two hearts that beat as one (soorya , ishra) (epi-4)



Two Hearts That Beat As One (Soorya , Ishra) (Epi-4)

here is the link for previous episodes Episode 3 here

ved and vansh come there

sandhya: ved vansh , this is zakir  , my best….friend , u r seeing him after years

zakir: sandhya they are so cute sandhya .

zakir : ved looks just like sooraj ji

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Sandhya smiled at this remark . she got a little emotional too

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Abhishek :so both of u forgot me right ?

Ved and vansh hugged abhishek .

Abhishek : sandhya, zakir I told you i will make u meet mihika , my soon to be wife

Sandhya : what ? when did she become your soon to be wife from girlfriend

Abhishek : when her sister saw her romancing with me

Sandhya : oh really  , when r u getting married?

Abhishek : i am just kidding yar , she just saw us , said its ok if mihika loves me , see there she comes

Image result for mihika in yeh hai mohabbatein

Mihika : hi guys , hello sandhya ji , zakir ji

Sandhya : call me sandhya , now that u will some day get married , u too are our friend

The next day…..

Ishita saw a boy coming out of the building, it was adi . she found it strange for a kid about 9-10 years old coming out all alone

She stopped him and questioned him

Ish : where are u going ? All alone

Adi : who are u to ask that

Image result for ishita and aditya

Ishita held his hand and stopped him from going

Ishita : of course i can ask where u r going , u r my neighbour , i care for u and u came out of ur house to leave ur house , see i guessed is it now , so do u have money to go out

Adi : no ,by the way why are u caring about me han ?  nobody cares about me and u don’t need to care too

Ishita : why are u telling like that ?

Adi :  my mom left me when i was 4 and my bua , she is going somewhere for her duty now tell me does anybody care for me in this world . now my dad wants to put me in boarding school

Ishita made him sit near her on a  chair  . put an arm around him

Ishita : first of all tell me if we can be friends

She extended her hands

Adi smiled and shook hands and said , why did u care about me , nobody really likes me , my friends make fun of me by saying that my mom hated me thats why she left me

Ishita : first of all i care about u because friends care about each other , right

adi who never liked listening was listening to ishita . he instantly liked being with her . after his bua and dadi , she was the one who had really understood him , his feelings . he smiled at her

sandhya waved at her kids  . she hugged ved  and vansh as she was going to the village , where she had gone 4 years ago . where she faced the worst moment of her life of loosing her sooraj ji Image result for sandhya in police dress

to be continued….

I know this episode has very little progress and a little small  , yet i wanted to try posting pictures that is  why posted  a small episode . i will post next episode  soon which will have a lot of progress in the story .Please  do comment



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  1. Jasminerahul

    loved abhishek introducing mihika to sandhya as his would be wide.loved ishita adi scene.loved how ishita made friends with adi and adi is comfortable with ishita. waiting for the village track.loved the pic update.hope you will always add pics

    1. thank u so much di , sure , will try to add pics for every update ?

  2. Nice one varshini. Simply great. Nice story line. Post next one asap.

    1. thanks a lot , will post asap ?

  3. Nice dear

    1. thank u ?

  4. Aww such a sweet story !! Seeing you in yhm page after a long time dear ? sorry I couldn’t log in ?? it’s very very Very nice. I loved it ? waiting for next part ?

    1. so glad to see ur comment ? . thank u so much
      will update soon ?

  5. Suraj is dead ! ? Sad to hear that

    1. thank u for ur comment , pls keep commenting

    1. thank u

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