Two hearts with one beat (episode 4)

Hai everyone.. this is Shrilatha ..first of all I have to say something..In this ff jitna ragsan ka pyaar hoga utna swaragini ka takkar hoga…….so before getting into the story u remember I didn’t give character sketch of ragini so I will give it now…

Ragini gadodia: a very naughty girl…most beautiful damsel…she loves her family a lot..if u love her she can give her life for u..if u mess with her she will make ur life hell..she is not a girl who cries for small things..very impulsive..chirpy..

So here goes…
Ragini is seen sitting in the swing in her balcony hugging her teddy and looking at the moon with a acute smile on her face …anyone could say that she was lost ….her friend pooja( played by saanjh of beyhad ) comes calling her but she doesn’t respond ..pooja comes close to her and finds ragini smiling..pooja smirks to herself and wraps her arms around ragini from behind and rests her chin on ragu’s shoulder…
Pooja: so thinking about prince charming..
Ragini: no about my sauceman(still lost and smiling)..
Pooja smiles..
Pooja: oh ..he is cute na..
Ragini: nope he is hot..
Pooja: u wanna kiss him?
Ragu: I don’t want to stop with kiss..I want hold him tightly in my embrace and then..
Pooja: stop (she shakes her..ragini looks at her with annoyance)comes to senses..
Ragini: I am in my senses only…..
Pooja: u said all these things in ur senses only..i thought u were lost in his thoughts..besharam kahi ki
Ragini: aareh buddhu..why to be shameful ..i like him then what is wrong in thinking about him…..
pooja: just in one meet…
ragu: then what ..should I be like tubelight? I have realized I like him…
pooja: okay baba no can fight with u..
ragu: that’s like my baby come…

next day….
Sanskar is shown sleeping peacefully in his room he wakes up with a jerk .a girl in red chudidar comes into his room..sanskar looks at her only her face is not shown..she places her hand on his forehead….
Angel: don’t worry sweetheart..when I am here no one can snatch ur sleep from u..
Sanskar holds her hand..
Sanky: why don’t u show me ur face..
Angel: so ur going to love me after seeing my face na…
Sanskar : its not like that..see my every breath is for u..I don’t think about ur beauty..i just need u…ur presence …but I want to see ur face to find u..
Angel: u know what my existence is for u ..u will find me u sleep peacefully….she makes him lie down and he sleeps holding her hand…(see the picture)..she sings lory to him and he sleeps peacefully..

Next day,
Sanky wakes up to find a his angel in front of him in white dress…
He rubs his hand and runs to her but to his dismay it was a dummy in his dream girl clothes..even though it was not his angel…he felt as though she was infront of him…
Janki: do u like it..
Sanskar : mom ..u did this for me…I love u mom…
He hugs her in happiness and even janki was happy..
All this was witnessed by swara and mahi who were fuming…
Swara: sanky still didn’t get over that dream girl..
Mahi: nope…we need to do something about it..
Swara laughs
Swara: what mahi..she doesn’t even exist..
Mahi: what if she does..
Swara: u know me..I can go to any length for sanskar ..if this dream girl comes them I will make her a dream
Mahi smiles…

Ragini wakes up from sleep and finds her whole room decorated in beautiful roses and there was a chocolate bouquet on her side table..a note was also placed..
To my beautiful princess(my girl friend),
Wake up sweetheart..these roses ,these chocolates and me r waiting for u ..
A beautiful smile comes on her face.she searches around
Ragu: addu where r u..I know u came come out now itself..
She runs to yuvi’s room..
Ragini: bhai..bhai where is addu..
Yuvi smiles..
Yuvi: I don’t know..he has not come still…
Ragini: bhai ur such a worst lier..
Yuvi pouts..
Ragu: see this.
She gives him the note and goes from there closely followed by yuvi..
Ragini: mishty..paru..
Sumi: what happened..why r u shouting..
Ragini: mishty have u seen addu…
Paru: we have not seen him.
.sumi and yuvi look at each other and smile.
Ragini: okay addu I will count three if u don’t come then I will cry..i will not even have these (she opens the casserole and finds her fav paranthas she gulps ) pa..paranthas..I will not even talk to u..
Yuvi: thank god..i can have paranthas to my full now..
Sumi laughs …
Ragini pouts and closes her eyes and start counting nos..a person comes from behind and covers her eyes….
Ragini smiles..and hugs him tightly..he kisses her forehead..
Person: I missed u sweetheart..
Ragini: me don’t go leaving me like that ..I cant stay without u…
Person: even I can’t but what to do..u idiot bhai keeps on sending me away like that..see what bought for you..
He takes out a beautiful pair of gold anklets..just like the one sanky sees in his dreams…
Ragini: wow addu..these r beautiful..
Yuvi: If u r done with ur romance can we have breakfast..
Sumi hits him on his forehead..
Sumi: sorry adarsh bhai..these two r always like that..
Adarsh: its okay di..these r my kids also..(what u guys thought.. )..
Adarsh face is revealed and it is none other than gaurav chopra..yes Arjun maheshwari..
Ragini: give me just five min..i will come back…

