TWO HEART BEATS (chapter 12)

The episode starts with bunny,honey,tanu and kriti comes out from the hospital..
KRITI : omg..cats are running in my stomach.
TANU : what yesterday one of my cat is disappeared..did you eat that..
HONEY : OMG…tanu..kriti was saying that she is hungry..
KRITI : hmm…
TANU : oh..really???..i was hungry too dear
HONEY : ok guys..i was hungry too..first we will go to canteen..later we will go to college
HONEY : bunny you go to your home and take rest..we will go to college
BUNNY : no problem honey i will come with you and i was not much injured.. i will manage dont worry..
HONEY : but what is the need to manage bunny..go and take rest ???
BUNNY : did you forgot our mid semister exams starts from tomorrow
HONEY : forgot..ya we have to prepare for it..
KRITI : are right honey..we have to prepare..come on tanu,bunny and honey lets go
TANU : no..guys first i have to eat food.
BUNNY : yaa..she is right..lets go to canteen
then they orders some food and they eats that food and after they goes to college..and sits on their places..all the students waches him shockingly because he fighted with sanjay..and honey,kriti and tanu prepares for their exams..and bunny makes some slips..because he cant study anything…later sanjay also reaches college and starts reading seriously..and later their college is over..then all the students comes out and discuss about their topics..and bunny,honey,tanu and kriti also comes out..later
KRITI : ok guys..i have to leave now..iam going to home and she leaves.
tanu and bunny also leaves..later honey walks alone on a road..then sanjay comes there..and asks
SANJAY :hii..honey come with me..i will drop you in your home
HONEY : i dont need your help..
SANJAY : aiyoo bhuddu..please come
HONEY : no thanx
SANJAY : honey please understand dr..i dont talk with any girl in my college except you are my best friend too
HONEY : oh really..if iam your friend then how can you insult me??
SANJAY : if i didn’t do that..then all the studends will spread rumours on you and me..thats why i insulted you…please understand and forgive me yaar..and please accept me as your friend
HONEY : no sanjay..i cant do it..because you are smart guy and iam,how can we become friends???..and she goes from there.

(then sanjay thinks his words when she qrites a love letters to him then he insult her like that )..and becomes sad :-(:-(

on the other side
its morning….
all the students reaches college and sits on the examination places and the invigilator disturbutes the question papers to them..and also gives answer sheets..all the students starts writing exam… sanjay starts writing exam and honey reads that questions paper and cries because she know answers for only five questions..out of fifteen questions and she thinks that she will be failed exams and dreams that all the teachers scolds her and all the students will laugh on her..and then she feels crying..sanjay watches that she is crying..and bunny takes some slips and starts writing..and kriti and tanu also writes some question..sanjay calls honey and says that “honey first write the questions you know ” and please stop crying and start writing exam…then honey starts writing exam..

precap – sanjay goes to that resorts and asks about that earing girl and he cant find her…later that earing girl comes their and asks the manager about that earing..

credit to – pragna

sorry its too short actually i have exams now so i was preparing for it..and also sorry for spelling mistakes..

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  1. Hey pragna dear… its ok yaar concentrate on ur exams first…. nice one dr….. sanjay si cool

    1. ok dr and thanq :-):-)

  2. Pragna i was waiting the whole day 4 ur story. Bt if u hv exam then concentrate in ur studies 1st after its completion u cn start writing again. Best of luck 4 ur exams.

    1. ok dr..and thanq soo much dr.

      1. hii aparna..yesterday you asked me na what iam studying..iam studying Bsc 1st year dr..

  3. Hey pragna yaar !! Real ga chala funny ga rasevu n ya d story is bcoming very interesting dear !!!

    1. thanq dr

  4. i need helppls sum1 tell me how to be an author of ff

    1. Hey aadhya !!sorry yaar cud not reply for ur question !!

      Hey if u want to rite a story then go to menu of a TU page n click contact us so der u fill ur name email subject is d story’s name n d last one is message u rite ur story there n u send !!!
      Ripitin d code letters dat r given b4 send !!

