TWO HEART BEATS (chapter 10)

The episode starts with sanjay..he runs towards that girl..but he cant find her..then her earing falls there then he takes that earing and keeps it on his pocket..and again starts finding her..then his friend comes there…

AJAY(sanjay’s friend) : sanjay ??? said that you dont have any interest on diwali..then why did you come inside???
SANJAY : ya..i said that…but i came here to find one girl..
AJAY : what??? are searching for a girl???..but before 10 minutes you said that you dont believe love..then why??

SANJAY : ya..i said its before 10 minutes iam saying that i belive love at first sight..and he goes from there for searching that earing girl
AJAY : what the??..and he also goes from there
SANJAY asks that kids about that girl
SANJAY : hello kids..i saw one girl here..she was playing with you all..where is she???
KID 1 : do you have any work with her???
SANJAY : no..
KID 2: Then why you want to meet didi..
SANJAY : she lost her earing i want to give her earing to her
KID 3 : then give me that earing..i will give her
SANJAY : (he thinks that.”omg..these kids are irritating me”)..and says with smile actually she is my school i want to meet her.
KID 4 : is it true???
SANJAY : what??.iam not lying..its true..why are you asking like that
KID 1 : because our didi is soo beautiful girl..she is an angel..
KID 2 : her eyes looks like petals of a lotus
KID 3 : her vioce is sweeter than a sweet
KID 4 : and the most important thing is she us very good girl and cute girl..
KID 5 : …..??? (he thinks ) …and says i dont know what to say???..(sanjay smiles)
KID 1 : no need to say anything..all the boys falls in love with are asking all these
SANJAY : are right..i falled in love with her..
KIDS : we know that…
KID 2 : so we cant say anything to you about her..
KID 3 : go from here..
sanjay tries to say something then
KID 4 : stop…no need to say anything…you go from here..we have to play with crackers..
SANJAY : i have wasted all my time with these kids..they are doing over action..thats why i hate kids…hmm…now i have to find myself..where is she???..

then again he tries to find her…but he fails in it..and sits sadly..then again she comes infront of him..with a big laugh..and she runs away from him..then sanjay again follows her but then she sits in a car before he reached there she goes from there…again he becomes sad…
AJAY : sanjay come on we will go home..
SANJAY : ok..we will go…(this is his past)

after meets honey then he comes to his room and takes that earing and says before 6 months i saw you..but i cant forget you still now..when you will come to my life ???..i was waiting for you…how can i find you???.there is no reason to see you again but i know one day you will come to my life..and he also says that ” I CANT SEE YOU WITH MY EYES, TOUCH YOU WITH MY HANDS,

then sujatha calls sanjay..
SUJATHA : sanjay please come out and take your dinner..then sanjay keeps that earing in cupboard..and goes to eat dinner..

its morning sanjay goes to college…then he walks in a corridor and honey comes from the steps…they collides on each other..and there is eyelock between them..bunny also comes there and watches honey and sanjay and gets shocked….

precap – sanjay and bunny fights with each other.

credit to – pragna

devu,hg,richu,brity,roma,ruby pearl,aparna,hayathi,arvi,varshu,aaradhana,zara,mansi,sandy,krishy,dia,sree,deepu,fdg,mona,riya,zayn,ananya,satya,sooraj,and all silent are you all???.

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  1. Its nt yt revealed hu is the earing wali girl but hope its honey bcoz sanjay n honey make a grt chemistry

    1. very soon i will reveal it dr

  2. Heyyy… Pragna…, I am fine Dude.. What about you??? LOVED TODAY’S EPISODE…. Nowadays Kids has also became too smart… I agree… Anyways please reveal the earrings History…
    @Aaliya… How are you?? I replied you .. You get it???

    1. iam good dr and very soon i will reveal it

  3. hey pragna u r Going great ……
    the plot has turned interesting….
    but can u put up a little longer updates?

