TWO HEART BEATS (chapter 16)

The episode starts with honey,kriti,tanu and bunny hugs with each other and says sorry to honey because they didn’t recognise their friend..and then honey says no problem guys….you all shocked to see me like this..then they says yes..we are really shocked to see you like this.. then surya smiles..
KRITI : honey suddenly why did you changed like this..
HONEY : she says because i was testing you all..i want to see what will happen if i open my books???and she hides about sanjay..because they dont like sanjay..
TANU : scared us yaar..
then they all laughs..and honey thinks that i dont know how to read…what can i do now…then sid comes there and says hii guys…shall we go out ???
BUNNY : ya..of course.. honey come on we will go out..
HONEY : ok guys..come on..
then they all goes outside by walk..and then bunny says some pranks on sanjay…
BUNNY : guys think what would have happend when sanjay born before 150 years ago..
KRITI : british would have fought for independence..
then they all laughs…but honey gets angry but she didn’t say anything..
and he plays some other jokes then they laughs again and again..
SID : who is this sanjay??..why are you playing jokes on him???
TANU : he is the top ranker in our college…but he is selfish,and he doesn’t care for anyone,and he always insult our honey..
SID : oh..i want to see his face..
later they reaches that pani puri vehicle..and they all compitate with each other who will eat more puri’s..and they starts eating…then sid wins in that competation…
BUNNY : wow..bhai..kya bhaat hai..
then sid smiles..
KRITI : she catches sid hands and says congrats sid..
SID : thanq kriti…
and later they goes to their homes…then honey again thinks about sanjay’s words…and think how can i read yaar…then she get one idea…and then she again goes outside..

later sanjay’s door bell rings…then sujatha opens the door…its honey…then sujatha smiles after seeing honey….and says

SUJATHA : wow…honey..what a surprise..come inside..
then honey goes inside…and sits in a sofa..then sanjay comes there and says
SANJAY : hii honey ?? came here at 9 pm..what happend?? everything is fine???.
HONEY : ya..sanjay..everything is fine…i came here for………..
SUJATHA : ha…tell me you want any help from us..
HONEY : yes mom…yesterday sanjay said if i study well i will get good marks..but today i have read all my books…but i dont understand anything…so,i came here to ask…………..
SANJAY : ha..tell me honey..
HONEY : can you give me tution classes???
SANJAY : what???
HONEY : please sanjay..
SANJAY : i dont run any tution classes here…
HONEY : no problem..sanjay..i will give you money for these classes…
SANJAY : shut up honey…iam not talking about money…
SUJATHA : then what is the problem sanjay???..
SANJAY : mom i cant teach her…
then honey gets sad…
SUJATHA : please sanjay..she is my brothers daughter..please…
SANJAY : he thinks…and says ok…i will teach you then
HONEY : really????…and she hugs sujatha and says thanq mom…i really love you..
SUJATHA : love u too beta…
SANJAY : OK..honey..tomorrow is sunday na so you come here with your books…
HONEY : ok sanjay..and she says bye to them and she goes to her house..

its morning….
honey gets ready and takes her books and goes to sanjay’s home then sanjay starts tution classes to her…but she dont have any intrest on it..and she sleeps..then sanjay throws chalkpiece on her…then she woke up
.and asks what happend???..then sanjay says nothing happend you are sleeping idiot.

sorry for mistakes

written by – pragna

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  1. Pragna how r u? i must say ur a good writter. After reading ur story im feeling that u r experienced. Have u written any story before?

    1. iam fine dr..wt abt u ???..and i dont have any experience dr..this is my first story…

  2. loved it dr…hw is gng ur exams dr??

    1. thanq dr and today i didn’t went to clg dr..because i was suffering from fever

      1. take rest dr…i feel bad for u πŸ™ i will pray for u dr..meri chinnu juldi thik ho u dr

      2. thanq soo much and love u too ruby di

      3. Take care dear …. Get well soon

  3. Hiiii pragna nice story….chala baga rastunav ….and waiting fr next part ….all the best and take care of ur health…..

    1. thanq soo much priya..iam very happy to see u in this pg…hw r u???

