TWO HEART BEATS (chapter 4)


The episode starts with bunny..he says to honey that i will drop you in your home..then honey says ok i will come with you.. but bunny and honey.. both are in sad mood..they honey says bye to her friends and they starts going in bike then “HAMARI ADURI KAHAANI ” song plays….then they reaches home and he stops his bike there..then honey thanks him..then bunny says no need of thanx and dont be sad….,always keep smiling and always hope for the best..and you dont mind his words…and also says that he is the real dumb because he does not understand your feelings and insulted you and you take care of yourself then honey gives a little smile..and she says that i will take care..then bunny smiles and says bye to her and goes from there…then honey goes to her room and sits sadly..then her dad sees that honey is sitting sadly..then his dad comes there and asks that what happend honey????….why are you soo sad today???? then she didn’t gave any replay to him…then he thinks that honey got less marks in semister exam…then he says honey today i was going to eat your favorite icecreams..will you join with me???..and he catches honey’s hand and takes her into icecream parlour..then he says honey please eat your favorite icecream..and says dont be sad honey in the next exams you will get more marks…then she eats it..and she thinks that i dont want to hurt you dad..(the scene cuts there)
later bunny calls kriti and tanu…and ask them to meet in resturent..then these three sits in a resturent..with a lot of angry..and then they makes some plan against sanju….then these three goes to sanju’s home with some rods,wickets,and sticks..then they starts breaking the glasses,flowervases,toys etc…etc…then tanu shouts that sanju..where are you????…please come out..then his mother sujatha comes out…and says who are you?????…what are you doing????..and why are you breaking these????..then bunny asks her aunty please call sanju out…then sujatha says he is not here…he went to outside for buying books….and she asks why are doing all these???..then kriti replies that your son sanju insulted my best friend honey…then she asks who is honey???.then kriti takes her mobile and shows honey’s pic then she says she is my……………..then bunny sees that sanju reaches home then he sees all the glasses,vases are broken…then sanju says..whats going on here????.then bunny says come on sanju …i waiting for u

precap – sujatha goes to honey’s college and watches honey secretly…then she runs by saying dad..then sujatha sees honey’s dad…and gets shocked

update credit to – PRAGNA

sorry for spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes…and sorry if it is boring…

richu,srj(hg),devu,krishy,hny,brity,sona,roma,sree,dia,mandy,zara,sandy,durga,satya,sooraj thankyou for your encouragement friends…love you all

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  1. Very nice episode, thanks for update. Eagerly waiting for the next episode. Love you loads….

    1. my pleasure dr and love u too dr

  2. nyc wwaiting for next……

    1. thanx richu dr..but wr is u r nauc epi???

  3. very nice epi pragna..keep going on…and awesome story…please continue

    1. thanq sandy

  4. really sooo sweet epi pragna…and honey is very lucky for having best dad,and worlds best friends..and dont care about that sanju……and this imagination award goes to our pragna…keep rocking dr…..

    1. thanx durga…

  5. wow…..superbbb episode dr…please bunny and honey.i dont like that idiot sanju….and you have great imaginary power dr…

    1. thanq sooraj

  6. pls unite honey and bunny…i like that jodi

    1. but our hero is sanju na dr..

    2. i agree with u sooraj

  7. hiii pragna..hw r u????..brucelee movie chusava????

    1. inka chudaledu dr..e roju evng chustanu

      1. nuvvu chusava???

  8. very sweeeeeettttt epi pragna…pls continue…eagerly waiting for u r next chapter..

    1. thanq dr

  9. Heyyy Pragna… First of all a big GOODMORNING… I know i’m late today…. Sorry.. Anyways… Love it dear…

    1. good mng dr..have a sweet day..and no need of sorry dr

  10. Its nice.nalla eruku

    1. thanq deepu

  11. Pragu,
    ita awsmm

    1. thanq dia dr

  12. nys part pragu.i gues honey s sujathas niece :).we alwys supprt u 2 dr.waitng 4 nxt part .u chose a fresh nd new concept.i rely lk ur os dr

    1. thanq sooo much dr and i will try my best dr

  13. hii pragna,
    I liked today’s episode. .. keep writing.
    and yes dear ” kaisi ne kya khoob kha hai moong phali se bhi hosakta hai ishq ka izhaar, kyu ki aaj kal nafrato se hi suro hota Pyaar” πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ ( stolen from mmz)
    thats why I want honey-sanju jodi…
    anyways awesome dear. eager to read next part… hey pragna is there any connection between sanju n honey’s family… plzz tell me
    love you buddy. ..β™‘β™‘β™‘β™₯β™₯

    1. i was totally agree with u dr..and y today iam going to post about sujatha relation with honey dr..

    2. i was totally agree with u dr..and yes dr there is some connection between sujatha and honey…today iam going to post about their relation dr.

    3. Totally agree with wat u said by linking mmz and me too want sanju honey pair

  14. lv u too prags πŸ™‚

    superb epi dr…i think there is a connection between sujatha and honey’s dad…eagerly waiting for next part..

    thanks for remembering my name

    1. no need of thanx dr..

  15. Awww..diiii asusal it ws superbb πŸ™‚

  16. Ur rocking my pragu diii..ummahhhh

    1. thanq soo much hny dr..ummahh

  17. Hey my frnd u WIL make me crazy REALLY crazy about ur story… I m going mad on it …. And u r very very much imaginative … It precap suspense is awesome …. I am rolling my heads wat would b the relation between honey and sujata and also sujata’s relation with Honey’s dad …. Ufff MY GOd no words … Just good bless ur talent

    1. thanq soo much devu dr

  18. May B I think honey and sanju may B cousins coz Honey’s dad and sujata mat B brothers … Or omg pragu dear u made me mad again … I WIL stop here ….hehehehe truly speaking from heart I love ur suspense filled hatred love

  19. May B I think honey and sanju may B cousins coz Honey’s dad and sujata mat B brothers … Or omg pragu dear u made me mad again … I WIL stop here ….hehehehe truly speaking from heart I love ur” suspense filled hatred love with friendship all around story”

    1. yes dr..u r right….today i am going to reveal it dr

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