TWO HEART BEATS (chapter 11)


hii friends..good evening…
The episode starts with bunny..he watches honey and sanjay collides with each other..and she falls in sanjay hands..and there is a eyelock between them..and all the students gets shocked to see honey in sanjay’s hands..then sanjay know that all the students are watching them.. then sanjay takes his hands back and leaves honey…then she falls on the floor..

SANJAY : dont know how to walk ???..
HONEY : sorry…
then bunny comes there and catches her hand and lifts her up..
BUNNY : honey no need to say sorry to him…its an accident..and sanjay you why are you insulting honey..its your fault also..say sorry to her..
SANJAY : shut up bunny..i wont say sorry to her
BUNNY : he catches sanjay’s collar and asks him to say sorry..
SANJAY : how dare you to catch my collar???.

he beats bunny…then bunny also beats sanjay…then a fight begins between them..then honey gets shocked and says bunny,sanjay..please stop fighting…and she tries to stop them but they push her on the floor..and again starts fighting..sanjay beats bunny in his stomach..and bunny beats sanjay on his face..then kriti and tanu comes there and asks honey..what happened why these guys are fighting with each other…then honey says i will tell you later..please stop them..then kriti ,tanu and all other students stops them..and both are injured..then the students admits them in the hospital..they admits them in same room..then doctor comes there and says

DOCTOR : why did you fighted with each other
SANJAY : its none of your business..

BUNNY : This sanjay starts fighting thats why he cant say anything
SANJAY : shutup ..first you started fighting..
BUNNY : you beat me first..
SANJAY : ya..but you started fighting..

again they starts fighting..

DOCTOR : please stop fighting…and gives first aid to them and gives some medical prescription to them and says dialy you have to take these medicines..
SANJAY : ok doctor
DOCTOR : you both have to take some physio theraphy treatment and do some exercises (or) you have to play some games like cricket,football,tennis,etc..because playing games also one type of exercise..

SANJAY : ok doctor..

BUNNY : in will play all these games..
DOCTOR : oh really..thats it beside your house
BUNNY : no doctor..i will play all these games on my mobile..
DOCTOR : he gets shocked..and says
what??? bunny you have to play all these games in playground not in mobile..
BUNNY : but why ???..what is the difference???..
DOCTOR : because its one type of exercise..
BUNNY : ok doctor

then doctor goes from there and thinks OMG….now i have to take medicines my self..
and sanjay and bunny also leaves from that room and gets shocked to honey along with kriti and tanu..she is very angry on them..then they both says sorry at the same time…but she leaves from there..then
BUNNY : honey please listen to me..
HONEY : i dont wanna listen anything..
BUNNY : he catches her hand and says iam really sorry yaar..i have fighted with him because of you..please forgive me..i will never repeat this again..
HONEY : is it true??
BUNNY : yes of course
HONEY : promise???
BUNNY : ya..promise..
HONEY : ok now i will forgive you but dont repeat this again..
BUNNY : ok dadi ma..ok..i will never repeat this (with laughing)
HONEY : she laughs and then kriti and tanu also laughs and says we are best friends forever..
SANJAY : sanjay looks on and asks can i join with you all???

honey looks seriously

KRITI : always insults my honey..and fights with bunny..
TANU : before 2 days you said that you hate dumb girls..but why now??
HONEY : come on need to say anything lets go..(with angry )

SANJAY : oh now this bhuddu is angry on i have to do something…and i like your friendship โ™ฅโ™ก

precap – sanjay asks honey that i will drop you in your home..honey says i dont need your help..bhuddu i dont talk with any girl in college..if i talk with anyone they will spread all the rumours..

credit to – pragna

devu,hg,brity,richu,mandy(mansi),ruby,roma,aparna,dia,hayathi,zara,arvi,sandy,krishy,mona,sweet,varshu,soumya,zayn,sree,deepu,riya,ananya,and all silent readers thanq soo much for u r support u all…

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  1. sorry if it is boring ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

    1. Hey wat r u saying …. Hahaha stil more interesting dear my god …. U r really making me mad ……. Love you love u love u love u love u umaaaahhh

      1. thanq and love u toooo dr..ummmahhh

  2. Pragna dear hiiiii…. oh finally sanju ko honey ke saath friendship karna chahta hain nice nice

    1. thanq dr:-);-)

  3. Lolzzz that hospi part

    nyc pragu

    nd luv u 22

    1. thanq dr

  4. Love pragna dear !! Its still interesting yaar !!! Hey lets c all d telugu girls !!!

    U, me , sandy, sowmya, hayathi, hg , !!

