Two hearts with one beat (episode 2)

Hello every one …Shrilatha aka urs Shri is back ..I know I am late..i don’t want to give reasons today..scold jitna u here goes…

A dark night ..there was only moonlight which was giving the pleasure of sight…his eyes were searching for something desperately..yes that was our sanskar…suddenly there was flickering of light was the street light..A beautiful damsel came down from the sky in beautiful white lehenga but due to the light her face was invisible…her hair was to one side with slight curls at the end…she was wearing simple gold necklace and earrings defining her sea shell like ears…a gold waist chain defining her slender figure…she was moving round and round with flowers in her hand while rose petals were falling on her as if the purpose of the roses were to touch her beauty once to find salvation…her feet he wanted to kiss them to prove to the world that he is even ready to be her slave..her gold anklets teasing him..and the tiny birth mark on her feet driving him more crazy then ever…he was dying to have s glimpse of her he tried to go close to her but she was running away from him…he tried to catch her but again she slipped from his hands like air..
Sanskar: angel wait..don’t leave me ..NOooooooo
He wakes up with a scream..he was profusely sweating he looked around his room and pulled his hair in frustration..he threw away the books next to his table…he goes near a canvas..where there was a picture of her but incomplete like his quest..her face was not drawn ..he placed his hand on the paper and started caressing the canvas.
Sanskar :why angel why r u doing this…

.janki who came to his room listening to the commotion, was looking at him with concern…her son was a strong person to the outside world but the pain he is going through a mother only she knows it…
Janki: kash Arjun u were here now…he needs u ..
She comes close to him and hugs him tightly as if relieving him from all the pain…he inturn melted and started crying like kid..she makes him sit on the bed …
Janki: again?
Sanskar: haa ma….its been four years ..i have been seeing her..but couldn’t catch a glimpse of her…
Janki: its okay sanskar..
Sanskar: its not okay maa ..i want to see her once..i will find her na..I cant live without her..i need her maa. I will die without her..
Janki places her hand on his mouth…
Janki: u will definitely find her…even if she is not there she has to come for u..u r love will bring her…
Sanskar looks on…she kisses his forehead

Here Mahi was listening to everything from outside
Janki comes outside..
Mahi : mom this is too much..u r rising bhai’s hopes..dream girl seriously do they even exist..
Janki: I am not rising his hopes..i am sure she will definitely come
Mahi rolling her eyes…
Mahi: mom how can u say that..
Janki: trust, faith, belief his trust on his love, his faith on his love and his belief that he will find her oneday is enough for him to find her..
Mahi frowns..
Janki: okay mahi bacha do think u r dad will come..
Mahi: yeah mom..I know he will come…he has to come for u..
Janki: same way..i know she will come ..
Janki pats her cheek and goes from there..
Mahi: but this is different bhabi could be only my swara…if dream girl exist then where is she….where r u “the girl in white dress”

Ragini: here I am…I am here only.. (in GM)..
Yuvi: what happen why my kiddo’s face has become so small…
Ragini: see na bhai my white dress..its got a stain here..(she pouts)
Yuvi: awww mera bacha..dont worry..I will tell mumma…
Ragini smiles..
Ragini: bhai when is Addu coming back..…
Yuvi: why r u missing ur boyfriend..(he says teasingly)
Ragini acts like blushing
Ragini: of course..mere sweetheart ke bina..its killing me..
Yuvi: uff band kar drama..he will come tomorrow..
Ragini: ohhh I miss him…

That evening ragini goes to meet her friend…in the park…
After some time a big car comes there, a handsome guy gets down the car…he looks too dashing in black colour three piece suit..of course he is our sanskar…he came to meet someone…ragini comes close to him..and pats his back..
Ragini: excuse me..
He turns around to find the most angelic face in front of him..
Sanskar: what do want?
Ragini: I’ll tell u….JAI MATA DI..
That’s it…THUD…. there was a burning sensation on his face..yes she slapped him tightly..on his cheek…he was shocked ..

Epi ends.. there was supposed to be swara’s entry but I will give later

Precap: Ragu’s clash with maheshwaris

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  1. Shrilatha ur ff is epic with its dashing vocabulary and iam mesmerised by ur storyline and vocabulary..and post ur next update soon

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    awesome but why did she slap him

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  5. awesome yaar oh poor sanky got slap.

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    Outstanding Shri yaar, but why did Ragini slap Sanskar?

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  15. U described the Angel beautifully sis.Who is playing addu??Why did Rago slapped Sanku??Why that Sanku idiot didnt felt anything seeing his angel?aagghhh so much confusion!Wth Mahi will support Swa? :’-(

    1. Shrilatha

      Whoa..anisha..these many questions..I can’t answer all..u will know about addu and about the slap in next epi…and sanky pov will also be given tomorrow…he has not seen his angel…and Mahi will support Swara…yeah she is negative for now

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    Superb…..why did she slap him

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