TWO HEART BEATS (chapter 8)


The episode starts with sanjay (sanju)..he asks did you know about my moms past???..then honey says that i have studied my dads diary..then i searched with moms name in some social networking sites..i saw moms pic and papa’s pic and also their details (like address,sur name,mobile number etc….) then i called her and says mom…then sujatha says who are you???..why are you calling me as mom???..then she says mom iam honey..then sujatha asks who is honey??..then honey says iam the daughter of surya..i mean iam your brothers daughter..then she is shocked and says with teaes honey…iam soo happy..after 26 years i got a call from my parents house…you are my bros daughter are you..what are you studying???..then honey repplies with tears..iam fine mom..and iam studying btech in srkr college…then sujatha says i think surya gave you my number right???..i want to talk with him..please give phone to him..then honey says with tears no he did not gave me your number..i have searched your number in social networking sites..he was angry on you because dada and dadi died because of you..but i will promise you “mai tum aur papa ko ek karna chati hu…”and also says that shall we meet in the park beside your house at 6:00 pm???..then sujatha says ok i will come there..and also says that dont say this to anyone because if anyone know about this then it will become big problem in my house..then she says ok..i dont tell this to anyone..then honey cuts phone call..and thinks about her mom (bua)..and she was getting ready to meet her..then surya comes thereand asks honey where are you going then honey says papa iam going to meet my friend..then he says ok i will drop you there..then honey says no papa..i will go..then he says ok take care..then she says ok and goes to the park..and waits for her mom(bua)..then sujatha reaches there but she camt find her..because she never seen her and then she calls honey and says honey where are you???..i have reached here..then honey says where are you mom??..then she says iam beside the neem tree then honey says wait mom i will come there..then honey reaches there and sees sujatha then she runs across her and hugs her with tears..then sujatha also hugs her and cries..then she (sujatha) kiss honey in her forehead and says tum bahoot badi ho gayi..i dont know about your birth also..because my bro hates me a lot..then honey replies that dont worry mom i will get you and dad together..very soon that day will come..but i dont know how to do that..we have to make a plan..then sanjay asks that why did you proposed me???.then sujatha says it was my decision..and again thinks about past that she asks honey that will you marry my son????…then honey gets shocked and says what are you talking mom??? are you shore???..then sujatha replies that yes iam shore.if you marry my son then our problems will be solved..then honey says but how mom??.then honey replies because my bro loves me a lot..he helped me a lot …and he hate my husband not me..and ya i know he was angry on me..if you love my son then he will accept your love and me also and i know one day he will accept me as his sister..then she says ok mom..i will marry your son but he will accept me as his wife???..tell me about your son mom then sujatha says i dont know…but we will try because this the last option to us…then she tells about sanjay (sanju) and shows her pic..then honey says ok and later honey joins in sanjay’s college then she writes a love letter to him..but sanjay insults her etc..(this is past and secret between sujatha and honey)..then sanjay says to honey that you are doing all these for my mom but i was insulted you..iam really sorry..before i said sorry to you but noe iam saying sorry from my heart..then honey sats no problem sanjay..then sujatha asks sanjay that will you marry honey??.then sanjay and honey gets shocked

precap – sanju thinks about that earing girl and think about past..when he saw her at the first time…and her face is revealed

hii friends yesterday all are confused between southindian relations and northindian southindia we can marry our bua’s son..but north indians will not marry like please understand now i cant change my i will continue this story in south indian please..understand guys..i hope you like it

and sorry for spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes

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Credit to: Pragna

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  1. Heyyy Pragna… Whose that girl??? Please.. Please… Tell us… Hope that is our Honey… Lovely episode….

    1. today i will reveal it dr

  2. nice epi pragna………………. will wait for ur next epi …………. the story is going great ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. eagerly waiting to now who is that earing girl

    2. thanq krishy

  3. nyssss dr keepup good wrkkk

    1. thanq richu

  4. Soo sweet dear good going….i whish wo earring wali honey hi ho… frm your stry we also know abt soutindian relation…keep it up dear

    1. thanq arvi

  5. thnx for updating..keep going…

    1. u r welcome dr

  6. Hi pragna dear…. very nice one dear…..and plzzz update large update yaar….

    1. thanq hayathi and ok dr from tomorrow i will update large update

  7. E pragna very nice story at last it gonna b revealed!!

    O god whr my name?? Ha ha ha jus joking!!

    Hey also read my story naa!!!

    1. thanx e and ni name kuda vundi oka sari check chesuko and ok ni story ippude chaduvutanu

  8. Wat to say ? Just awesome and more …
    Superb dear ….. And u have gud suspense ideas … Now I am eagerly waiting for tht earing girl … …. Hmmm two heart beats became my fav from pragu’s channel ….

    1. thanq soo much devu dr..

  9. Awesome epi again pragu

    1. thanq dia

    1. thanq dr

  10. hiii pragna, today’s episode was awesome dear!!!!
    after reading today’s epi. all the confusion and doubts are clear now. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ plzzz continue.
    eagerly waiting for next episode!!!!

    1. thanq dr

  11. so mansi and pragna u are telugu speaking people isn’t it . pragna i think u are a rosid fan and u watch sasural simar ka also and mansi what is ur story

    1. ya fdg we know telugu…and iam a rosid fan..and yeah sometimes i watch you know telugu???

  12. wow..pragu..chooooo sweet of you yaar..really superb…and ya yesterday i confused but today all my confusions are keep writing …abd keep it up from your best friend and now iam biggggg fan of you…love u a lot dr

    1. thanq soo much dr and love u too dr

  13. Great work dr…miss u

    1. hiii sweet after a long time..miss u too dr

  14. where is todays epi???

    1. just now i was posted it dr

  15. Hey pragu nxt epi ??

  16. I am loosing my patience …. I just want to read ur nxt part eagerly …..

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  17. Hi pragna, awesome episode. Keep it up. Eagerly waiting for the next update. Love you loads and very tight hug..

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