TWO HEART BEATS (chapter 15)


The episode starts with honey…
she remember sanjay words…and starts reading…

then surya comes to honey’s room…and says
SURYA : come on honey we will go for a walk….
HONEY : no dad..i have to read…
SURYA : what???…oh you are reading about your favorite hero..ok dr..continue
HONEY : no dad..i was reading my college books…
SURYA : really??..oh i know you are reading about your college function dancing,singing etc…you are trying to your reading i right??
HONEY : no dad..i was reading my physics,chemistry,maths etc….
SURYA ::what???…he gets shocked…and he walks to downstairs in that shock..and sits in a sofa..

first she opens maths..but she cant do it
then she thinks that she cant do that sums..
so i have to take another subject and after she opens science then she tries to read that but she thinks that – how can we read about humans..i dont like it…i have to open another subject
then she opens physics and again starts reading..but she was failed to read it..then she thinks that how can we read this boring subject ???..
then bunny calls her…he stands beside the steps..
HONEY : hello r u??
BUNNY : iam fine honey..get ready,kriti,tanu are coming to your home..we will go out for eating pani puri..
HONEY : what??? bunny i cant come with you all
BUNNY : but why honey??..what happend are you suffering from fever??
HONEY : NO…NO..bunny..not like that
BUNNY : then what happend honey???..
HONEY : then she says (in a slow voice )..actually i have to study bunny…
BUNNY : what???..i dont understand tell me once again..
HONEY : i have to study bunny
BUNNY : what ??..(he gets shocked ) and leaves his mobile from his hand then it falls down and gets broken….then he comes out from that shock and starts laughing….hahahahahaha…….honey is reading……hahahahaha…2015’s best joke……hahahaha….then he falls down from the steps…but also he cant stop laughing….

HONEY : bunny ??? bunny ???…what happened to him..and then she cuts his phone call…

she again she starts reading
then she think that i have to read english and starts reading then she cant read it and then she thinks that i dont know how to read it..then how can i??
then she thinks that my mother tongue is first i have to open that and she opens hindi again starts reading..but shey cant read it..
later she realises that she cant read anything because she dont know how to read…and becomes sad.
then kriti and tanu comes to honey’s house then they watches surya..he sits in a shock..
KRITI : hii r u???..where is honey???
bud he didn’t respond to anything..he sits in a shock..then
tanu : she shouts on him by saying uncle…where is honey.???
then he comes out from that shock and then tanu asks uncle what happend to you???..
he says i dont know today honey ajeeb sey behave karti hai…come with me i will show you..then they all goes to honey’s room…then they saw that honey is reading…and gets shocked…then honey sees them and says hii guys when did you came???..then they all gets shocked..
KRITI : honey..what are you doing yaar???..
HONEY : iam reading kriti…
TANU : what ???…uncle now i got it…its not our honey…this girl kidnapped our honey and she came to our honey’s place….
KRITI : ya…i think you are right tanu..she is not our honey…
SURYA : ya of course both catch that girl…i will call the police…then bunny reaches there..and asks what happend??..then they says that she is not our honey..then bunny says ya guys i think soo..
uncle jaldi police ko phone karo….and kriti and tanu both catches honey’s hands..
HONEY : stop it guys…what are you doing???.iam your honey…dad please believe me
TANU : uncle dont believe her…she is lying…
HONEY : guys..please stop it…
BUNNY : hey you..tell me where is my honey.???
HONEY : iam your honey guys leave me
TANU : ok then tell me about our friendship then i will believe you..
HONEY : ok…we are childhood our group we are four,you both and bunny…we are best friends forever…we cant leave without each other…we are in section c….in our childhood..we enjoyed a lot…we are different from others…we love each other..when i lost my mom..aap log mera saath hai…and you guys gave me encouragement to move ahead..and you all becomes me my mom..
then they leaves honey’s hands and says are my honey..and kriti, tanu and bunny hugs her and says sorry yaar..we cant recognise you…they all gets cried and catches therw hands each other and says yeah we are friends forever…..

precap : sanjay starts tution class to honey..but she dont have intrest on it..and sleeps there…then he throws chalk piece on her…

iam soo sorry friends i didn’t write yesterdays precap..and also sorry for mistakes

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credit to – pragna

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  1. hey pragna chala funny ga rasthunavu so pls cntinu !!! avunu niku hindi matladatam ocha ??

