Two girls one man! Episode 4


Our story starts from amba getting ready and saying to ranveer to get ready to see the girl first ranveer says to choos her by herself but amba makes him to go with them .while her daughter is in school
.When they reach the house they come in
and they wait and talk about marriagment while ishani wears beautiful saree which is blue and black it looks on her so beautiful sje weared her beautiful earings and
braclets maybe like 10 on two hands so when she come out to give out tea amba
looks at her smiling and whispers spers to her sister that rv wife will be such a
beautiful at this time ranveer is doing something on his phone ishani gives tea to amba and her sister also baa and then

goves tea to ranveer ranveer gets surprised
seeing hand giving tea he looks up and sees ishani looking at her smiling ishani
could not hold up and tears flow from her
cheeks and she says in her mind I hope
hes the one who will be with me whole life they both smile at each other and ishani sits she tries not to show her years at this
moment rv thinks why shes crying amba looks at her and says to baa so when will they marry what date they talk and talk
maybe like one hour and they say to each

other so I hope they will meet each other
somewhere to know about each other very well . Then amba andvher sis and rv leaves when they reach home amba tells everyone

how ishani is beautiful everyone is very
excited to see the bride our story ends with happy smiling faces of amba . Guys I have question could u please guys tell me the steps of marrying in india I dont know very well but im sure u guys will help me out with this ok see u on next episode ishveer fans! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Credit to: Cutiepie

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  1. hey cutie pie loved it dr keep it doing a great work

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  5. Fantastic story sis…..waiting for next update

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    Nice episode cutie pie.

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