Two hearts with one beat (episode 7)

Hello guys ..I am really late..ok guys why do I get this feeling that this ff is not good…r u not liking it..please tell me I will give it a proper ending.and finish it..I said I won’t end my ff for bashers..but ur my family..i will stop if u don’t like…
So here goes…..

Ragsan break their hug due to the huge applause…
The DJ: oh my GOD..that was breathtaking..u guys set the stage on fire..uff..
Ragsan smile at the DJ..they leave the pub while the people congratulate them…

Sanskar : u r changing me..i feel different around u..u know I never danced ..
Ragini: anyone with ragu has to change…
Sanskar smiles..
Sanskar: so today its our about way to celebrate the birthday..
Ragini burst out laughing….sanskar was confused…
Ragini: seriously dinner…I will show u how to celebrate birthday..come with me…
Sanskar is about to take his car…
Ragini: car???asli zindagi is outside the cars…come we will go in my two wheeler…
Sanskar: there is comfort in car..
Ragini: in my two wheeler u will find life..come na…
She takes him to the place where she parked her “two wheeler” her_____
Sanskar: cycle!!!!..r u serious?..u travel in a cycle..
Ragini: oye..just try it and then say..
Sanskar hesitates but because of ragini he compiles…she sits on the seat..
Sanskar doesn’t understand where to sit..
Ragini: sit behind me…I will take u a double seat ..
Sanskar hesitates ..infact he feels embarrassed to sit behind a cycle that too when a girl is cycling …he hungs his coat on his shoulder and sits on her cycle..
In the darkness of lonely night ,on the cycle..sudden feeling swept inside sanskar
Ragini : don’t hesitate no one is watching u…
unknowingly he spreads his hands and legs enjoying like a kid in the cycle
ragini smiles….

Finally they come to the icecream vendor…both get down for icecream
Sanskar: two chocolate icecream..
He looks for ragini but she is missing…
He looks around for her..
Ragini comes with roadside kids….
Ragini: bhaiyya icecream to all these kids….
Sanskar is just mesmerized with her…
The vendor gives icecreams…
All the kids were happy..which brought happiness to sanskar…
They go to beach next…
Sanskar looks at watch..
Sanskar : ragini ..wont it be a problem for u..ur out this late..
Ragini : brother will cover for me…
They stroll along the beach..playing in water and after awhile..ragini takes him to the back…
Ragini: so have u ever seen empty Mumbai …
Sanskar: u r incredible..but still how about lunch tomorrow..
Ragini: r u asking me on a date..
Sanskar smiles: may be…
Ragini : okay..

Here @MM
Swara is drinking furiously
She breaks the bottle and throws all the things of her room…
She goes to sanskar’s room stumbling as she is completely drunk…
She comes to the dummy and starts hitting it madly..
Swara: die..why did u come into my life..die..I will kill u..sanskar is just mine..u can’t have him…Heard he is only mine…I will kill u
she starts kicking the dummy..mahi comes there due to noise ..
mahi is shocked because swara’s act..
mahi: swaru stop..what r u doing..
swara: mahi kill that dream girl..she has to die..she came for sanskar …kill her..kill her
she falls down crying..mahi consoles her..
mahi : swaru..what r u saying dream girl came?
Swara: haa..yes dream girl is not dream..she is real..I will kill her ..she will snatch sanskar..
Mahi: swaru relax..have gone mad like bhai..dream girl doesn’t exist..
Swara: I have seen her ..u know who she is ..ragini gagodia..she is the dream girl…
Swara explains the temple scene to mahi..
Mahi is shocked..
Mahi: oh no..we have to stop all this..bhai should never know this….
Swara: sanskar is mine..only mine…
She faints..mahi takes swara to the roomand makes her lie…

Next day..

Ragini is dressed in plum colored knee length dress..
Sanskar comes their in white coloured suit…
Sanskar: u look beautiful..
Ragini: thanks …
Sanskar: so lets order ..ur wish ..u can order anything u want..
Ragini: okay 1 chicken biryani..prawns fry,fish fry,panner tikka,chocolate cake for dessert,..all items of chicken..
Sanskar: anyone else is coming..
Ragini: no..actually I am marwadi .so non veg is not allowed..I wanna taste..thats why..
Sanskar: okay I will just have vegetarian…bring all varieties of vegetarian..
Ragini: ur wish..

Order arrives
she starts eating like lady kumbkaran..sanskar is just shocked..
sanskar: I am done..I have to make an important call..u carry on I will be back…
ragini nods..but her concentration is on food
ragini eats to her full and stares at the remaining food..
the waiter comes with the bill
ragini looks at the was almost ten thousand…
ragini waits for sanskar..
its been half an hour that he went out..but didn’t return..
waiter: maam please pay the bill..
ragini: okay..
she looks for her purse..but doesn’t find it..even her mobile was missing….she looks for it frantically..
waiter: maam hurry up please..
ragini: my wallet Is missing…my friend went outside..he will comeback and pay..
waiter goes murmuring…
ragini gets tensed…
after fifteen minutes waiter comes back with the owner…
waiter: ru gonna pay or no…
ragini gets scared..
ragini: wo…wo.. my friend..
owner: stop it..we know u people..u eat to ur stomach full and then do dramas..
ragini: I am not doing any drama..really I lost my me..
owner: stop ur drama..
ragini’s eyes r filled with tears..she is a brave girl..but never she faced this situation…
waiter: should we call the police..
owner: no..maam pay the bill or clean the tables for whole day
ragini: what..okay let me make a call..i will pay ur money…
owner : we cant ..u r it or u don’t know what we can do…
he remembers swara’s words..

swara: humiliate her as much as u can…
she throws money bundle on his face..
fb ends
ragini gets scared and she picks the cloth..tears flow from her eyes..
she is about to clean the table when someone holds her hand..she feels happy to find the person..its non other than yuvi..
ragini hugs him tightly and starts crying…
rgini: bhai..thank god u came
yuvi’s heart was twisted to see his baby sister in this situation…
yuvi: bacha nothing happened..I am there no..what happened.
Ragini explains him everything…
Yuvi eyes become red in anger..
He pays twice bill ..and indicates the owner to come forward..
Yuvi slaps him hardly and starts beating him..
Yuvi: this is for insulting my doll..look after ur restaurant properly..because from tomorrow will not be there…..
He comes out with ragini…
Sanskar also comes there by that time..ragini runs to him and hugs him and starts crying…..
Ragini: sanskar where did u go..u know..those people they insulted me..they asked me to clean bhai came and they had to leave me..even my wallet and phone was lost
Sanskar: what!!! how can they do this..
He breaks the hug..
Ragini nods still crying..
Sanskar: how dare them..I thought they will make u clean at least ten can they leave u..I paid them well to insult u…
He gives a evil sympathy..
Ragini is shocked…
Sanskar takes out the wallet and phone..
Sanskar: these r ur lost wallet and phone na…
He gives a evil smirk..ragini stumbles in shock…

Epi ends…

Precap: sanskar’s true face… ragu’s shock treatment to maheshwari’s…

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    Thank god Yuvi saved his doll :-*

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