Two Hearts That Beat As One (Soorya, Ishra) (Epi-21)

The next day  mehendi designer applied  to ishita

Raman : see i wrote I on my palms and u have written nothing in your hand

Ishita : really ? ur name is there in my mehendi , u r supposed to find it .

Raman : what yar , i should do this also

Ishita : raman , this too is a ritual only

Raman kissed ishita so that he could get some time to find it , before she came out of the surprise kiss .

But the opposite happened . ishita kissed raman and smiled cutely

Raman smiled and said ,ok i give up , show me where it is

Ishita showed him his name

The next day…

ishita was in her room , getting ready for her haldi ceremony . suddenly somebody came and closed her mouth

she was shocked

she turned back and found raman

she was about to say something when raman stopped her and applied haldi  all over her face

raman : i knew u would shout like u have seen a ghost thats why i was a little cautious , its me yar , ur  husband dont i have the right to put haldi on ur face

ishita : kya husband husband  kiye ja rahe hai , you are not yet my husband

raman: ishita , today is our marriage , in few hours i am going to be your husband , then what

ishita : ok ok (smiling) , now go please , it does not look good and started pushing him out

raman : hey , wash ur face and come out k otherwise everybody will know what i have done

ishita : wait a sec raman

she took some haldi from her face and applied it in ramans face

raman was surprised , he smiled

raman : u want to take revenge from me everytime , u can wash ur face , how shall i go out now

ishita : go out the same way u came in and laughed at him

raman and ishita then got married happily

ruhi adi and sandhya did their ghatbandhan .ishra  took pheras and then raman  filled her forehead with vermillion .

the next day….

ishita saw ruhi sleeping peacefully with raman . she smiled at them , she kissed both of them and went out . it was 8 o clock and nobody had woken up yet . she felt happy being a part of the family

shreya got dressed in a beautiful saree . zakir got mesmerised seeing her in a beautiful saree .

zakir : have i really got up or dreaming ??? you hate sarees , then why today

shreya : but u like me in sarees

zakir smiled at her : whats so special today

shreya glared at him angrily

shreya : i dressed up to make you happy , and you dont even remember

Image result for shreya and bhushan tumhi ho

she was about to go when zakir held her hand and pulled her closer

zakir : do u think i can forget our wedding anniversary so easily , its only our second wedding anniversary , when it will be our 50th anniversary , i can forget there are chances

he took a rose from the vase and gave it to her

he said : thank you so much for accepting me as your husband , and this is the most unforgettable day of my life , the best thing that happened ever to me is you shreya , i love a lot , how could u think i would forget

shreya : i love you too

and hugged  him

zakir : i love you too

 so the actual story ends here , i have posted a epilogue of this as well , do check that out 

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  1. Jasminerahul

    ishra mehendi scene was so cute.both r kissing each other to divert attention was naughty.haldi scene was so romantic.happy that they r married.ishra pics were lovely esp the first pic.thanku 4 adding zakir shreya sweet of shreya to wear saree 4 zakir.zakir wishing her wedding anniversary n giving her rose was romantic.bcz of the pics i could imagine their scene better.which show did they do together?

    1. Varshini

      thank you so much , they did a show called Tum Hi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi , where the actor who plays zakir played bhushan in the show , and the heroine was shreya . the show was not so nice , they made shreya negative from starting itself

  2. ishra scene was so lovely

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