TWO HEART BEATS (chapter 9)


The episode starts with sujatha..she asks sanjay
SUJATHA : sanjay will you marry honey???then sanjay and honey gets shocked…and also she says you have to tie three knots in honey’s neck.(in south india they will get married by tying three knots.the first knot is for their rights and second knot is for their relationship and third knot is for their upcoming world..)..
SANJAY : he wants to say something…
HONEY : then honey says no mom i cant marry sanjay..
SUJATHA : then sujatha gets shocked and says why honey what happend???
HONEY : because sanjay loves another girl.then again sujatha gets shocked..
SANJAY : how do you know about this???
HONEY : morning i heared your and tanisha words..and says mom i called you here for saying this only..and also says that this is sanjay’s first love mom..he never failed in anything but why now??..
SUJATHA : you are right honey..but what can we do now???..this is the first plan of us..but we failed in it…
HONEY : dont worry mom..we will make another plan…and now we have sanjay’s support we will be succeed..and also says that will help you to find that girl..SANJAY : thankyou soo much honey..atleast you understand my feelings and i too help you..and you will get succeed in your mission with laugh
HONEY : she also laughs…
on the other side bunny,kriti and tanu comes to honey’s home..and calls honey..
KRITI : honey..where are you???..bahar aa jao dear..
BUNNY : ya honey we are going to enjoy our sunday..
TANU : jaldi aao na dear..we are waiting for you
the surya comes out..and says kriti,tanu and guys are here..but honey came to meet you all
TANU : what???..but she didn’t came to our home..then surya geys shocked ….
SURYA : what are you saying ???..then where is my honey.??
KRITI : wait uncle i will call her..then kriti calls honey…then honey receive that call.then kriti says honey where are you??.me bunny and tanu..we are in your house…and uncle is saying that you came to meet us..but i didn’t find you anywhere …
HONEY : ya kriti..i thought that i will meet you all..but i got a call from college thats why i went to iam in park beside our guys come here…
KRITI : ok honey..we will come there..and cuts the phone call..
SURYA : where is my honey???..
KRITI : she went college uncle and now she is in gandhi park..beside my we will meet there
SURYA : ok guys..take care..then they says bye to him and goes from there
on the other side sujatha asks honey that who called you..then honey says..from my friend she will come here..then sujatha says ok…

And sujatha sees honey and sanjay..and gets tears because she thought sanjay will marry honey but they cant marry each other..and then
SANJAY : sorry mom i hurted you a lot..but this my life mom…how can i compramise..
SUJATHA : no problem sanjay…i can understand..i cant force you..
SANJAY : ok..honey now we have to go before your friends reaches here..
HONEY : ok bye sanjay..and she hugs her mom..and they goes from there..
then bunny,tanu and kriti reaches there..and says now we will go to movie..then she says ok..then they also goes from there.

sanjay and sujatha reaches home and after he gets fresh and he eats dinner etc…after that he enters into his room and opens his cupboard and takes that earing..and sits in a bed and says when you will come to my life..iam eagerly waiting for you…and he thinks about his past when he saw her at first time……
one day sanjay went to some resorts with his friend for enjoying diwali..sanjay dont like diwali because it make soo much sound pollution,noise pollution and air pollution etc…but his friend forced him to come there..his friend asks him that do you believe love at first sight ???..then sanjay laughs and says i dont believe love also..but then his friend says but i believe that..then sanjay says its a big joke and then his friend asks him to come inside then sanjay says no i csnt come inside..i hate go and enjoy your diwali..then his friend says ok and goes from there..then sanjay turns forward then he sees one girl..”Its a diwali day…the city is filled with lights..she weares a white dress…and she is playing with children..her eyes are glowing…with a great smile…she is very attractive to him” …but he cant see her face..he runs towards her..but she goes from there then her earing falls there..she didn’t seen it and goes from there..then sanju takes that earing..then his friend comes near tovsanjay and asks you said that you hate diwali then why did you come inside????

precap – honey walks on the floor and sanjay comes from the steps then these two collides each other..there is a eye lock between them..

friends i changed sanju’s name as sanjay..because most of the people saying that its a girl name

devu,richu,hg,krishy,varshu,brity,roma,ruby,zara,mansi,hayathi,arvi,aaradhana,dia,aparna,sree,deepu,mona,riya,zayn,ananya (sorry if i forgot any names)…i hope you all like it..and sorry for mistakes

update credit to – PRAGNA

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    1. yes dr..he cant see her face

    2. yes dr..he cant see her face..

  9. Nice suspense dr bt ya we cn guess that girl may b honey. Don’t reveal soon it will b interesting if sanjay gets 2 know that after some days. Luving it

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