Two hearts with one beat epi 14…ragsan

Hai everyone .Shrilatha is back with our heavenly Jodi RAGSAN . so guys I am currently writing three ff’s i.e two hearts with one beat, swaragini: my side story, naadan dil all of them please read here goes…

Next morning ragini woke up grogilly..and remembered last night events from sanskar to swara everything..
Ragini: uff I had a long day now its time for some drama..
She starts screaming loudly..
Swara who just took her coffee spilled everything in fear..
Swara: oh god I wish that ragini’s sister did not come back..
She and mahi comes running and sanskar who was sleeping came running for ragini thinking that her stomach pain might have worsened…
All were surprised to find ragini on the floor..
Janki: ragu bacha what happened..are u ok?
Ragu: aah janu its paining..
Sanskar kneels down next to her.
Sanskar : ragu.I mean ragini how you fell down..
Ragini: wo I na I was na just trying to get up but I slipped down and fell down .
Sanskar: Is it paining too much.
Ragini: haa ..I don’t think I can stand up…
Janki: sanskar just pick her up and make her lie down
Sanskar picks her up in bridal way and turns to make her lie on the bed in the process ragini’s feet touch swara..
Swara jerks from her jealousy .
Ragini winks at her and slides her hand more tightly on sanskar’s shoulder.
Swara closes her eyes in anger.
Sanskar makes her lie on the bed and tries to move back..
Ragu holds his hand..
Ragini: jaanu ask sanskar to stay with me na.
Sanskar looks at her confused..
Mahi: why would my bhai stay with you.
Ragini: what if I want to move from this place..
Swara: its your problem
Ragini: I thought here at my janu’s place they will take care of me.
Janki looks concerned.
Ragini: but no one cares for one can take care of ek naadan si abla nari..
Swara: what was that?
Ragini: ek naa
Sanskar: stop..enough I am with you don’t worry.
Ragini smiles..
Janki: wait I will make soup for you..
Swara remembers bhoot’s dialogue and condition of being ragini’s servent for one day..
Swara: mami I will make the soup..
Sanskar: no need you only make the soup.
Swara backs out
Janki leaves.
Sanskar: swara I don’t trust you with ragini anymore. you have hurt her can anyone stoop so low ..disgusting swara..I hate u for this..I just don’t want to look at your face.
Swara is shocked with side of sanskar
Swara: sanskar she was irritating us that’s why
Sanskar: so you would hurt them like this..she was irritating me the most when I don’t have problem with her then why do you have to poke your nose.
Meanwhile janki comes back with soup..
Janki: ragu you are ok na..
Ragu: haa jaanu .but my leg is paining..
Janki: wait I will press it for you..
Sanskar looks on
Ragini: noo jaanu u are elder..
Sanskar smiles.
Sanskar: I will do it.
Ragini: no sanskar paap chadana hai kya…husband is not supposed to touvh wife’s legs.
Swara and mahi: what??
Jnaki laughs ..
Sanskar: ragini!!!
(raising his voice)
Ragini: sorry baba but no u cant touch my feet
Janki: ok ragu, mahi please press her legs.
Mahi: me?
Ragini: no jaanu.she is small I cant let her touch my feet.
Sanskar: hey mental if none of us is allowed to do so then who will press your legs..u said na they are paining.
Ragini: well still one person is remaining..
She looks at swara..
Sanskar: haa swara please press her legs.she must be in pain.
Swara: what me..? never
Ragini: ok don’t do.but atleast get me a cup of coffee.
Swara: me?
Sanskar: enough swara she is not well cant you get a cup of coffee
Swara: but sanskar..
Janki: swara go beta.see she is so tired..
Swara looks at ragini
Ragini nods her head innocently
Swara fumes..
But goes reluctantly ..
Actually ragini’s room is on first floor.and kitchen is down.
Swara brings coffee for her.
She forwards it to ragini.
Swara: here it is.
Ragini takes a sip.
Ragini: argh..this is so hot..its hurting
Sanskar: swara bring another one.
Swara huffs and leaves..
Ragu smiles.
Swara brings again
ragini: this is too cold.dont you know how humans drink coffee.
Swara brings again.
Ragini: this is so average.and no sugar.I am not a diabetic patient
Swara gets so angry but she goes.
And brings again.
Ragini: ugh so sweet you want to make me diabetic.
Janki: ragu I will make it for you beta..swara you cant even make a cup of coffee..
Ragini smiles .swara fumes and leaves