  5. Hey pragu was eagerly waiting for this epi and no prob u first prepare well for ur exm …. If nxt part is late also no issues coz V wil wait. … And inspite of ur busy schedule u’ve given us wonderful epi …. Thts really a grt work dear …. Hats off to u and I am in love with u and ur story….

    1. S yaar pragna devga is rite !! We can post stories anytym but studies is much more important dan stories !!

      Hey pls prepare well yaar !! We want u to succeed innything in life so pls yaar !!

      V will wait 4 d story !!!
      Gud nite guys !!

      1. thanq devu dr and mansi dr :-):-)

      2. love u too devu dr

  6. all the best for ur exams pragna. we also don’t mind even if u don’t post it one day

    1. we don’t mind even if u post it one day late

    2. thanq sowmya

  7. bhgi even i am one among the telugu people here

  8. Heyyy….Pragna… Dear I’m also stuck with the studies…. But don’t take writing much more than studies…. Our wishes are always with you either you write or not… Episode was cool… As I can see your profile pic…. Dude do you know when the second season of Warrior High will start???

    1. ok dr..and thanq..and no dr i dont know

  9. aiyooo me 2 dr busyy with xams sooo short chapters 😛 and mistake full chapters…….
    nyc dr…. 🙂 srry missed last part as didnt get tyme……

    1. no problem dr

  10. Nycoo

    exams…… Honey is going throufh disasters…like i dod

    1. thanq dia dr

  11. hi sowmya;)

  12. hw to post ff in this section can any one pls tellme ?

    1. C the Reply of Mansi to Aadhya..u can find answer to ur question..Take care ? buddy.

  13. i tried it no use it is nt posting my ff in thos ff section

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  15. unable to post my ff pls amyone help me??

    1. hii bhgi.go to contact us section and post u r story to them and then they will send one mail to ur email id..and later they will post it ff…if they didn’t send any mail..they try again

  16. Nys dr.bst of luk 4 ur exms

    1. thanq dr

  17. Interesting u have to concentrate more on ur study…update story after u complete ur exams dr..we dnt mind if u update aftr ur exams..anyways bst of luck 4 ur exams

    1. ok dr and thanq

  18. Nice episode pragna. .all the best for ur exams. ..

    1. thanq aaradhana

  19. Pragna ur story is very good. I cant even think of writting so good story. And yes ur exam is more important so write story only if u r free. Dont write neglecting ur studies. Good luck for exam. By the way in which class do u read in and which is ur country?

    1. thanq dr..and iam studying bsc 1st year and india is my country..and iam from AP dr

  20. Oh bsc 1yr u all are small yaar…. anyway i am so happy dr u guys r dng nice job…. cntnue

    1. thanq dr..:-);-)

  21. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    wow superb episode pragna! !!!
    but how smart sanjay is! weird type of friend who don’t want to talk with honey in college.
    haha, kriti, tanu convo awesome… made me laugh 🙂
    anyways I loved today’s episode. love you dear and also sanjay, honey, bunny, kriti, tanu characters too.
    keep continue… and yes best wishes for your exams…. do well.

    1. thanq soo much and love u too dr

  22. wow…pragu rocking yaar..keep going and all the best for u r exams dr..

    1. thanq yaar

  23. sorry fo late replay guys actually I.was busy
    wow..pragna dr..meaning of your name knowledge…I really love u r name dear
    @devga its some telugu novel yaar..and I have one in lesson in my 5th class with pragna name..
    @ruby pearl yes yaar iam from AP
    @hayathi nice to see u yaar…and yup iam from AP too
    @aparna thankyou yaar and iam not boy iam a girl .
    @hii mansi

    and hw r u all???

    1. thanq dr and no need of sorry..

    2. Hey ya sandy ela unavu n em chestunavu !!!

  24. Hi sandy u know i had a frnd with this name now another sandy…. nice t c u dear…. u r also studies

    1. oh really hayathi…and i was completed btech yaar

      1. Ok so searching job or higher studies dear

  25. can anyone post my ff hw to post itpls help me out pragna

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    2. Hey bhgi !! Acha tell me wats d name of ur story yaar ??? N wen did u post it ??

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  30. Nice episode dear Focus on your exams …. and update stry after u cmplete ur exams ok …. Gd luck….:)

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