    Hey Yaar guys pls tell me hu else is telugu yaar jus wanna rite anoder story in english writing but telugu translation !!!!

    S guys pls cheppandi !!!!!

    1. u,me,hg,hayathi,soumya,sandy,sree,sindhu,ramya akka,gree akka,gopu,chinni, etc… dr

      1. bhagi also dr

      2. Thanx 4 d names yaar pragna !!

      3. u r welcome dr

    2. Hi mansi.ys dr me 2 4rm ap.nd i wil flw ur os also

    3. so in few more days i am going to get something to read in telugu also . wow…. all the best mansi…..

  5. This is unfair to make a Telugu story … If u write it in eng V all WIL benefit right ?? Hmm think how u guys will feel if all write their stories in their own languages begali kannad malayalam Punjabi urudhu Chinese etc so PLZ don’t do this FRNDS ….
    Sorry if I was rude …. Sorry

    1. Hey Devga yaar its nt lyk I can really rite in telugu yaar !! N whereas I also no dis wud b partial !!!

      Hey really sorry yaar !! Actually I jus wanted to no d telugu ppl !!!

      Hey yaar if u r free pls can u also read my story its in English !!! They r ZPADK n YTPH !!!! N give cmnts want to hw u feel abt d story !!!

      1. Ooops I felt sorry …. Actually it’s ur wish to write but I just wanted to tell u to consider people like me tooo who WIL love ur stories but WIL not B able to understand… Ok sorry …. Ya sure I WIL read ur stories … @mansi … And again sorry …. U PLZ Cary on with ur Telugu story …. No probs my frnd pragu will help me ( translating ) …. Sry sry

      2. yes dr.dont worry i will help u:-):-;-)

  6. Pragna dear why sry…its superb story yaara… Can’t wait for next…eagerly waiting for conversation b/w Honey and Sanjay…

    1. thanq arvi ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. thanq arvi :-).

  7. Ohoooo… Pragna…. Why are you saying that it’s boring??? Silly one…. Loved today’s episode… Precap seems interesting….

    1. thanq brity dr:-):-)

  8. Nice story dr. . . Keep going:-)

    1. thanx kutty

  9. Awsome epi……pragna
    I also know telugu koncham koncham
    By d way from wer r u telengana or AP

    1. iam from AP dr..wt abt u??

  10. Don’t u ever dare 2 say this boring. It has became my fav ff. I luv the story very much. I wish may all this happen really in my life. So interesting.

    1. thanq aparna dr:-):-)

  11. Hi pragna. Ur story is too gud. It is not at all boring. Sry just got time to read. I read ur story from first to tdy chap. This is interesting. And yeah im also frm A.P. fromnow on im going to read ur story daily.

    1. Hey wat of my stories yaar manha !!

      Pls nayi kuda chaduvu !!! They r YTPH n ZPADK !!!

      1. Plz guys cn u all do me a favour. Plz translate wht u tell in telgu 2 hindi or english. I want 2 read ur comments bt can’t understand. Btw in which class r u studying Mansi n u also pragna?

    2. thanq soo much dr and nice to see another telugu girl in my pg..:-):-).

  12. budhu pragu .if it bore hw can i read this in late night???it is interesting dr..keep going

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  13. hello every one nyc story dear

    1. thanq bhgi

  14. telugu ppl here??

  15. are u guys on facebook??,

    1. yes dr..

  16. I liked the twists in it..

    1. thanq adi jo

  17. Wow,u cn write comedy vry wel dr.the hospital part s sooooo funny nd made me laugh.esply bunny dialgs wit doctr abt playng games ๐Ÿ˜€ .apart 4rm d gramr nd typng mistks,ur narrtng style s 2 gd dr.sunetras os s my favr os.aftr that urs .for me,todays part s d best of al Prts.M impressd by ur wrtng skils.waitng 4 d nxt prt

    1. thanq soo much dr:-):-)

  18. hiii pragna. … awesome story dear!!!
    keep going, ohh now this sanju wants to become friend of honey. hmm seems interesting.
    why are you saying like that this is boring ….
    it is superb story dear. keep continue.
    I’m huge fan of Two Heart Beats. โ™กโ™ฅ
    love you prags.

    1. thanq dr..

  19. guys mansi pragna and all do u know each other before itself i.e are u any school or college friends or just like me to read others comments and reply to each other

    1. Vey sowmya !! I read oder cmnts n reply !!! In dis way we bcum frends !! Jus lyk u me n oders !!

      1. mansi i know YTPH means yeh toh pyaar hai but what is ZPADK

  20. awesome epi yaar..i like u r jokes dr…

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  21. any telugubppl here??

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  22. awsum stories;)

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