two dons: one is heartless and one is kind heart (TS by rabia) shot-3(b)

guys love between swasan will be in Feb after my exams and i will try to post atleast one epi of love between swasan but i can’t promise…and Guys plz accept this useless epi because my interest is decreasing due to pprs tnsn soo just for u guys I wrote otherwise I was thinking too vanish from everywhere….

Shot 3a

Shot 3(b):-

Flashback continues:-

Sanskar was sitting in the hall and remembering all his past and swara’s past the thing which tara told everything…

Sanskar (monologue):-

I am a man but swara being a girl bears this much and didn’t leave a single chance for providing justice to everyone… I think I was wrong.. I should have to think that this world is consists of all good and bad ppl… why like swara nobody was there for me?? Why I became a bad person??

His thinking interrupts by two voices guess who were these two?? Guys u don’t know?? Okiii 😉 no problem im here naaa once again 2 things came jumping and hopping… and those 2 were none other than his mind and heart..

Heart : ooo u stupid fellow… u only have enmity with me that’s why u killed me and becomes a bad heartless person (said while wiping his fake tears) and only gave a place to this useless brain by saying this heart gave a tight slap to brain…

Brain: ooooooiii maaaa… u idiot what my fault in it?? this duffer don kills u what can I do in that.. huhh by saying this he gave a tight punch to heart…

While sanskar shouts: u both idiotsss just get lost before I will throw u out…

Heart and mind vanish…

While abhi become amused on seeing sanky talking to himself….

Abhi while coming inside: hey broo what happened why r u talking to yourself??

Sanky : nothing brain heart….

Abhi confused: whattt??

Sankyy: aahhh.. nothing u tell where is tara and did u got any info of swara’s enemies?

Abhi: umm yaaa…(said while scratching his head in nervousness)

Sanky seeing him keenly and asked in a serious voice: abhi tell me the truth and only truth..

Abhi signs and sat down on sofa: bro… swara’s enemy who is gathering all the ppl who r against swara is none other than your step brother mohit meheswari…

Sanskar become shocked: im having a step brother??

Abhi nodes: I took out the info and from there I came to know that he is your father’s son from his 2nd wife…

Sanskar clenched his fist: abhi its time to face the past.. these many years being a strongest and heartless don.. today also I feel scared from those ppl but not now because this
time it’s the matter of swara..

Abhi teasingly: ooo swaraaaaa (whistling)

Sanskar becomes embarrassed: umm yaaa…

Abhi becomes happy and hugs him in excitement: ooo wow broo I didn’t knew that u will become heartless to having heart person in a single day..

(while heart and mind playing ringa ringa roses in happiness)

Sanskar hugged him back: but she is a hard nut to crack..

Don’t worry she will definitely accepts u tara speak from behind..

Sanky and abhi broke the hug and looks towards tara..

Tara: im happy for u both.. u both bears a lot in past and I want your future full of happiness..

Sanskar: thanku tara but before that we have to destroy our past completely soo that it will never come again..

Abhi puts hand on his shoulder and said: don’t worry bro everything will be fine…

Next day swara woke up and found tara there…

Tara explained everything to her…

Swara got mad on sanskar for taking her life decision….and she storms out…. Outside she met abhi… and asked about sanskar…

Abhi said that he is in the gym….and told her the way…

Swara goes towards the gym and there she found him.. doing exercise..

Swara: Mr. Sanskar Meheswari who gave u the right for taking my life decisions…

Sanskar smiles and come towards her

Sanskar: because u r now in my territory… and I will not going to allow u to from here…

Swara: and who make u think like that?? Don’t forget im also an influential person..

Sanskar chuckles and said: yesss my little don I know u r also a very influential person but sorry I can’t let u go..

Swara really pissed off on hearing his this calm tone..

Swara: what the hell.. aaarrghhh u just goo to hell.. im going and turns to go…but landed upon sanskar hard toned chest because sanskar jerks her towards him…

Swara startled but composed herself..

Swara trying to free herself: leaveee meee… u idiot jerk..

Sanskar while whistling: sorry but now u r bound with me for life time.. and winks…

(on seeing this heart and mind flew away in the air due to happiness)

Swara become shocked: wwhhhaaaattttt??????

Sanskar: yess sweety I don’t know any cheezy lines soo coming straight to the point.. and the point is that I love u and I want to marry u…

Swara’s eye pop up on listening this… she was standing in his embrace with open mouth…

Sanskar founds her so tempting that he without realizing what he was doing he peck her lips…

Swara came into senses after the peck…

Swara fumes in anger and hit him on his foot…

Sanskar loses his grib on which swara took this advantage and literary punched him on his stomach and gave him another tight punch on his face…while sanskar was not understanding what is going on and here swara..

