TWO HEART BEATS (chapter 14)


The episode starts with honey she hugs sanjay and says
HONEY : thanq soo much sanjay..iam soo happy today..because u helped me a lot…
SANJAY : hmm.. it means you forgived me..
HONEY : yes..of course sanjay..
SANJAY : ok then leave me..

then honey realise that she hugs sanjay…and then she leaves him with a little smile…:-):-)..then sanjay also gives a smile..and then honey says
HONEY : again thanx sanjay..iam going tou pass in this exam because of you..iam soo happy..
SANJAY : honey..why you didn’t study yesterday.. did you got any fever???.
HONEY : FEVER..?? know about me na…iam not a good student..iam a dumb..i cant read anything..even i font have brain also..
SANJAY : you have brain honey..but you are not utilising it..first try to read your books..then you will get succeed..
HONEY : No..sanjay.mi dont have any intrest in books..
HONEY : ya sanjay you are right but its not easy for me
SANJAY : iam not telling you that its going to be easy…iam just saying that ” if we try hard then we will be suceed in our life…first you believe on yourself honey..
HONEY : ok sanjay…i will try..
then sanjay smiles and says ok honey try and try until you gets sucees…and bye honey catch you i have very important work (with seriousness)…then honey also says bye to honey…and they goes in a opposite direction..

After that sanjay goes to that resorts and he asks that resort manager about that earing girl.. and shows that earing to that manager..
MANAGER : i dont know about that earing girl…
then sanjay becomes sad..then that earing girl stands beside of him..but he didn’t see her face and goes from there…then that earing girl asks manager
EARING GIRL : hii sir…my name is…………….on the diwali day..i came here..then i lost my earing here..and she shows that earing to him and says that earing was given by my mom..she is expired..its very sentiment to me..
MANAGER : just now one guy came here and asked about that earing girl..he also showed me that earing..i think its means he asked about you…
EARING GIRL : really ???..please tell me his name and address.
MANAGER : i dont know anything about him…but just now he goes from this side..he weares blue colour shirt..
EARING GIRL : ok thanq..i will find him..
and he goes outside and starts searching for sanjay..she asks the people in that road but she cant find him..and she becomes sad..and goes from there..

on the other side
honey sits on her bed thinks about sanjay’s words..and starts reading books..but she cant study anything..and she goes to sanjay’s home and asks for tution classes

precap – sanjay starts tution classes to honey…but she is not intrested in it..and she sleeps then sanjay throws chalk piece on her…then she woke up..and again he starts..

credit to – pragna

devu,richu,roma,brity,mansi,aparna,hayathi,hg,varshu,ruby pearl,liya,zara,sowmya,dia,arvi,zayn,sweet,sandy,krishy,liya,sree,manha,anaya,deepu,sooraj,satya, and all…thanq for u r support u a lot…

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  1. Ha ha ha in this scene i remember. oh ha ni. In playfull kiss heroine charecter… she is so cute

  2. Love u dear…and love ur story tooo…eagerly waiting for next…and also focus on ur study ok…dats more importnt..:)

    1. love u too dr and my first preference is for studies dr..later these stories

  3. that means honey is nt de earring girl!!!!

    1. i will reveal it soon carbon

  4. Oh oh yaar !! Very awsome yaar !!

    Pragna let me tell u my secret actually I also dinn lyk to read so as u no my lover Mann was my tutor n he was very strict !! So bcoz of him I m able to study medical bcoz I dinn lyk to study !!
    Hey dis is a coincidence of my love story !!♡♡♡

    Nywas I jus love u yaar !! Naku nuvu real ga ne nachevu lyk chala !! I so wish I cud c u n talk to u in telugu !!!

    A tight huge big triple hug yaar !!!!!!!!!!

    1. wow…dr..i guess ni love story chala bavuntundi dr..and nuvvu kuda naku chala nachavu lover name enti ???if u dont mind

  5. so earring girl is another girl…anyways nice dr…study well..dnt be like honey :p

    1. haha..ok dr…love u a

  6. Awsmm epi….creating more suspense about the earring girl…..

    Nd u mentioned liya
    does it mean that OUR LIYU is back or is it someone else???

    1. thanq dr and yeah dr..she is our liya kutty

  7. Hayathi have u seen playful kiss drama. It was good. I loved the drama.

    Pragna sorry couldn’t comment earlier. U r writing a fab story. Super interesting. Do write some big episodes like mahaepi.
    But I wish the earring girl is honey. Then it will be interesting. She will be searching for him. He will be searching. When the person is before u. This is only my wish. Waiting for ur update.