    1. thanq anu..from tomorrow i will give longer update

  4. Very hilarious ??????
    Oh god pls let dat earring girl b honey !! Plsss yaar they really r a gud couple !!

    Hey I wanted to ask yaar whr in AP do u study waned to no ???

    Hey dear hw can u 4gt ur Telugu frd yaar !! Whrs my name ??? Hey dear jus sain if I said sth bad pls do 4giv !!!??

    1. your name is there dr..please check again and iam from rajamundry dr..wt abt u???..

  5. Very fyn aftr reading ur episode pragu …. Just overwhelmed with joy and happiness once after I read ur imagination. ….. Love u …. Umaaah…. A tight hug … It’s really great how a person who never believed in love at all is loving a girl for six months without looking at her ….. I am just enjoying ….

    1. thanq and love u too dr…ummahhh

  6. Hey pragna dear…. honey was so sweet yaar….. sanjay attitude ladka….. ha ha ha kids bahut badmash hain…. i like kids very much….

    1. thanq hayathi dr

  7. Hi pragna, I’m doing well, thx. The epi was very nice. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode ,keep it up buddyyy. .love you loads and very tight hug

    1. tanq roma and love u too dr..

  8. Liked it. Heroine is in front of hero’s eyes whom he loves so much Bt is unable 2 recognise her. Superb

    1. thanq aparna

  9. superb dr..its really awesome…now i becomes your fan..and sanjay and honey will make a good pair..tje person who does not believe in love before 10 min… he falls in a love with one girl….its awesome yaar

    1. thanq sandy

  10. Superb dear…heads off 2 ur writing skills…

    1. thanq arvi

  11. Hyy praguu

    u kno what, u must start writing novels….

    1. dr..i dont have that much talent dr

      1. dia is correct dr..u have that skills

  12. interesting dr…lv u

    1. thanq and love u too dr

  13. thanq and same 2 u pri

  14. @ pragna.
    hii pragna dr.i like u r name.i have studied u r name in soo many novels..can u please tell me its meaning

    hii telugu friend..hw r u???

    @ hayathi
    yesterday i saw u r comments..are u from AP ?? u know telugu??

    @devga @brity @ roma @ruby @aparna @dia @arvi @anu
    how r u all???

    1. Fyn….. Thank u …… Hwau ?? ….. Nice name dude @sandy

    2. Would u mind telling me those novels names ? Wer pragna name is used PLZ

    3. fine sandy..r u frm AP

      1. yes dr.she is from AP

    4. Hi sandy ya i am from AP only and u?

    5. I m fine dr. Like ur name sandy r u a girl or boy bcoz 1 of my cousins name is sandy[boy].

  15. Nys prt dr,m fyn nd hpe u aftn dr

    1. thanq hg..and yes dr iam fyn and gd evng dr

  16. Super episode pragna. . Waiting for nxt episode. ..

    1. thanq aaradhana

  17. @sandy..hii sandy..meaning of my name is “knowledge” dr..and please tell me that novels names dr

  18. Pragna Im also writing fan fiction….Dil….
    URS superb dr

  19. iam gng to read it

  20. hayathi.. ite nuvvu kuda telugu ammai ye

  21. great to see many telugu people in this comment page so now even if i update in telugu many can read , understand and reply it…andharoo bavunnaara

    1. chala bavunnam dr..wt abt u????

      1. avunu dr..telugu lo pettina kuda andariki ardam avuti

  22. Ya pragna dear.telugu ammai ne….

    1. wow..dr..ite naku inko telugu friend dorikindi..iam soo happy dr

      1. Ya derar i am so happy. H r u so em chestunav study or job

      2. studying bsc 1st year dr..wt abt u???

  23. Good story
    Entrain a Telugu Kara so story super hit avutundi??????

    1. thanq lotus

  24. hey hii r u?
    wow loved today’s epi. but can’t wait for next part yrr.
    omg interesting precap now I’m eager to know about why’d they are fighting.!!!!! plzzz update soon
    love u prags ♡♥♥♥♡

    1. love u too dr and iam fyn dr..wt abt u???..

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