    1. thanq mansi and naku hindi konchem konchem vachu..wt abt u???

  2. I remembrd my mum’s rn wenevr i read my books. . I realy luvd da epi:-)

    1. Heyyy…….liyuu

    2. thanq liya

  3. Ha honey last words ne dill ko chu liya pragya dr…. superrrrr

    1. thanq hayathi

  4. hahaha prags fantastic da…lvd it..

    hey mansi dr dnt u knw hindi?

    1. thanq ruby dr and you are elder than me na…can i call you didi???

      1. sure dr..u r my chinna kutty :*

    2. HEY ruby i can speak hindi yaar wat abt u ruby ??

      1. me too mansi

      2. wow…thanq dr @ruby

  5. Interesting episode, please update the next episode soon, eagerly waiting

    1. thanq roma dr

      1. Hey pragna I can speak fluently yaar !!!

      2. wow..thats great dr

  6. HahahA lolzzz

    awsm epi pragu dr

    nd that police part…..rofl

    1. thanq dia dr

  7. chala bagundi pragna continue soon:(

    1. thanq bhgi

  8. Pragna, waw funny and cute converation btw all the friends and dad too involved in it. Cute dad. I like him. Even his daughter is not studying he hav no problem with it. It is so cute. I coulnt stop my laughing.

    1. thanq manha :-):-)

  9. hiiii pragna, how r u dear
    well today’s episode was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
    omg honey is busy in study…… ohhh god they all are in shocked seeing honey busy in her studies….. haha even they all wasn’t able to recognized her !!!!
    today’s episode was totally funny 🙂 🙂 😉
    made me laugh… fully enjoyed
    keep continue dear. tight hug for you with lots of love ♡♥

    1. iam fn dr..wt abt u???..
      and thanq soooo much u a lot

  10. i too like the police part….funny dialogues 😀

    1. thanq didi

    2. Hey ruby wat is d meaning of kutty yaar ?? Bcoz I used d word in my story bcoz I was watching YHM dat day n I heard ishita’s mom calling her kutti !!

      Dats y I used d word !!

      1. hey mansi dr..i think you also elder than me..

      2. in malayalam kutty means kid dr and i thnk also in tamil

      3. iam 18 years old dr

  11. wow..amazing….awesome…funny…..really u r a great writer yaar…and that police part is awesome dear and last words are heart touching yaar..keep rocking…

    1. thanq soo much sandy…

  12. mansi dr i replied to ur cmnt in ur post..just check it dr

  13. they r nt posting nxt part of my ff dear wat should i do any suggestions?? thnx in advance

    1. dont worry dr..they will post it..yesterday at 11:45 pm ..i gave my ff to them..but they posted it on today aftn at 3’0 clock..

  14. Nice update yaar …… I thnk dat earing wali girl is honey only but sanjay will realise it latter ……… And den he will regret n try to woe honey but den it will to late cooz honey n bunny might get engaged till den, but still sanjay will make honey realise his luv 4 her……
    Am I right…………??????????????
    But pls pls cont.. Writting ur story…. Its awsome

    1. sorry dr now i cant reveal it ..and thanq soo much dr

  15. I luvd the epi …. It’s mind blowing ……….. continue the story …. Day by day it is becoming more and more interesting ??????

  16. Sry i didn’t comment last time. I was busy 4 my exam preparation. Btw D conversation was funny. I luv d way they were talking. It’s so nice.

    1. thanq aparna and no need of sorry dr

  17. The story is going super yaar today’s episode is mind blowing……….day by day the story is getting more and more interesting ???

    1. thanq krish

  18. hi liya …………………. 🙂

  19. finally they posted my story go through it i chngd name to strangers

  20. i posted nxt part of my ff go through it

    1. thanq dr

  21. Shes doing higher education as u said in first episode. B ed or ba something..n she doesnt know how to read???!!
    N shes gt to study hindi eng phy chem in her such higher study???!!? Dt ws lame

    1. these all subjects will b there in bsc dr..and she dont know abt the way to study…it means she dont know how to get good marks..

  22. Hiiii …..pragna…..i loved today part …..its funny…i miss uuu

    1. thanq priya and miss u too..

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