Two girls one man! Episode 2

Hello guys! Im really thankful for ur comments and for ur advice guys.SHan I thoughtabout ur words and maybe should stop writing this story ok guys comment below if u dont like it I will stop at t and write another story.So our story begins with a young handsome man which come out from bathroom and starts wearing his suit whichvsuits him perfect then he looks at mirror and smilies( I thinl guys u know who is it its our ranveer) then he looks at watch and remembers that she have to be in school right know and rushes too another room which is full of toys ranveers reaches to bed and breaths heavily and saysshashanti wake up ur late to school and when he opens the blanket theres our small princees sleeping likevsleeping beauty ranveer remembers ritika suddenly and comes to his sense and says shashanti wake up and then amba comes in and says u can not wake up her without me amba said and then amba calls mala(maid)and theyvboth wake her up .Shashanti wakes up and says oh my gosh im late and runs to bathroom and then amba says to mala mala go and get her ready after mala leaves amba says ranveer what happened with u ranvver looks at amba and says nothing which makes amba say u miss ritika ranveer looks at amba suddenly and says nothing like that amba says ranveer u should marry please if not for ur self but for ur daughter ranveer says I can raise her by myself amba says u can not even wake her up by ur self how can u raise her.ranveer looks at amba and says ma please I dont want to marry we have big family and we do not need nothing amba says ranveer if u will not marry ur daughter will feel bad in future ranveers says nothing like that and looks at his watch and says ok wevwill be late make shashanti go to breakfast after shes done and amba says think about that ranveer ranveers looks at amab and looks away walking out of door.

Now in parekhs house theres two beautiful girls who is getting ready for collage one of them is on mirror looking at herself and one of them is getting books from shelf and its our shy , smart beautiful ishani .ishani looks at disha smiling and says disha were going to be late bacause of u .u better do some make up boys have to see ur own pretty face not the fake one and dishas mood changes and says ishani u will never have boyfriend if ur going to talk more than looking at ur self on mirror then baa hears it from door and comes in and says disha ur right shes such a smart girl ishani smiles and baa adds something by saying that she will never ever marry and die till shes going to getold if shes going to read lots of book disha says see even baa is with me they both look at ishani and ishani looks away upsetly but disha says im ready and theybgo down for breakfast and after they leave for collage.

In vaghelas house ranveers and shashati leave and amba thinls to find wife for ranveer and mom for shashanti she looks at her sister and says do u know good family who have daughters and her sis looks at her smiling and says yes which makes both of them smile kailash looks at them confusengly and story stops on their happy face.guys I hope u like it I tried my best if I have incorrect spelling tell me and give me more advice thanl u for reading see ya soon! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. It was nice cutie pie I liked it ?

  2. Sorry cutiepie… if you feel bad by seeing my comment….. you stopped your ff because of me…. it make me feel liitle sad… really sorry

  3. I just tried to change you and write it in a superb way…. but you might have felt bad and stopped that…. actually you had a story… but you have little lee awareness on writing the story…. if you want i can help you with that…. text me at [email protected]…. i can show you some stories…. which my friends have posted earlier…. hope you will text me.. and gud luck for your next epi

  4. Niz epi dr… Gud start… Post next soon… Keep smiling….

  5. Nandana

    Nice episode cutie pie I really liked it 🙂

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