TWO HEART BEATS (chapter 2)

the episode starts with honey wake up from the bed.then her father comes to her room with a cup of coffee by saying good morning my dr honey.and then he gives that coffee to honey.she takes that coffee and says good morning dad she drinks that coffee..and she is gets ready for college.. then her best friends priya and tanu comes to honey’s house..later they will go to college.and these three girls sit in back bench..then her maths teacher comes to her classroom and stars teaching .. but honey and her two friends dont have interest on that subject..then honey dreams about sanju.kriti asks honey “are you dreaming about sanju????”..then honey says yes i was dreaming about sanju..i want to express my love to him..but i feel little nervous to talk infront of him..then her another friend tanu says that why dont you write a love letter to sanju??? then kriti also says that ya its a good idea..then honey writes love letter to sanju.then college bell rings..all the students comes out..then honey sees sanju and she gives that letter to sanju and runs away from there.then sanju reads that letter and next day morning he comes to honey’s section and then he holds that letter by saying are u honey????..the students are gathered together with curiosity..then sanju gives a replay letter to honey she takes that letter with excitement..

precap – honey opens that letter and starts reading it

update credit to – pragna

friends please avoid spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes.iam sorry if it is bore.


      • Devga

        Brity ya I am biggest fan of mmz but c I am confused with many ff’s of mmz and PLZ can u tel me wich is mmz ff ??

      • Brity

        There are a lot of FF… If you wanna know the future episodes of MMZ then go with MMZ-02.. Where is heart there is love is a story where Arjun is ok but Radika gets second birth as Anu… Arjun and Radika’s crazy love is about Aradika’s college life… Lucky everyday Manmarjiyan is story where Arjun and Radika are couple but Neil Sam’s relations with them are different… And Drawn Together… What to say… Go ….check… Buddy

  1. richa

    praggy for me yaar dont care abt splling nd grammer just d content nd itssss superrr sooo plsss continue…….no matter dr wat responce u get …you hav talent nd gave us something different…….plss dr no grttin sad nd CONTINUE my sweet masi g ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

  2. hg

    Nys dr,ys richu s r8.listn 2 hr advice.she s ur senior na.waitng 4 d nxt part :).its ur frst os .soon u wl gt mre ve feedbk

  3. Krishy

    hi pragya nice story keep continuing …………………. will be eagerly waiting 4 the next epi
    >……..>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Krishy

    nice to see you to devu ๐Ÿ™‚ ……………. missed every1 a lot and nauc too

    @richu/fan writter will wait 4 ur next update

  5. Roma

    Hi, Very nice episode, keep it up dear…I’m loving this story.Please continu.Eagerly waiting for the next episode.Love you loads.tight hug…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.