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Hey guys .Happy Diwali .Ok so I thought of posting let me love you my sweet heart and my raglak story but Now I have decided to keep my raglak story on hold for some time and I will post let me love you my sweetheart next time.This one is for the ones who asked for two hearts.So here goes…

Ragini is stabbed and falls to the ground bleeding .Everyone look at her shocked .For the first time shekar and Aadrash hold hands to support her so that she doesn’t fall .everyone rush towards her but sanskar falls to the ground
.For him his whole life was just being sucked out of him .he wanted to run and hold her .Save her .do whatever is necessary to protect her but he couldn’t move even an inch.He took the support of the car behind him and leaned across it and started breathing heavily .
Here ragini was also breathing heavily..Yuvi takes her to hospital .
Ragini is rushed to emergency ward.Here sanskar was not removing his hand from his heart .For some reason his heart was aching real bad .There was a wired sensation in his heart .It was beating very fast and he felt unknown uneasiness .
Shekhar was literally broken .though he was strict with ragini. She is was his princess and she was his doll .
At that time a hand was felt on his shoulder.He turned to look at the person it was janki.
His eyes met the tears in her eyes.For so long he kept his hatred as a barrier between him and his sister.But now he couldn’t stop himself and hugged her and started crying like a small kid.
Everyone was amazed to see the strict father becoming a child .
Janki: bhai don’t worry nothing will happen to our ragu .you just see the little shaitan will come out laughing .
Shekhar: are u sure?
Janki was very happy as after twenty five years her brother was talking to her.
Janki: 100% .ragu knows only to make others smile not cry.
Both bro and sis hugged and cried .Everyone kept looking at them but only one person was unaffected .It was sanskar .infact he was not at all responding to surroundings .An unknown fear engulfed him.He was still holding his heart afraid that it any stop any moment
Doctors came out and said it was a minor cut so ragini is safe.

.Suddenly the pain and uneasiness in sanskar’s heart reduced.His heart started beating normally.He felt peaceful.

After sometime ragini gained consciousness and was very happy to find both the families together.
Here at MM
Swara breaks the vase in anger.and starts throwing things .
Mahi comes there.
Mahi: swara stop it.
Swara: that ragini is alive .She spoiled my plan.Agar beech mein ana that tho mar kyun nahi gayi.(if wanted to come in between the knife them why didn’t she die)
Mahi was shocked.
Mahi: Did you plan the attack on ragini?
Swara: haa.
Mahi: are u mad ?
Swara: I didn’t plan to kill her.I planned to kill her father but your dad come in middle and to save him that ragini got stabbed.
Mahi was even more shocked.In all this mess her father could have been killed.She slapped swara hard across her face in anger and picked a vase to hit her.
Swara: mahi r u crazy?
Mahi: I should ask u that question.You idiot .I understand u hate ragini because she is bhai’s dream girl. But what is the need to kill mamaji and papa.
Swara: Mamaji?
Mahi: yes no matter the truth doesn’t change he is our uncle and we misunderstood him.
Swara: WOW so now you r planning to unite your bhai to that new relative I mean ragini right?
Mahi: shut up swara.No matter what you will be my bhabhi but if you continue to do such things I will have to change my heart.I know gadodias r not wrong but you r my friend and you love sanskar a lot and I will help you so never try to hurt my family.
Swara was happy to get mahi’s support again.
Swara: sorry mahi I was scared that ragini will snatch sanskar that’s why I did this .
Mahi: Its ok .Next time be careful.
Mahi goes

Swara: next time I will be careful mahi .Ragini is always a threat to me .So I will take care of the situation in a better way.
She smirks evilly.

Here in hospital ,
Sanskar enters ragini’s room .She was reading a book.
Sanskar comes and sits near her.
Sanskar: Hey mental its 11 why don’t you sleep?
Ragini covers her face with the book.
Sanskar gets confused.
He tries to take it out but ragini puts force and doesn’t remove the book.
Sanskar: areh?hey mental what is wrong.
Ragini: why do you want to remove the book .To kill me?
She throws the book and shows her neck.
Ragini: come on kill .
Sanskar feels hurt.
Sanskar: I am sorry ragini.
Ragini: Sorry .Ok It changed everything right.
Sanskar feels guilty
Sanskar : I am really sorry ragini.whatever I did was in anger
Ragini: what sorry sanskar .I never did a mistake but you made me a waitress in that hotel in your so called anger.I trusted you that time.Never in my life I cried but That day you made me cry.You were responsible to introduce the tears to me.but still I never complained .from the moment I entered your house you .your sister and that chipkali swara tried every possible way to hurt me,humiliate me..You people never left a chance to hurt my feelings .But I never complained.But how can you think I will insult jaanu .She is my bua .How can I hurt her .But When will you understand this .You know only to hurt me.You know what sanskar I am scared of u now.Please it’s a request stay away from me.
Sanskar was deeply hurt with her words but determined as well to get her forgiveness at any cost.

Epi ends

Precap: sanskar’s antics and ragini’s condition.

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