“two hearts that beat as one ,music of the hearts ” (Episode 1)


Hi guyzz my first fanfiction
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It starts like this
#lights camera action
Its morning
And it is seen that laksh and swara on one bed and alarm clock rings …
Laksh: behnaa, kya abhi 8 baje hain???? [sisi is it 8 o clock now???] Swara : yes bro it is . Come on now get up!!![Actually when the alarm rang swara got up] Laksh : yes . I have to go to college
Swara: yeah! today is my first day for 12th and your first day for 3rd year and start the ragging for your juniors .
Come!! Let’s wake up kabir now {aka pranav }

Camera shifts to ragini ‘s room
Ragini: bhai , just go for you school its already 8:00 clock I think u have special class .
Sanskaar is ready and asks for his breakfast .whereas swara is now only brushing her teeth
Ragini: okkk i will go to college so I will drop u at school IN my scooty
Camera shifts to the school

It is a combined special class of maths [12th a and 12th b] Sanskaar comes first to the school in royal blue coat and jeans as it is the boys uniform .now everyone start coming at 8:30 and our aadit is sitting in the first bench .
Swara comes in royal blue coat and jeans skirt with a French braid and sits with sanskaar and says
Swara: hi! I am swara gadodia or Adara .you cud call me Adara.
Sanskaar: hi!I am sanskaar maheshwari u cud call me aaditya
Swara: aa di t ya ! what a big name i will call call u Aadit . it is short and sweet .
Sanskaar is seen smiling
Swara: basically i am a chatter box ! but a guitarist of sunshine music academy
Sanskaar : hey ! i am also a guitarist frm that academy only
Sanskaar : 7 to 8
Swara: i am 6 to 7 .today i am not going to come for the class .wanna coffee!!
Sanskaar : yeah we will meet in the coffee shop
Sanskaar is about to say something a funny teacher enters

Teacher:hello students! I am mr.padwal and I will be the class teacher for 12th A for this year and i will be your maths teacher .so everyone intuduce urself one by one
Hello !i am swara gadodia
Hello! I am sanskaar maheshwari
Hello ! i am Akansha pradeep
Blah blah blah blah
Mr. Padwal starts the class and asks swara to do a sum which he had teached. Swara does the sum but answer comes wrong . then mr padwal asks sanskaar to do the sum and he gets the answer correct and mr. Padwal asks him to explain where swara is looking at him lovingly
Bell rings
Swara : okk i am frm 12th b you????

Sanskaar : i am frm 12th a
Swara goes to her class whereas sanskaar is looking at her book whichich is there in his hand
Sanskaar : adara !! you have left ur notebook
Swara :oops ! thankyou[while she takes her notebook] Sanskaar just turns to go to his class now,
Swra: aadit, diya cafe near Elite college 6 pm
Sanskaar :okkk
Camera shifts to elite college
Lucky: karthik!!! Kya yaar !! today is so boring
Karthik : [lucky ‘s friend] : who is fortunate like u who makes akansha go behind u
Samyukta{lucky ‘s friend} : don’t u talk abt that cheapo again karthik she is so ugly for our lucky yaar
Karthik : don’t be jealous yaar .take a chill pill
Laksh : shh.maa ka phone hai
In the phone

Sumi : Aadvik bet u reached safely
Laksh : ya mom u don’t worry
Okk bye
Ragini enters in a blue suit and everyone is looking at her
She comes to laksh and says
Ragini: hi! I am new to this college will u pls tell me where is b.tach section
Laksh : u just go that D block 4th floor
Ragini: thank u . Iam ragini maheshwari u cud cal me aditi
Laksh : wanna come for a coffe
Ragini : okk !!
Laksh .do you see diya cafe cafe there come there at 6 pm
Ragini :okk .wht’s ur name yaar I don’t even know you name and no.
Laksh : myself laksh gadodia or aadvik . 3rd year b.e
And they exchange their no.s

Precap : aadvik, adara, aditi and aaditya are enjoying the coffee and are taking selfiees

Credit to: Roshini princess

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  1. nyc start….please continue…

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  3. Kabir is played by siddharth thakkar
    Samyukta is played by tara sutaria

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  4. Hmmm nice different angle la yeosiruchurukinga…. nice start roshini…

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