TWO HEART BEATS (chapter 6)

hello friends..good evening

The episode starts with sanju.he sits in a garden and thinks why mom hugs honey????.what is the relation between them????..then manisha (she is one of the classmate of sanju..) comes there and says..( honey watches all these secretly )

manisha : hi sanju.can i ask u one thing???
sanju : of course manisha..ask me
manisha : do u love me???
sanju : what??? could u think like that
manisha : why sanju..iam a pretty girl,i have lot of money,i and most important thing is iam bright student and i was proposing you..i love you sanju..

sanju : sanju stands up and says what are you talking manisha ???.
manisha : yesterday you rejected honey because she is dumb..but iam a smart girl

sanju : no manisha..i cant do like that because i love some other girl..( then manisha and honey gets shocked )

manisha : who is that girl ???.is she is from our college???
sanju : i dont know who is she..i didn’t saw her face also..but i know very soon i will finds her..
manisha : how do you love that girl without seeing her face

sanju : i loves her from the deep of my heart..
manisha : how can you find her without any proof ???..

then sanju takes one ear ring from his pocket and shows her..with these proof i will find her..(honey tries to see that ear ring but she cant see that )…then manisha takes that earring and says
manisha : ok sanju all the best…your love will be succeed because your love is soo grate than my love.. then she gives that ear ring to sanju and smiles .. and says dont loss it ..and she goes from there..

sanju sits there sadly and watches that ear ring…honey watches him and calls sujatha and says our plan is failed mom.then sujatha gets shocked

precap – sanju asks her mom about her past..and honey and sujatha meets in a resturent secretly..and sanju talks with that ear ring. and says when you will come to my life ???…iam waiting for you..please come..

update credit to – pragna

hg,richa,devu,hny,sree,roma,sona,dia,krishy,hayathi,brity,zara,sandy,sooraj,satya,mansi,deepu,aaradhana,durga (sorry if i forgot any names ) thanks for your support friends love u all..


  1. Brity

    Heyyy Pragna…. Missed you a Lot.. Couldn’t come yesterday because I met an accident… Actually I got fell down from my scooty…. Please pray for me GUYS…
    And yes… Pragna episode was cool…It’s like Heropanthi movie…. Amazing…

  2. Devga

    Kya bath hey har ek epi ek suspense …. Wow pragu dear thank u a lot for starting this wonderful story …. Can’t wait for the nxt epi…. Crazy abt thinking wat wld B the nxt epi…

  3. hg

    Wow,so sweet part dr.pragu,ee os lo mana telugu movies story laga sentiment add aindikada.naku baaga nachindi ee point. :).gd mrng.happy vijayadasami dr nd 2 al our frinds

  4. Aparna

    Hi every1 i m commenting here 4 the 1st time. 1st of all happy dussehra 2 all. Nyc epi n Whose earing was that. I m confused why honey said 2 sujatha that our plan failed n i think that earing must b of honey.

      • Hey pragu Ela unavu ??

        Hey Vijaya dasami subhakanshalu!!!???

        Very interesting story dear !!!??

        Hey Sona it’s ok yaar lot of ppl r like dat ly me too I dinn no hw to spik bcoz I was brought up in Australia!!! But now I m in Africa n d best thing is dat I can now spik Telugu properly!!!

        So u will also learn it quickly!!!?????

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