Two girls one man! Episode 3


Hello guys I hope u will like this episode enjoy!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
The story starts with ranveer sitting in his office thinking about ambas words and says to himself maybe if he would marry
altealt his daughter can have mother which
will take care about her he says to himself yes I should marry he takes his phone and leaves for home
Now lets change the scene to ishani .ishani was siting thinking about baa words and suddenly disha comes in and says baa is
calling us to lunch she says ok and goes
down to lunch
Ranveer has reached house. And amba wasbsurprised seeing ranveer home early ranveer goes to amba and says ma start
finding wife for me im ready amba gets surprised and calls everybody to tell amba tells to her sister that we will go somewhere that she found perfect girl
Ishani and disha leave somewhere with their friends while baa thinks marrying them
It was morning and ambs gets ready and gets in the car and they reach to a parekhs house which was so big they go in and baa greets them amba says ti baa that she have son and that shes trying to find nice girl first baa thinks about disha but then amba says theat she have one daughter he was already married then baa thinks no not disha yes ishani she should marry to him hehehe
Baa says to amba yes I have one daughter her name is ishani she is really nice amba says can we see her baa says right know shes not home amba says ok then we will come tomorrow to see her baa says okthey leave and after 20 minutes disha and ishani came baa goes to ishani and says my little princess u came ishani was surpised by this a words baa says someone came for u u will marry soon they are from vaghelas family hes name is ranveer ishani was staring at baa shockingly ishani wanted to say something bit baa said. No need to say thank u baa saya tomorrow u will wear ur beautifulest dress they have to see you ok go to ur room choose dress and make up style and jewerly disha will help u Shan was going to her room shockingly surprised she could not even say one word she was so nice to me for the first time she says to disha that she will go to bathro and take bath after she goes in she thinks about boy and says to herself I always wanted to marry someone by love but for the first time baa was nice to me then she starys crying and wipes her tears and says I will marry him perfect everyone wants it I will make baa happy.the story ends with ishani trying to smile . I hope u enjoy it tell me if I have to keep going bye see ya in nedt episodr ishveers fans.:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Credit to: Cutiepie

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  1. Nice episode cutie pie it was too good?

  2. hey sissy loved it soooo much keep it up

  3. Marvelous episode sis…..eagerly waiting for nxt

  4. Nice one… improvise it.. good luck

  5. Nandana

    Very nice episode cutie pie update the next soon 🙂

  6. Ankita

    Fabulous story line!! ? Waiting for the next update

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