Same evening at some mall…

Ragini was checking out some clothes..
Pooja: ragu try this ..
Ragini takes that and goes to the trial room…
As she was about to close the door someone enter the trial room and lock the door behind was sanskar ..ragini was shocked to find him there…
Ragini: sauceman u?
Sanskar: ragini..!!!
Ragini: its girls trial room..
Sanskar : sorry I know but there is girl outside ..she is my old classmate..she is a Zandu balm..thats why..
Ragini gives him an understanding look and stands llike a super man
Ragini : don’t worry sauceman..I will save ur dignity…no one can touch you..
Sanskar smiles at her antics..
After some time that girl goes and ragsan come out of the trial room..
Sanskar sighs a relief..
Sanskar : thanks ragini..
Ragini: just thanks..i need a trea…
That’s it he grabbed her and kissed her on her lips before she could complete her sentence..ragini stood numb while sanky’s fingers were in her hair…

After some time he broke the kiss..
Sanky: wo ragini she was passing from here so to escape I had to kiss u…(he finds her satnding like statue..)Ragini (he shakes her)
She looks at him with shock
Sanky: I am really sorry..
Ragini: thank u so much..
Sanky: what?
Ragini: nothing chumman..
Sanky: oh tha…what did u say chumman…that day sauce man and today chumman..give me some good name..what does chumman mean by the way..
Ragini : chumman means chumma -man..the man who kisses..
sanky gives eeww look
ragu goes smiling..

epi ends..

precap: swara’s plan to trap ragini

so guys about arjun..u will know in next episode… And those who say ragsan as rag-san for them from myside its ((((ragsan)))) inseperable,very close to each other enclosed in brackets..guys in the display picture..if u see sanky sleeps so peacefully holding ragu’s hand…such a adorable couple ….i think the CV’s were crazy dumbheads or blind people to separate ragsan

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  1. AMkideewani

    Superb dear

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks sam

      1. AMkideewani

        Your reply to RagSan haters is awesome

  2. Lovely7


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      Thank u lovely

  3. awesome.loved it so much.update soon

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      Thanks ammy

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks sinni

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks avika

  4. Sisss love u sooooo much for the good reply to RagSan haters 😉
    Loved the chappy very much but seriously Yew that name Rago give to Sans 😛
    U know one RagLakian & one RagSanian got the HIGHEST MARKS in TU’s OS competition.Tejasswi rocks & Ragini fans Rocks 😉
    I’m really proud of my RagLakian & RagSanian fandom

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks anisha

    2. Shrilatha

      I love u too anisha..and yeah even I am proud of teja fans

  5. A12345

    Hehe shri….its awesome…to hide from the girl is kiss????….adarsh and arjun confused lil bit koi next part u clear it…and i hv updated a new ff promo (actually its not updated now in i updated it)as i am ending my 2 ff’s after my exam….do read it..i need ur support..???

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u Aliya …and ofcourse I will read ur ff… is this a thing to ask..silly u…

  6. Asw

    Nice ,intro of ragini is good keep going

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks Asw

  7. Wow sanskar kissed Ragu, superb dear. Can’t wait for next episode

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks rehna

  8. Aditi.Ayansh

    Awesome one Shri di..loved it..the kiss scene was gud…. post soon ??

