskar opens his mouth in o shape..
Janki feels bad for her..
Janki: do u need anyone permission for that..this is ur house ..stay here beta..snaksar look after the arrangements
Sanskar: haa maa. U don’t take tension..
Ragini: sanskar …take my bag na..its heavy..
Sanskar glares her..
janki: sanskar take na..
sanskar takes it glaring her..
janki goes ragini wraps her arms across her chest..
sanskar: what to u think of ur self..why will u stay here..tumhara koi ghar var nahi hai..
ragini: ghar hai but var nahi hai..tum ban jao na mera var..(ghar is there but I don’t have a var..will u be my var)
swara: hey u..u want sanskar..he wont even touch chaepo like u..
ragini: really sanskar u didn’t tell them about our kiss…our love story..haa,…
she smirks..sanskar slaps his head..whille swara is shocked..
mahi and swara: KISS!!!!!..
ragini.wets her lips..and pouts her lips as if kissing..

Precap: war begins..


  1. Melra

    Nice. The last part was awesome. Ragini is so funny. Swara acts like a obsessive psycho. I’m waiting eagerly of the next episode.

  2. Jayanti


    |Registered Member

    haha…ragini was superb…loved this bindass ragini…..but what happened to u shri???all ok??
    the ff is really jhakaas…#anilkapoorstyle

  3. Dharani


    |Registered Member

    hahaha… now it is going more interesting the war between bava maradalu, i am very excited shri… and episode is awesome

  4. Anisha

    Nice Epi.Loved this sweet rago who is trying to unite her bua & dad.Dont feel hurt sis we love your ffs <3

  5. Asra


    |Registered Member

    awesome dear….loved it alot….omg ragu dramabezz….love u dear….am excited to see the war between ragsan…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

  6. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    oh god this ragini is ok let me think, i havent remember suitable word right now…. hmmmm yes she is kick ass girl sorry i am using slang language. but cant help it either.
    u have written her character superbly. and the best par is the last part……
    update soon.

  7. Richa19


    |Registered Member

    Simply superb shri di!!! 😘 ahh Ragini!! 😍😍 khurafati ragini!! Loved her.

    But dear if sanskaar is son of Ragini’s bua then don’t mind they’ll be bro and sis🙈🙈 I don’t know abt ur culture but in ours bra’s son is our cousin only…… 😯😯😯

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