two hearts that beat as one (soorya, ishra) (epi-7)

Ishita got dressed in a beautiful dress

. she looked at  herself in the mirror .for a second she felt  like changing into her usual clothes and going back to work  , but she could not break her mother’s heart

Bhalla family arrived .

Mrs.bhalla : ruhi , say hello to her , she will soon become your nani .

Madhu was shocked

She said : what? raman has a daughter ???

Mrs.bhalla : what ?you did not know about this ? he has a son too

Madhu: i can’t get my daughter married to such a place , where there is a doubt of accepting my daughter , your grandson or granddaughter may not accept my daughter

Mrs.bhalla : but…

Madhu : she will always remain the stepmother of your grand children is it not ? what if my  ishu never gets acceptance as a mother or a wife ?

Ruhi : nani , dadi told we are going to meet my mumma , where is my mumma? Asked ruhi innocently

ishita came out

Ruhi came running and hugged  ishita

Ruhi : dadi told u are going to become my mumma , i became soo happy , you look very beautiful , now i will tell my friends that i got a new mumma

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Ishita was surprised and touched  by ruhi’s innocence

Ishita smiled at ruhi , looked at her mother and mrs.bhalla . mrs.bhalla said : ishita puttar , that evil shagun left these innocent children without mother , u seem very mature , please marry raman ?

Ishita was surprised by the turn of events  . she said : but i have not yet met the  man i am going to marry yet ? what shall i decide ????
raman came in and  looked at her

Ishita was surprised to see raman

He said : i am sorry for all that happened her i know my mother is a little emotional , she made arrangements for this alliance , without even my consent , its true that i agreed to marry somebody who will become my children’s mother . u are young , beautiful and well educated, i hope you understand and  forgive us and my daughter ?

nobody had spoken anything like this to her . she was surprised the way raman spoke .

raman gave a stern glare to his mother , held ruhi’s hand and was about to go . ishita held ruhi’s hand

Ishita : ruhi , u always wanted a mumma right , i will become your mumma , i will be always there with you .

Ruhi smiled , she jumped in joy . all she wanted was mother who would take care of her like her bua and dadi . she hugged ishita .ishita smiled

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Raman was surprised  .

Raman : u need not do this .

Ishita : ma can i speak with mr.bhalla  for a few minutes ?

Madhu : yes sure.

Ishita : mr.bhalla , i was running away from marriage because, i can never give the happiness of becoming a mother to anybody ….probably i was destined to become ruhi’s mother , i did not expect all this drama to happen , anyways  i am ready to marry you….

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Raman(quite surprised): i am so happy that you took this decision so selflessly for ruhi , but yes , i want to make one thing clear , i can never be a good husband to you , remember that , i can never love you as a husband in my life . i may love you as my children’s mother but never accept you as my wife

Ishita : ok mr.bhalla , i told you already , i am ready to marry you , marriage is just a name for our relationship,….i will always be your children’s mother .

Raman smiled :raman for you , u cant keep calling me mr.bhalla for your whole life

Ishita smiled , “yes , raman , your coat is still left with me , and yes if not husband and wife , we atleast need to be friends and smiled

. raman smiled

ishita was surprised to see him smile for the first time

to be continued…

guys i dont think i will be able to update this ff anymore right now . i am going on a trip then my exams are also there so those who read this ff please check out for it after a month . i will upload it within a month or try to write before it itself . please dont forget my ff . keep supporting and commenting . 

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  1. Jasminerahul

    though her mother opposed I loved how ishita melted when ruhi called her mumma and got ready to marry raman.ishruhi hug and ishra conversation were lovely.perfect pics.missed surya scenes

  2. Ok I’m late this time too. But this one is cool dear! Really you started their relationship in a new way ! Ok I’ll wait for next one! Enjoy your trip!

  3. superb update ishru scene was lovely ishra scene was nice happy journey good luck for ur exams

  4. nice one wishes for your exam..

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