Two hearts with one beat (episode 5)

Hello everyone shrilatha is back..thanks for ur love..and a big wala sorry for being late..i have posted my new ff called swaragini: my side story (ragsan)continuation of swaragini ..thanks for everyone who commented..and u have many doubts about arjun and addu..i will clear goes….

Ragini goes hopping from there and sanskar smiles at her..
Sanskar: silly girl…but she is cute..

Here ragini comes to pooja…
Pooja: where were u….
Ragini: fulfilling me dream…
Pooja gives a confused look…
Pooja: what..
Ragini: I met sanskar ..
Pooja: oh so what did u do to him..
Ragini: I didn’t do anything..he only kissed me..that too on lips…
Pooja opens her mouth in O shape..
Pooja: what..itni jaldi..give me every single detail
Ragini: I will tell u come..
Pooja and ragini were talking and walking when ragini collides with someone..the person is none other than janki…
Ragini and pooja immediately bend to pick up her things..
Ragini: sorry sorry..we didn’t notice u…
But janki was lost ..she had a feeling that someone very close to her was next to her.she just didn’t want to take off her eyes from ragini..she kept on looking at her..ragini looks at her and shake her to bring to this world…
Ragini: aunty where were u lost…
Janki: nothing beta..
Ragini: we r so sorry…
She holds her ears like a kid…
Janki: awww so cute..she pulls her cheeks…
Ragini smiles..
Ragini : aunty can I once…
Janki: what..
Ragini: can I pull u cheeks..
Janki laughs and allows her
Ragini pulls them and kiss her on her cheek…
Ragini: my name na ragini.u can call me ragu..
But janki had tears listening to the name..
Janki: I am janki..
Ragu: so fine from now I call u janu…because I call everyone by name…only my bhai and papa and my chumman.i don’t call them by
Pooja covers ragini’s mouth..
Janki laughs..
Pooja: sorry aunty she is a chatter box…
Janki: its okay beta..i love to hear her talk..its so cute..
Ragini: awww janu..u know what my mumma says..”meri maa band kar mera sar phat raha hai..leave my kitchen” but ur so cute..
Janki remembers sumi and their nok jhok…
Pooja drags ragini..
Pooja : aunty bye..
Janki: bye beta..
Janki smiles at her but finds ragini’s earing..
She picks it up…
Janki: ragu…
Ragini stops and turn around…
Ragini : haa janu..
Janki: come here for a second…
Ragini taps her chin with her finger as if thinking..
Ragini: ur work or my work..
Janki: ok baba my work…
Ragini: so u come to me…
Janki smiles at her childishness..and comes to ragini..
Janki: ur earring..accha ragu can we meet again…I don’t feel like leaving u..i want to keep u with me..
Ragini: do u have a son..get me married to ur son..
Pooja pulls her while janki laughs..
Pooja: and what about ur chumman..
Ragini: I like janu more than him…
Janki: that is not possible..
Ragini: okay aunty how about tomorrow…
Janki: sure bacha..
Ragini : bye jaanu..
Janki: bye beta…

Ragini goes…

Here at GM..
Sumi smiles to herself..
Dadi : what happen mishty..
Sumi: nothing maa… I am thinking about ragu and aadarsh ..both share such a unique bond..he loves ragu more than anyone of us..she is his life..fifteen years back he came into our lives..

Gadodia family were going on a trip when they found a car smashed into the trunk of tree…shekar immediately rushed to help the was arjun maheshwari..but as I said he don’t know the person with whom janki he took him to the hospital..ragini was 5 years old..but she was scared looking at his blood wala face..she took the hand kerchief that was pinned to her frock and gave it to her mumma indicating to wipe his blood…

After some time…in the hospital..
Arjun comes to senses…and sees whole gadodia family infront of him..
Arjun: who r u..
Shekar: u don’t know us..u met with an accident so we brought u here..
Arjun: who am i…
Doctor: mr. u lost ur memory in the accident..
Arjun breaks ..he tries to go from there..
But ragu holds his finger..
Ragu: untle non go.(uncle don’t go)papa tell him na…
Arjun felt something for this small angel infront of him and gadodias felt to so proud of her ..
Fb ends from that day arjun stayed with gadodias..he forgot his past…and was living with gadodias as adarsh..
Sumi: he became a family for us..
Dadi: truly said..kabhi kabhi apne apno ko paraya karte ..aur kabhi paraya bhi apne ban jate..

Here at mall..
ragini comes to jewellery section she is seeing some earrings…
ragini: this is nice na..but I don’t have this much amount..
pooja: its okay next time we will take..
this is all heard by swara and mahi…
swara: that she insulted I will show her..
swara comes there..and grabs the earring from ragini’s hand..
ragini: oye..u..areh r u stinky pinky..
swara: what stinky pinky..
ragu: haa..u stink and u turn pink when angry..thats the way why did u snatch the earring..
swara: I heard u..u cant buy this costly why to waste time..she keeps it near her ear
pooja tries to snatch it but ragu pulls her hand…indicating its okay and they look at other side..
mahi( smirks): oh swaru this one is not good try this…
swara (acts): oh yeah .
and she slips those earrings into ragini’s bag…
ragini goes from there without realizing toward the exit..
as she tries to go out there is a loud beep sound..
security comes there and take her bags and start searching..ragu and pooja stand bewildered ..he finds the earring
security: what is this looks like ur from a good family but stealing things like this…
ragini: I didn
swara: looks can be deceptive…it is the trick of this kind of people..blo*dy thief…
ragini gets angry.
.ragini: if u say thief again..ur teeth will be in your hand
Swara fists her hand..but calms
Swara: how dare the way if u take something without paying its called stealing cheap of u..
Ragini to security..
Ragini: look I didn’t steal me..
Mahi: don’t lie I saw u saying that this earring was nice but u don’t have money..
Security:ma’am we know how u people r..come to our manager..
Swara: I tho say call the police..
Pooja: stop this there is no need for her to steal..
Mahi: sweetheart let the police decide that..
Manager comes there and sees security holding ragini..
Manager: what happened..
Security: sir this girl tried to steal this earrings..these two r thiefs..
Manager: what ..r u crazy..
Swara: yes sir we also saw..
Manager: u be quiet ma’ u know who she is..she is ragini ma’am ..her father owns this mall..
swara mahi and security looks shocked..
pooja smirks while ragini looks at swara..
manager: sorry ragu..
ragini: its okay ashu..
manager: it must be some mistake..
ragini: ashu I want to that earring came in my bag..can I see the CCTV footage..manager: sure beta..
swara and mahi look scared…
they try to leave the place..
ragini holds swara’s hand while pooja holds mahi’s hand..
ragini: don’t u want to punish the culprit now….dont worry dear we will punish the culprit together..come

epi ends…sorry it was boring and also no ragsan scenes today..holding my ears for that and a big thanks to my sweet sister aditi ayansh she edited the cover pic for me..

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