  4. Ha ha ha honey is like immatured kid….. so sweet…

    1. thanq hayathi

  5. Pragna nc going. I feel tht u should start writing a novel. Don’t say tht u can’t. 2day 1 of my friend read ur story. She said it is fabulous. Just try 2 write. I hope tht it cn bcome a best selling novel.

    1. thanq soo much aparna dr and say thanq to your friend also…and iam soo happy with u r words dr..i will try to write it dr …. but i dont know they will accept my story or not…

      1. aparna is saying right..u should write a novel dr

      2. ok di..i will try..

  6. Nys dr,take care nd gt wel sn dr

    1. thanq dr

  7. really awesome prags and yeah aparna is can starts a novel.and dont worry they will it or not just try yaar and iam sure they will accept it..please try once for me..and tc for u r health yaar..

    1. ok dr..i will try

  8. hai pragna.nice story yaar..after a long time i was commenting here..h r u???..and yes aparna is right..try to write a novel..because u r story is soo good..i was addicted to it…and i hope after publishing it all the readers also addict to it…and eagerly waiting for next part..and try to maintain timings..

    1. thanq sooraj and i will try yaar and ok i will maintain timings

  9. and all the best pragna and take care for your health also

    1. thanq sooraj

  10. Hi Pragna.m a silent reader.i really lykd plj make it long.n reveal soon whos d earring gal?

    1. thanq for u r feedback sneha.and from tomorrow i will give u long update and i will reveal it soon.

  11. do u know nick name is chinnu…and now you are calling me as chinnu..iam soo happy [email protected] di

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      chinnu i want to keep in touch with u dr..just send me a mail to my id([email protected])

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  12. I m good pragna and hai everyone

  13. Nice…….

    1. thanq riya

  14. Hi pragna, very nice episode, awesome. Keep it up buddyyy. ..and also take very good care of yourself…and get well soon. you loads

    1. thanq soo much roma u too dr

  15. Hi pragna the story is going great ……. I luv it soo much……. Luv u sis……. Great going …. No words ?☺?????? …,,,………………….and i agree with aparna u must try writing a novel it can turn out to a good one may be the best …….

    1. Are u in school or college @pragna
      Do liya comment here ??

      1. thanq soo much krish..luv u too yaar..and i will try to write it…and iam studying bsc..1st year and i dont know krish..she is our kutty or not

  16. sorry guys..i cant update today’s chapter….because i was suffering from fever

  17. please dont mind guys…

  18. Amna mohamed

    Pragna u can count me as ur best fan i love ur story its cute n intresting…….gt well soon

    1. thanq amna

  19. Hey pranga ur story is to good and it is very comedy too . my stomach got ache and I can’t stop myself for laughi

    1. thanq bubly

  20. Nice story……..
    I too agree wid every1 y don’t u give a try writting a book …… Coz lyk u only of my friend wrote a book n published it online
    ……… If ur intrsted I will ask my frnd n give u details……..
    And take care and get well soon………….

    1. thanq soo much dr..and ya dr please give me details..i dont know how to publish it

  21. Hey pragna yaar ni jokes real ga chala great ga rasevu !! Hey chinnu dis name is really so sweeeeet yaar !! Jus lyk paisam !!!

    Hey ruby yaar hw r u ?? I so wish I cud cum early so dat I cud hv also chat wid u guys yaar !! Hey ruby guess wat yaar I was thinking ki u shud rite a fanfic !!
    Wat say ruby ??

    Hey guys did u also get submit ur article when u click menu ???

    1. hey mansi…i am fyn dr…me n fan fiction πŸ˜‰ meri har kahani adhuri rah jati hai yaar thn hw can i??? dr i gave my e mail id to chinnu…i want to keep in touch with u too dr.mail me dr….gdnt n “mann” dreams :*

      1. Gud nite dear !! Hahaha…
        Hey dear will definitely mail u yaar !!!

    2. paisam..haha…thanq dr

  22. Pragna chala chala baga rastunavu. It is getting more interested in it day by day. Pani puri competition. And what abt the girl yaar. Show some jhalak to us atleast. Tutions sanjay would be dead for teaching our honey. Waiting to see brilliant honey.

    1. thanq dr and that day will come very soon dr

  23. Sorry for late cmnt dr

    nd awsmm dr

    lolz that british part

    1. thanq dr and no need of sorry dr

  24. as always awesome episode ….. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    1. thanq zara dr

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