two hearts that beat as one (soorya, ishra) (epi-9)

Sandhya’s  car stopped at the next village

Mr.awasthi : come madam lets go and enquire about ur husband from the village people  .

Sandhya  : yes , we will go now ,

Sandhya saw a small house


she knocked the door

The man from the house : ji kahiye ?

Sandhya : we came to know that there is a man named sooraj rathi here  he is my husband  , actually he has a sweet shop here

The man : sooraj rathi ? yes yes , he has a big sweet shop in the village , go towards the end of the street and turn left ,sandhya looked towards him . she started running  towards the direction

. she finally could see a shop there , it was named soorya mihtan Bandar , she smiled at it , she finally got a true sign that sooraj ji was indeed alive and this was his shop , she looked inside

She saw a small boy ,  she went inside and inquired about sooraj

The boy : bhabi , u r alive ? seriously  , sooraj bhaiya will be really happy seeing u .

Sandhya (with eyes full of tears): but where is he ?

The boy: he is in his home , he will be doing  pooja , actually today is his wedding anniversary

Sandhya was surprised , it was their wedding anniversary that day , she thought how she could forget that  , she could not wait to celebrate their 8th year of togetherness together

She went running towards sooraj’s house . she saw the house

She went inside

Sooraj was lighting a diya for his pooja . sandhya looked at him . suddenly the diya was to go off . she ran and covered the lamp with her hand . sooraj was covering it the other side

Sandhya looked at him . her eyes welled up with tears but she was smiling . she looked at him and kept on looking at him . first of all she wanted to see him well , she had not seen him for the past 4 years

Sooraj could not believe his eyes . she cupped her face . he was crying too . he hugged her .

she hugged him . she wanted to tell a lot of things to sooraj but nothing came out as words . she kept on crying . sooraj held her tightly .

Sandhya  controlled herself . she said “i am sorry”

Sooraj : i am sorry , i thought…..

Sandhya : u thought i was dead

Sooraj  closed her mouth with her hands . he said , never ever say that sandhya ji and kissed her forehead

Sooraj : i was in coma for some weeks it seems , when i woke up , i remembered bhabo and u but i could not remember my place , i was feeling so lost in this world sandhya ji

Sandhya : don’t worry sooraj ji , i am there with u , i will never let anything go wrong

Sooraj  wiped sandhya’s tears  . he said , today is our 8th wedding anniversary  , everything is good , and u r crying . sandhya looked at sooraj and remembered their  wedding moments

and smiled at sooraj , she said

yes sooraj ji , u r r right , life cant be better than this .everything is fine with u being here

Ishita was rushing towards the car as she was getting late

Suddenly adi came in the middle and stopped her . ishita was surprised to see him

He said : i thought the whole night about this

Ishita: about what ?

Adi : about u getting married , i have only one best friend and that is u , if u go away , i will become alone again , my bua is not coming back at all , so whom will i talk to

Ishita: adi , adi , i am not going anywhere , shall i tell u one thing , i am coming to ur apartment itself , then i can teach u guitar even more easily , is it not ? happy now ?

Adi : very happy

And he hugged her

to be continued…

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  1. Jasminerahul

    who is that boy ?how does he know sandhya?diya scene was lovely.surya meeting and hug were emotional. shocking that like sandhya suraj too thought that she is no more. happy that they are together on their wedding anniversary. adi ishita scene was very sweet

  2. superb update

  3. Yaaaayyyyy ??? Sandhya nd Suraj united .!!!! Ishitha and Adi’s scene was so amazing ???? waiting for Adi to know what will happen next ????post asap

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