TWO HEART BEATS (Final Chapter) (Maha Episode)


hello friends iam going to end this ff because i have exams

The episode starts with hny[honey] she hugs suja[sujatha] & says mom i cant stay here anymore because your 2 sons r scolded me & she starts going then suja stops her & asks krn[karan] why did u scold hny.then krn says no mom she started first.then suja says krn say sorry 2 hny then krn says sorry hny & he runs outside then suja says snjy[sanjay] wt abt u y did u scold hny.then krn agn comes there & listens their words silently.then snjy says i scolded her because i was teaching some important points 2 her but she is sleeping there.then suja says is it true hny?then hny says s mom.its true.i was sleeping there because iwas suffering frm fever.then they all gets shocked.then suja says this is the reason behind it.then hny feels like fainting..then snjy catches her.then there is an eyelock btw them.then her eyes fills with tears.then she becmes unconscious then he catches her in his arms then her tears falls on her fist.then he realisees that he hurted her a lot later he carries her in his moms room & place her on the bed.then krn brings water.then snjy makes her 2 drink.then she slowly opens her eyes then snjy says sorry 2 her then she accepts his sorry.then krn gives some medicines 2 her thn she eats it.later arju[sanjay father] comes there & says what happend suja.who is she?then suja says she is my bhais daughter hny then krn & arju gets shocked then arju walks towards hny by thinking his past moments with surya & he sits in hnys bed & hugs her[with tears] then he says tum bahoot badi hogayi,me n u r dad are childhood fnds.we cant live without each other but now he hates me & he cries.then hny says dont worry papa..mai aap aur papa ko ek karongi.then he smiles then suja says no arju this is our problem so we hv 2 solve it.i dontknow he will accept my sorry or not but atleast we hv 2 try na..then arju says s ur we hv 2 go there.
on the otherside bny[bunny] comes 2 hnys home & waits for her along with surya then door bell rings surya opens the door & they gets shocked 2 see hny with sujas family then bny thinks that snjy accepted hnys love & he goes from there.then surya says hny tum iss log ke u know who is she?then hny says yes papa.i know everything.she is u r sis.then surya says hw dare to say like that.then suja says bhai i know i made a mistake but yeh sub mai mere pyar ke liya kiya.yeh meri majbhoori bhai..please forgive us.then surya says i will never forgive you until my death & he asks honey 2 come inside & but she says i will come inside with my mom only then he says ok stay with them & he close the door & he went 2 sleep.on the other side bny walks along a road & thinks abt hny& buys some sleeping tablets & eats it and says i cant live without u hny.i will die for u & he sits on a road & cries a lot.after he realises that his family is based on him & he is the only son for them.if he dies thn they also kills themself then he says i cant die.i have to live for my family and ya i cant live without hny but i hv another life i hv some goals & dreams i have 2 achieve it & he runs 2 hospital & calls doctor & says i hv eaten some sleeping tablets please save my life.then doctor starts treatment
its mng.. surya opens the door then they all stands there & says please forgive us..but he says please go from here i will never forgive ur mistake then hny says ok papa i know u wil never change iam going and she walks on.then surya says because of u i lost my mom&dad now my hny also.then a truck comes 2 hnys way.then surya shouts hny then suja goes running 2 save her.both falls on the ground.then they admits them in a hospital.later hny opens her eyes & says papa.then he hugs hny & says i cant live without u dr.u are my buddy.i can do anything for u.then he catches her hand & go to sujas room then they all looks suprisingly.then surya sits on sujas bed & says u saved my daughters life.ask me anything i will give u..then suja says please forgive me bhai.then he says ok .then they all smiles then suja hugs surya & says tanq soo much bhai,then arju also comes there & hugs him.snjy,hny & krn smiles.after hny says its an amazing movememt in our we have 2 take selfies.then they smiles and takes selfies.later arju asks snjy will u marry hny?then they all gets shocked.then hny says snjy is already in love.then they all shocks.then arju asks who is she?then hny says he dont know her name & details.but he loves her a lot.then suja says but you love snjy na.yes mom i love him but his love is greater than my love & i will help him for searching that girl then he says tanq hny.later they all stays in a same home after some days that earing girl comes 2 resorts & asks manager about snjy then he says he didnt came still now.then she gives her mob no & says if he comes agn then please give this num 2 him & leaves .on the other side arju,suja,krn&surya comes 2 snjys room then he catches that earing & thinks abt her then surya says come on snjy we will go 2 that resorts & find her together.then they all goes there asks manager abt that girl then he gives her num to him.then they all becomes happy & calls her.then she lifts that call then snjy says hii iam snjy.i hv your earing.then she becomes happy & says really iam soo happy..that is my moms earing she is expired in my childhood.please give me my earing back.then he says ok.shall we meet in gandhi park.then she says ya of course but how can u find me? ok wait iwill come in same dress i have weared in diwali day then he says ok & cuts the call & shouts with an anxiety,then all family becomes happy 2 see him like that.later she comes 2 that park & waits for him & snjy goes there along with his family & searches for her then he saw a girl sits in a bench.she weares same white dress,same bangles,chain etc..she is so pretty and looks like a princess then snjy says mom she is that girl then they looks her suprisingly.but they cant see her face clearly.then snjy walks towards her & says excuse me.then she turns back then they all gets shocked.she is none other than hny.then she sees her earing in snjys hand & says snjy its u..omg i hv searched soo many places for u.ok give me my earing & she tries 2 take it then snjy hugs her & says i love u hny total family smiles but hny gets shocked &says u love another girl right then how can u marry me then he shows that earing & says i loved this earing girl.its u hny.then hny becomes happy & hugs him.later she says i dont marry u.then snjy & all the family gets shocked.then snjy asks y? what happend?then hny says you dont love dumb girls right then how can i marry you.then snjy says hmm..what should i do now finally i loved dumb girl.then honey beats him..then total family gets happy to see them then surya says finally u both are getting married then sanjay says no uncle now i cant marry her..first i have to complete btech,after i hv to achieve my dreams & goals.later i wil marry her.then they all agrees for that &they leaves except snjy & hny.then hny says iam soo happy snjy.i didn’t expect this i have 2 share all these with my fnds & she calls kriti,tanu,bny&sid asks them 2 come 2 that park.they all reaches there then hny catches snjys hand & says we both are getting married.then they all gets shocked then hny says all the truth 2 them then they becomes happy & says congrats 2 them but bny becomes sad but he smiles for hny & he accepts snjy as his fnd & they all becomes fnds & makes party.after some days snjy agn starts tution for hny then ,bny,kriti,tanu&sid joins with them & they also becomes good students&their teachers makes them 2 sit in a section A.then kriti&sid comes closer & sid propose to kriti she also accepts him & bny always thinks abt hny & tanu know that bny loves hny & then she plays some jokes&makes him laugh[same as bunny]&she falls in love with him one day she proposes him then bny also accepts her love because he knows the pain of love failure & later they all completes btech & they all got good jobs &they all marries each other & settles in their life & bny accepts tanu as his wife & leads a happy life & all THE BEST FNDS BECOMES BEST COUPLES