    1. thanq dr and no need of sorry and i will try to give a big update dr..and very soon u r wish becomes true..:-):-)..

      1. Heirs. Boys over flowers. You are beautifull. I am beautifull. 49days. My girl friend is a gumiho.. heartstrings. Coffee prince.

      2. Ivi chudu pragna dr…. definetly addict ipotav…… after that i will tell u another serials

      3. watch ghar ka chirag it used to air on dd national and 1 more justfrgt namee but google dd nat. serials they rwonderfull nd that chandermukhii tooo i hav watched dem alll superrrr in myyy pov

    2. Yes dr…. no of times….u know i like to watch korean serials compare to our serialss dr because so short and sweet…. HEIRS is my favourite one dr… le min ho is my fav hero dr…

      1. ya dr.i know..and tell me some good korean serials names dr..i will watch it

      2. thanq sooo much hayathi… after my exams i will watch it

      3. thanq richu dr

  8. Omg pragu such a suspense …. I am going mad … … But lil bit sad tht earing girl is a different one … 🙁 ..
    Anyways u WIL wait for it to B revealed …. Continue dear

    1. thanq devu dr.and dont be sad..i will reveal it soon dr and in my story sanjay is hero and honey is,u can understand…

  9. hi pragna ,
    the STORY is going GREAT . SORRY i was not able to comment here for almost i week . i believe that the earing girl is honey bcoz she to lost her mother .

    can tell me ……………….. which STATE do u belong to ?????

    1. thanq krish..and no need of sorry..and iam from AP

      1. Hey Pragna ny lover’s name is Mann !! He is a punjabi now u no d problems I face !!!!

        Hey wat to do I love him na dats y !!!!

      2. nice name dr..and punjabi antunnav kada mari mi parents ok cheptara???..chala problems face chestunnav kada..anyways all the best dr..enjoy…

  10. Hey pragna i rly love ur stry….anyways all the best wid ur studies

    1. thanq amna

  11. wow…prags..very nice chapter dr..its jst awsm…and precap also intresting…keep rocking…♡♥

    1. thanq sandy

      1. Oh my god pragna adhe kada problem parents opuko ledu n we r trying to convince dem yaar !!
        Hey u know almost 2 years autundi love chesukoni but epudu chepano telusa ?? Just 3 months back !! Apudu ninchi very much problem !!

        Hey I need d all d best !!Nywas thanq 4 d encouragement yaar !!

      2. ok yaar…mi parents mi love ni accept cheyali ani na manaspurti ga korukuntunnanu dr..and once agn all the best yaar..

      3. Hi mansi dr… how r u…. dont worry dr…all is well…. u know naku oka frnd undi iddaru oke cast abbai chala ante chala manchodu well settled but amai parents ego hurt indi ammai love chesindani intiki tesukelli house arest chesaru mem chala try chesam convince cheyadaniki abbaba mammalni tittaru chudu ammai valla parents ipatiki marchipolem….. asalu ippatiki naku ardam avaledhu enduku opukoledhu vallu ani….. sometimes parents ila behave chestaru god knows why…..but i hope mi parents ardam chesukuni mi marriage cheyali ani i wish gud luck to u dr…

      4. Hayathi yaar thats too touching !!I so wish they agree !

  12. Hohoo diii the story is mving sooo gud..
    Nd di honey is totally opposite to u in studies..hehe..
    THB rockzzz

    1. haha..thanq hny..

  13. Mansi ur story is same as chetan bhagat’s novel 2-states in which a punjabi guy and a south indian girl fell in love…

  14. Hiiii …. Pragna.. Nice creativity ..I lyk ur story specially suspence.. Go on writing ….eagarly waiting for next part ….all the best..

    1. thanq priya

  15. Mansi ur story is same as chetan bhagat’s novel 2-states in which a punjabi guy and a south indian girl fell in love…with each other…

    1. Yes yaar Arvi !! Actually I hv been staying in US for past 4 years !! So u know dat thre are lot of hindi ppl so I dinn even no wen I started loving a punjabi boy !! Nywas wat can we do
      Love is done by heart not brain !!!

  16. 2 gd dr.i gues earrng grl s none othr Thn honey

    1. thanq dr

  17. No yaar ammai ki marriage chesesaru….. she is my best buddy but nenu em cheyalekapoya enta try chesina avaledhu…..????

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