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u adi glad u liked it

  9. Dharani

    awesome…. shri it is a rocking episode… especially that kiss wala scene…. ragini’s weird names are awesome

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks akka

  10. Naz_Temish

    He kissed!!!!! N that name was cute???… cute chappy shri

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks naz

  11. Jazzy

    Amazingggg yaar

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks jazzy

  12. amazing shri yeah they r cute adoroable heavenly couple. u know what shri whenever i saw swa san pic i feel like they r bro sis i don’t know y am thinking like this but our RAGSAN they r romantic couple.

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks mk..I’ll tell u something I feel the same about swa—— San the same…

  13. superb sanky kissed rags awesome

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks. Aditi

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      Thanks maha

  14. Adreen18

    Awesome???….love the kissing scene… Ragini wired name is superb

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks adreen

  15. Fairy

    Mindblowngggg part…stupendous??I loved rags charecter so soooo awesomeeeeeee??? u know wt dear as u know m a big big big fan of teja so m a ragini lover…N for me raglak n ragsan both r best? although I love nami a lill bit more? still ragsan n raglak r very special to me…although cvs had tried to spoil ragsan bond bt still dere r soooooooo many ragsan fans….actually cvs had some grudge on ragini nly,or dey must b jealous of teja ..huh!!hate dem for doing such things wid rags charecter….Bt still seeing so many ragsan n raglak fans ..I feel so so sooo happy????? keep rockng n stay bkessed sweety???

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u so much fairy..u know what in raglak or ragsan the common love for u and me is teja….like u I love varun more…the reason I will tell doubt raglak on screen chemistry was too good..and ragsan never got a chance to romance onscreen…inspite of that there r so many ragsanains..u remember initial scenes where Sanskar was acting to be mad..and ragu took care of him…may be that was only for a month..every time he used to insist only ragu feed him..he used to sleep holding ragu’ s hand..waking up to see her smiling face and that enchanting stare he used to have..holding her diapers..everything even for a short span and there was no intense romance but it captivated most of us..and made us ragsanains…imagine what would have happened if ragsan was final pair…Iam sure everyone would have watched the show just for ragsan…u r right CV s had a huge grudge against ragu…and raglak. …I can’t ignore the fact that Laksh hurt ragini a lot…sometimes for his father ,sometimes for his brother and sometimes for property he made fun of her feelings…he kept on running away from her for other girls and when no one was left he came back to her…he realised his love only after ragu sacrificing her life for him…so I always will be very with him. ..and love u loads yaar

      1. Fairy

        Yes dear I know….it’s nly d fault of Cvs …u know many people thought it would b ragsan nly..Bt den hahahha leave it?….ahh!!!dats y i hate dose cvs so so so much….partial people?…I wanna share an article wid u…u know in initial days wen laksh strted loving swara n raglak engagement ws fixed. .nami ws travelling somewhere,dere an old women asked him r u d same in serial n den said y r u behind someone else..???plz marry ragini nly..u both suit eo.? heheheh…actually rags chemistry ws mindblowng wid both sanlak….Bt I really donno y d writers had done such partiality wid raginis charecter????….Bt still dere r soooo many raginiholic

      2. Fairy

        N m sooo happy to b a raginiholic???….N proud to b a tejaholic????

  16. Asra

    awesome shri dear….ragu intro superbbb dear…from ur intro ragu give her life for Sanky and make swara life hell…ragu pooja scenes superbbb dear….that kiss wala scenes Amazing dear….loved it alot…arjun s character confusing…eagerly waiting for nxt one..
    ur give a correct answer to ragsan haters…tkcr dear…

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks asra..but ragu won’t make swara’s life hell…if anyone mess with her she will fight with them like a kid

  17. Berdilla

    Awesome dear friend

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks dear

  18. Amazing

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks aleeza

  19. Richa19

    Awesome!!!!!! Shri di I totally agree with you!!! RAGSAN are the most beautiful and adorable couple!! N ppl who separate their name are just j! A big j!!!

    Cvs were dumb as _____ to separate them….. Even they didn’t showed their friendship afterwards….. N I hate them for that… .

    But ragsan will always remain in our hearts through these ffs…. N I’m sure one day Varun n Teja will be in a serial together n startling everyone with their sparkling chemistry!!! * fingers crossed *!!!

    Well loved the chappy…. Take care dii!!! ? ? ?

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks Richa..waiting for that day eagerly

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