Two Hearts That Beat As One (Soorya, Ishra) (Epi-10)

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Ruhi knocked the ishita’s house door , ishita opened the door

Ruhi hugged her tightly and said , mumma , we r going to do shopping in the near by mall , will u come too please ??

Ishita : ruhi baccha , now , all of a sudden?

Ruhi : mumma yes, we were going alone , i only suggested this to papa

Ishita : what ? papa is also there ?

Ruhi : yes mumma , come with us na plsss

Ishita : ok , wait for me i will come within 5 mins . ruhi : thank u sooo much and kissed her

Ishita : anything for u

Ishita came in a beautiful saree ,

she walked towards raman , but suddenly her saree got stuck and she was about to fall when raman held her from falling . raman was mesmerised seeing her…they shared a deep eyelock .  ishita  adjusted her saree and cursed her saree for getting stuck

He said : thank u for coming for ruhi

Ishita : i have never seen ur son till now ,wish i could meet him

Raman : he is still in school  , i will make u meet him soon

Ishita and ruhi enjoyed  each other’s company on their day out

After that Ishita  went home

Raman was parking his car

Adi : dadi , u never told me papa is getting married

Mrs.bhalla: how will i hide this from u beta , i was going to tell u

Adi : stop it dadi , why did u hide this from me ???

Ishita saw ruhi’s chocolate in her purse , she thought of giving it to her , she walked towards ruhi’s apartment searching for her house

Raman went inside his house , he saw adi talking rudely with his dadi

Raman : adi what is happening here ?

Adi : why are u marrying some body else papa, i don’t need a mother to take care of me ..

Mrs.bhalla  : adi don’t talk like this to ur father , he is marrying for ur and ruhi’s sake only

Adi : no, he is not ,papa , u will marry somebody else , again u all will forget me and leave me alone

In anger adi threw the glass , he did not expect it , but it straight went and hit mrs.bhalla’s forehead , raman’s got angry and he raised his hand to slap adi , but he was stopped by somebody

He turned and saw , it was ishita . raman , why u raising hand on a small kid , she turned and saw adi . she was surprised and looked at adi quizzically . aditya saw  her questioningly .

Ishita saw mrs.bhalla’s head bleeding . she said raman get me a first aid box , i will treat her

, its a small wound

Adi brought first aid box . ishita treated her head , she smiled and blessed her .

Raman : this is my son adi

Ishita was surprised .

Raman : and adi this is your new mother  ishita

Ishita and adi looked at each other , both were equally surprised . adi hugged her and started crying

Adi :ishita aunty i  did not mean to hurt her , it just went that way , i did not do it purposely

Ishita : i know that adi can never do that , now stop crying , dadi is fine , now if u want we can talk about this

Raman and mrs.bhalla smiled seeing adi , feeling for his mistake . ishita held adi’s hand and went out with him

They both sat on a chair in the park

Ishita : are u not happy that i am coming into ur family

Adi : yes i am very happy , this is the happiest thing in the world for me

Ishita : then why are  u  not smiling at all

Adi smiled and hugged her .


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  1. Jasminerahul

    Raman holding ishita from falling and eye lock were romantic. oh adi became violent .loved ishita stopping raman from slapping adi and adi ishita surprised to see each other.loved adi ishita was so emotional .now adi is so happy to know that ishita is raman’s fiance.waiting to know how raman and toshi will react knowing that ishita and adi are already close to each other.nice pics

  2. beautiful update ishra scene was nice adi was angry as raman is going to marry again he threw glass in anger which hits toshiji’s head raman was about to slap him but ishita held his hand adi and ishita were surprised seeing each other raman said adi ishita is going to be his new mom adi hugged ishita and said he didn’t do it knowingly ishita took him out ishita and adi talk was nice

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