written by – pragna

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  1. Oh nice update dr…. and all the best for ur exams….. after ur exams vere nice story tho entry ivvali…..

    1. thanq soo much dr and yeah dr.malli manchi story tho vasta and thanq soo much for u r support dr

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  3. heyyy pragss do continue a new fic after xams as u r a superrr writer ndd drrr besties 4 xams n future πŸ™‚ lol tc c u soon

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  5. Hey pragu real ga chala baga rasevu n dis d best end of dis story !!

    Yaar really will miss u a looooooot !!

    Hey when will ur exams end ??

    N when they r done pls do write another fanfic yaar !! Bcoz I jus love ur writing talent !!!

    Hey which exam do u hv ?? I mean what kind of exam ??

    Hope to c u soon dear !!β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

    1. thanq soo much mansi dr..and miss u too dr.and now i hv 1st semister exams and my exams will end on 20 nov dr.and thanq soo much for u r support dr

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  6. oh dear you ff s so beauiful .. totally love it

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  7. superb dr..i was waiting.. i feel sad that it end πŸ™

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  9. I was waiting day and night for ur next update but did not expect this would B the last one……

    But I would appreciate ur work dear inspite of having exams u Atleast bothered to type this big epi and thank u sooooooo much….

    Love u and two heart beats …. Two great beats WILL REMAIN IN MY HEART TILL MY DEATH ….. this is not just words it’s true from heart ….

    Ur story affected me a lot … I mean positive impact … Ok dear ALL THE BEST …. SCORE WELL …..

    I will surely read ur next ff but this one was unique and cannot B replaced ….. Do msg me in inbox Wen u write a new one …..


    p.s. I will not miss u coz I will B just thinking ur last epi and u so u WIL always B in my heart … Though I will surely miss TWO HEART BEATS,.. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™ :'(

    1. really thanq sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dr..and love u toooo dr.i will msg u dr before posting ff dr..and thanx a lot for u r support dr..

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  14. hi pragna
    first of all best of luck for ur exams ………………….. study well …………..ur story is sooo beautiful ……… i never expected the story to end so soon but it’s okay dear ….score good marks for ur exams ……take care πŸ™‚ ………………………………………..
    kris <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< πŸ™‚

    1. thanq u soo much krish

  15. It was really very sweet story. Good luck for your exams pragna…work hard and get awesome grades. ..will wait for you and your ff, bye dear

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  16. awesome story prags and bunny paired with tanu.wah great thinking power yaar.totally i love u r story.and waiting for u r another ff.and all the best for u r exams tc

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  17. Hey pragna yaar real ga chala miss avuthuna ninu !!

    Hey cum quikly n pls god let dis exam finish successfully n my sweet pragu passes d xam !!


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  19. it is good to read this story very nice story enjoyed it thoroughly . all the best for ur exams . couldnot commentall these days commenting on the last day but didnot expect it to complete so soon however a very happy ending

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