TWO HEART BEATS (chapter 17)


The episode starts with sanjay….
he was teaching some lessons in a black board…and says honey note all these points in your notebook…

then sanjay’s brother karan comes there with his books..and watches honey is sitting in his place then he says
KARAN : bhai..who is this girl..why she is sitting in my place???..and everyday you will teach lessons for me but why not today??..i was waiting for u r call..but you didn’t call me today..why bhai???
SANJAY : she is honey..she is our………… friend..from today i will teach to her,please adjust…
KARAN : but bhai…
SANJAY : please karan…
KARAN : ok bhai…and he gets angry on honey..
HONEY : hii r u bacha..??
KARAN : bacha….hey iam not a kid…be in your limits..and first concentrate on your work…
HONEY : what??? age is more than you…how can you talk with me like this..??.
KARAN : my memory is more than your memory…and iam behaving like a matured person…but you are behaving like a kid..
HONEY : how dare you to say like that??? and starts fighting with karan..
SANJAY : stop it…karan and honey…karan please start writing your home works..and honey you look into board and note all the points into your notebook..
HONEY : ok sanjay..then she opens her books…and she says OMG (loudly)…
SANJAY : what happend???..
HONEY : i have forgot my pen sanjay
KARAN : hahaha…without could you write your notes..
SANJAY : your work…
KARAN : ok bhai..

then sanjay gives pen to her..then she takes that pen and starts writing…then sanjay starts teaching to honey…but she dont understand even one word also….then she starts sleeping…then karan watches that honey is sleeping..then he calls his brother silently and says that honey is sleeping..then sanjay throws chalkpiece on her…then she woke up and says
HONEY : what happend sanjay???..
SANJAY : nothing happend are sleeping..dont you have manners ???..iam teaching here for you..but you are sleeping…how could you do like this???.idiot….you are wasting all my time
KARAN : bhai..she is wasting my time also..
SANJAY : ya..of course..
HONEY : she sits silently…
SANJAY : hello..honey iam talking with you..answer me…
she doesn’t give any answers to his questions

SANJAY : HELLO….??????
HONEY : i was hurted with your words and your brothers words..i cant talk with you both anymore…go to hell…

then sanjay and karan looks their faces each other

KARAN : haha..good decision…now we can lead our life peacefully..

then honey gets angry and starts scolding karan..then

SANJAY : shut up honey…what are you thinking about you???..iam teaching you because of my moms request…iam dying with you honey… please give replay to me..

HONEY : then say sorry to me sanjay…then i will give replay…

SANJAY : what the hell…its your mistake…why i have to say sorry??..
KARAN : because she is stupid girl bhai

HONEY : because you scolded me..and you didn’t ask what is my problem..and why iam sleeping….and she starts crying…

SANJAY : why are you crying???…please stop crying honey…
KARAN : bhai she is acting….

then sujatha comes there and asks what happend why honey is crying????…Then honey hugs sujatha and says your both sons are scolding me mom..i cant stay here anymore..

precap : honey will suffer from fever…

sorry for mistakes friends…

written by – pragna

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  1. How rude…. dono ladako ko ek tappad maarna chahiye idiots

    1. haha..yes dr

  2. 😀 😀 Vry funny

    1. thanq dr

  3. superb superb and superb ……………….keep writing dear ………………………
    luv ur story very much ………………… pragna now u have a lot of fans for ur story including me 😛

    1. haha…thanq krish

  4. karan is too naughty..honey is not intdrested in study thats why she is sleeping 😀 good going chinnu

    1. thanq di

  5. Ur story is funny. Its good for suffer from fever for honey as is not interested in study.
    Pragna where u r? R u fine? I was searching u in my storys latest update page but………

    1. ya..dr..actually i was busy with exams and also suffering from fever..thats why…now iam ok dr

  6. Funny episode, keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. ..

    1. thanq roma and love u too dr

  7. Pragna really imagine honey our sweet with two idiotic and ofcourse intelligent brothers. Oh that was really super. Sanjay what r thinking man. U hav to deal withit too long. U hav to more patient otherwise u will go mad. This was really good yaar.

    1. haha..yes dr.sanjay have to deal with her too long….and thanq soo much dr

  8. hello pragna really grate yaar and karan is soo cute.he same like his brother sanjay.anyways hats off to your imaginary.all the best and how was your health???..are you fine ??

    1. thanq soo much sandy and yeah dr..iam fn now…

  9. heyyy awesome pragna! !!!!!
    honey is looks like a clumsy girl… it is fully funny epi….
    awesome story narration. loved honey, sanjay and his bro’s funny convo.
    really day by day your story is going on superb track. plzzzz next episode post soon dear.
    Two heart beats become my favo now !!!!!!
    love you ♡♥

    1. thanq soo much and love u too zara dr

  10. Hiii…. Pragna ….hw r u …..

    1. iam fn dr.wt abt u???

  11. Pragna ur story is so good. I will miss u n ur story too much. I will not b able 2 comment or read ur stories 4 atleast 4 months bcoz of my +2 2nd yr exam. I hv 2 prepare well n secure good marks just like i secured in 10th. So my writer friends plz update all ur stories so tht whn i will comeback i hv 2 read all d stories. Plz don’t forget me my friends. I will miss u all n ur sweet comments

    1. how can i forget you dr..and all the best for your exams and miss u too dr..take care

    2. all the best for ur exams aparnakutty 🙂 my li’l sis is also in 12th

  12. great job prag

    i read ur updates.its really intresting.

    1. thanq liya..

  13. nice story , keep writing …..

    1. thanq harsha

  14. Luv u pragu
    luv ur writingss
    luv 2 hrt bts
    nd luv dus epi

    1. thanq dr and love u too dr

  15. Hey pragna ela vunnavu ?? I jus red dat u arent well !! So wats d problem ??

    Hey guess exams r hard ??

    Hey ur story is really very tym passing jus hilarious!!!!

    Pls nxt chap update cheyi !!!!

    1. now iam fyn dr..ninna naku fever vachindi…anduke ala annanu.. ippudu bavunnanu dr

  16. Nice epi dear pragu … .
    How rude u sanjay hw can u talk to honey like this ” shut up honey…what are you thinking about you???..iam teaching you because of my moms request…iam dying with you honey… ” it is to much sanjay …. Leave alone karan he is new to hiney so it’s OK he behaving rude but u Knowing abt honey u r talking so …. Dare talk to her so … U U U U …
    Plz dnt stop updating dear though I will not comment here often I will surely keep track of ur story for sure …. And u knw I got my important exams of my life ahead so PLZ don’t think I did not comment …. Take care bye

    1. ok problem and all the best for your exams

  17. Hi pragna..
    Pls upload nxt episode.. V r waiting..

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