TWO HEART BEATS (chapter 1)

hello i was going to write one new story,it does not based on any i will give u introduction.i hope u like it

The story begins with heroin.her name honey.she was grown up with a loving father who runs a super market.and her mother is expired when she was 10 years old.she is studying btech in srkr college.she is lazy at work and not so bright student.In that college the students are divided into 3 sections.brilliant students are in section A,average students are in section B and least students are in section C .honey is in least section and she have two best friends they also studying in same section and one guy in that section loves honey his name is bunny.he is a good friend to honey but little innocent guy.but he makes honey as happy with her jokes and he is a good chef.but honey loves another guy.she always dreams about guy.he is our hero his name is sanju.he is rich,smart and perfect guy and he is studying in same collage which honey is studying but he is in section A.sanju is the topper of that college.all the girls are attracted to him.but he doesn’t care for them.he was living in big palace with his parents and small brother.his parents are very friendly.and his father have some video game companies.and her bro is studying in high school.his name is arjun.he is an intelligent boy.sanju’s mother has some curiosity about her sons life.sanju’s father and honey’s father are childhood friends.

precap – honey writes a love letter to sanju.sanju holds that letter by saying “are you honey???”and all the students gathered around curiously

Credit to: Pragna

this is only introduction friends.if u like it please comment below

sorry for spelling mistakes

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  1. After so many days……. Got to see something different…… Please carry on…….
    And lots of love……

    1. thankyou jashia

  2. hey is this korean serial story

    1. i think so

    2. ya al little bit alike anu butt superr pragsss continue dr 🙂 🙂

      1. ok richu dr

      2. ok richu dr.u r right its a little bit alike.but dont compare both

  3. hey this Korean serial playfully kiss

  4. Heyyy Pragna… Dude story is good… But little common… I mean why always there is jealousness of others about hero or heroine…. Please don’t get sad as I said so …. Don’t mind PLEASE…

    1. ok brity

  5. Yes this is playful kiss story k drama

  6. This story is similar to Korean flim
    “Playfull Kiss”.

  7. Honey is lazy and dull student and poor at studies.right??
    And yet she is studying’Btech’????!!!!! How funny.!

    1. hello meetu..i said honey is “not so” bright student..she just passed in exams.out of 100 the students who got more than 80 marks they are in sec A and who got more than 50 marks there are in sec B and who jst passed in the exams are in sec C..honey just passed in that exams..but not so bright

  8. Ya its like play full kiss story….. any way best of luck to u…..

    1. thanq hayathi

  9. Yup it is playfull kiss…nd i wld lyk to watch indian thadka on playful kiss..

  10. Hyy…thr r mny people who wtch korean serials i thought i m d only fool to wtch it…bt u guys r olso intrstd in tht so nw i cme to knw tht my intrst z nt abnormal…he he…
    Nd my fvrt korean serial z PERSONAL TASTE…may i knw wch z u peoples fvrt korean serial???

    1. Hey seher?…. i like to watch korean serials yaar…. mene bahut serials dekha tha yaar.. count less… LE MIN HO is my favourite one yaar… HEIRS is my favourite serial…. in personal taste i dont like that heroine… otherwise it was good…. CITY HUNTER. BOYS OVER FLOWERS. 49DAYS. MY GRL FRIEND IS GUMIHO. Etccc……count less yaar…

  11. Nys intro dr .simple vocblry easy 2 undrstnd. @meetu ys ,sme r studyng btech ,thouh they r dul at studies.i hav a frnd on fb .he cannt speak or undrstnd englsh prprly excpt sme regulr wrds lke gud mrng,gd evng hw r u etc though he s btech 2nd Student.Me also nt gud at studs :p yt btech happns dr.pragu,keep postng

    1. thanq hg dr

      1. thanks a lot hg

      2. thanq hg for insulting my friend meetu

    2. thanq soo much sru dr for supporting me

      1. hii kavya..y r u saying it as insult ???..she just saying about btech students..please dont say like that again.this is my request for u

      2. *some btech students

      3. U r welcm dr.keep postng

    3. Hi kavya,no no dr,i am nt insultng meetu or anydone dr,i am just tellng the fact that almst mre than 70 percnt studnts are average at studies yt got degree in btech or in their respctv fields nd got gd jobs including myself

  12. Hi pragna, nice story. Please continue…. like the story plot and comments on it as well. Eagerly waiting for the next episode…Take care..

    1. thanq roma

  13. playful kiss????…sorry friends i dont know about that serial.

  14. hey pragna.i think u dont know about playful kiss..but i was addicted to that serial.can u change u r script and post playful kiss story????..this is my request.

  15. really awesome story pragna.please continue.eagerly waiting for next chapter

    1. thanq kavya

  16. but if u like that story playfull kiss…then i will change my story and i will start writing playful kiss

  17. good decision pragna..please start writing playfull kiss..i love that serial a lot

  18. @ hg hii hg.iam really sorry.please dont mind my words.actually i was little bit angry on that meetu.because she said dull student cant study btech..but i am one of the dull student in my class.but now i was studying btech..sorry once again

    1. Hi kavya.its ok dr.i am also dul at studies.dont worry i am ur best frnd in studies 🙂

  19. best introduction pragna

    1. thanq prince

  20. hi pragna nice story …… will wait 4 ur next update >>>>>>>> 🙂

    1. thanx krish

  21. continue it dr..write what u want to write don’t write for others..

    1. ok sona dr

  22. i agree with u sona continue the story pragna……

    1. thnx anu

    2. ok anu

  23. Wow nice to read my frnd’s sorry …. Heartfelt wishes carry on….. All the best pragu dear … Hope u remember me …. Love ya …. Looking forward for ur next epi… 😉

    1. how can i forget u dr??..thanq soo much for u r feedback dr

  24. Nice to c u guys hg pragu krish and richi rich …. 😉

  25. Good and apt title …. U write wat u like dear…. I am ready to read it stories..

    1. thanq devu

  26. U r awsm pragu

    1. thanq dia

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