Next day ragini was watering flowers ..sanskar comes there.
Sanskar: hey mental.just now you became normal and you are playing with water.
Ragini: areh I am watering plants.
Sanskar looks at her from top to bottom.she was completely wet.
Sanskar: looks like you are watering yourself
Ragini : very funny …help me.
Sanskar smiles :ok
They both start watering plants..
Here swara and mahi were playing badminton .
The ball hits one of the tree and the nest on the tree moves and an egg is about to fall ragsan who noticed this run to help the birds ..
Ragini jumps and hold one of the egg and is about to fall herself but sanskar holds her thus both of them fall down.
Ragini was on top of sanskar with the egg clutched in her hand..
Both were lost in each others eyes
Suddenly she feels something.
She gets up with a jerk.
She frantically looks around.
Sanskar: what happened why are you tensed.
Ragini: sanskar, wo this egg is ready to hatch we need to do something.
She says tensed sanskar gets tensed hearing this..
He too starts to look around
Ragini : hurry up sanskar..
Sanskar immediately grabs her duppatta and wraps it into a bun and starts blowing warm air into it ..
Ragini who understands what he is doing and she also does the same with the egg held safely in her hands..
Both of them blow warm air into the bun .
They were so close to each other their noses were touching each other.
Whenever they pout to blow air their lips touch each other bringing shivers to ragini..
When the dupatta was warm enough ragini immediately puts the egg in that and wraps it warmly
Seconds were passing ragsan were look at each other with tension..
Sanskar: how much time more
Ragini: sssh
Everything was damn quiet .and then there was slight crackling sound ragsan become excited and both move closer to have a look at the egg slowly the egg cracks and teeny tiny baby bird comes out
Ragsan look at each other with huge smile.
Ragsan: awww so cute.
Sanskar: I feels so happy

Ragini: we became parents
Sanskar: what?
Ragini: you and me are responsible for its birth na that’s why
Sanskar: mental.
Suddenly sanskar feels odd .
he looks around ..
sanskar: hey mental..look
he points at the giant bird that was swooping in air.
Ragini: so what?
Sanskar: areh that bird will eat our child.
Ragini: oh no we need to protect it..
Sanskar takes it from ragini and tries to jump so that he could reach the nest and place it back
He is not able to reach ragini picks him up from his knees ..sanskar is shocked.
But he places the bird back and pats its head..
He looks at ragini who was carrying him with great difficulty .
He smiles and looks at the bird.
Sanskar: mumma and papa will miss you..
He gets down…
Sanskar: how did you pick me up..wasn’y I heavy.
Ragini: you were but that was necessary for the bird.
Sanskar: usually boys pick up girls.
Ragini: you know what why should boys have all the fun..
She winks at him ..Sanskar widens his eyes
Sanskar: you are really mental.
Ragini smiles.
Ragini: sanskar why did you take so much risk.
Sanskar: because the mother bird will feel bad after separating from its child.and I cant see any mother’s pain.
Ragini: really?
Sanskar looks at her.
Ragini: you can see the mother bird’s pain but you are ignoring the pain of two mothers.
Sanskar stops and looks on.
Sanskar: what are you talking.
Ragini: yes hate my dad so much.because of that .you are keeping jaanu away form a mother who is dying to see her.
Sanskar looks on.
Ragini: paru .my dadi .your nani.she is dying to see her daughter but you will never understand this.I am stupid to think that you will ever understand this are heartless sanskar.
She goes from there.

Epi ends


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