Two girls one man! episode 1


Hello guys u can call me cutiepie im new here so u should help me with this its about ranveer and ishani so ishani is going to be young girl which os twenty two years old and ranveer is going to be twenty five which is he married and he have one daughteer which is eight years old he jad wife but she died on accident whichvis ritika

some peole say she died but some people say she didnt they say thatcshe ran away but since this story about ishveer and eight years old girl im not gonna talk about others so ranbeers mom wants rv to marry to someone which is nice girl poor or rich doesnt matter amba wants her grandchild to have mother and rv to have wife

ranveers daughters name is Shashanti (my friend help me with this name shes pretty funny)so now let me talk about ishanis life so ishani have father harshad but her mother died when she married harshad but baa is alive she only cares about disha ishani always tries her best to make baa happy baa wants disha to marry to rich person and ishani to marry someone already married or who have kid already or who is poor doesnt matter she just wants her to be unhappy

Credit to: Cutiepie

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  1. No head and tail…. like a sleeping story you are go on saying that….. I read 2 times but not getting the story!!!…. really you want to write the ff??

  2. I’m not making tou disappointed with this….. actually sorry for that…. read some novels and some earlier ffs…. so you can get one idea…. and after that write down the story in a notepad…. read it twice or thrice… so if you want to nake some changes make it… if you fully satisfied with the content of the story then post it…

  3. The story should have brief content… i mean long episodes…. you wrote really short…. and the opening episode should be intdoduction episode…. so be cool and introduce yourself first… and the characters introduction should be in a cool mannered….. okna cutiepie…

  4. Anyways…. welcome cutiepie to the world of writing ffs…. waiting for your next episode…

  5. The story is awesome. Keep writing cutie pie

  6. Ohh sissy post your next epi if I can I will help u

  7. Julina

    Hey really nice script…. I want u to proceed ur story…. make it longer… post next soon cutiepie dr?

  8. Nandana

    Very nice I really liked it cutiepie

  9. Thank you I will try my best

  10. Hi cutie pie post the next episode so soon ?

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