Swara while punching him again: u blo*dy hell how dare u too kiss mee.. I will kill u today…

Sanskar while trying to stop her: plz swara im sorry I found u soo tempting that why I kissed…

(heart slap his forehead while mind curse sanskar on his foolishness)

Swara fumes more in anger after listening this..

She took the dumble and going to throw it on sanky’s head when sanky finally took control over her..

Sanky: heyyy stop stoppp okay im sorrryyyy but plz yarrr seriously u r going to throw this dumble?? On one and only your going to be husband…

Swara while gritting her teeth: one more time this word slipped from your mouth then that will be your last day in this planet…understood??

Sanky nodes: okay okay now plzz calm down…

Swara jerks him and took a deep breath..

Sanky: okay now serious but u r not going from her because your life is in danger..

Swara: I can take care of myself I don’t need your help..

Sanskar: enough swara no more argument.. one word and u will regretting on arguing with me…

He said with such a tone that swara feels better to keep quite…

Sanskar storms outtt but after coming out from the gym he hissed in pain due to the punches of lady gabbar 😉

Sanky: OO God why u make me fall in love with this lady gabbar.. look how brutally he beats me… by saying this he put hand on her cheek and winced in pain…

He heard a giggling sound he turned back and found abhi and tara standing and giggling…

Sanky: laugh laugh.. and tara your don boss looks like a rose but in beating she is not less than a sumo wrestler..

Tara while controlling her laugh: sanskar she is black belt in karate… hehehhehee

Sanskar while making faces whatever… and he goes from there… while tara laughs and looks towards abhi who was looking at her with lovely eyes..

Tara becomes shy and runs from there… abhi scratches his head and smiles like an idiot..

This is all seen my swara who was coming out from the gym.. she smile on seeing tara and abhi..

Finally the day come which sanky decided to face his past for his love…

Both gangs reached infront of the mansion… which was the worst nightmare for sanskar… all the flashes of past start coming in front of his eyes…

Swara abhi and tara seeing his reactions…

Swara goes towards him and put hand on his shoulder….

Swara: sanskar??

Sanskar while wiping his unshed tears: im fine swara don’t worry..

Their men took out everyone from the mansion….and there standing sanky’s soo called father with his wife and their blo*dy rapist son…

Swara goes towards them…

Mohit: how dare u to treat us like this?? Swara don’t u dare to mess with me again..

Ooo and u dare to threat her?? Haan?? Sanskar said from behind..

Mohit: who r u??

Sanskar while gazing his father: unfortunately your death….

Mohit: what rubbish?? I don’t even know u.. listen mister just stay away

Sanskar raising his eyebrow: ooo really but sorry my dear step brother..

Mohit and his parent: step brother??

Sanskar shouts: yessss step brother.. the son of your father from his first wife.. whom he left her for dying and the brother of that unlucky girl.. who died while saving mee… these
many years I was afraid for coming in front of u all but not now…

While seeing swara….

Sanky: because this time its not a matter of myself.. it’s the matter of those u r dear to me..

Swara looked towards him with a jerk but sanskar already turns his gaze…

Sanskar: soo mr mohit.. u r making a gang of all swara’s enemies naa for destroying her??

Mohit didn’t said anything….

Sanskar without saying anything shot a bullet which directly hit on mohit’s forehead.. everyone gasped on this sudden shot even swara, tara and abhi become shocked…

Mohit’s parents shouts his name and runs towards him…but he already died….

Sanskar was seeing this scene emotion lessly.. he was just remembering her sister’s death..

Suddenly mohit mother got up and came towards sanky furiously.. and tried to slap him but..

Swara came in between and stopped her hand..

Swara: enough of your drama stay away and pushed her backward..

All turns to go but stopped on listening slap sound…

All turns and found swara slapping sanky’s step mom…

(she is maybe elder but what she did in past with sanky’s mother and sister that is unforgiveable)

Sanskar was standing and seeing the scene…

Abhi also took hold of sanky’s father and beat him brutally.. while tara console sanky…

Abhi and swara took both of them in front of sanky…

Swara: sanskar don’t u want to take revenge from them?? Don’t u punish them for whatever they done with aunty and annanya di??

His soo called father and step mother is pleading but he was seeing them with teary eyes…

Sanskar: tie them and burn them alive in there this soo called mansion where my maa and di took there last breath they should also take their last breath here…

By saying this he goes while his father and step mother were burnt alive…

Sanky reached home…

Swara came back and reached to his room there he was standing near the window lost somewhere…

Swara put hand on his shoulder….

Sanskar without turning: swara sometimes I thought why my life become like this?? What was my maa and my di’s fault that they have to leave this world soo early… why that 6
yrs old child become heartless…

(heart shouts: abbey yarr now stop talking about me as a heartless I feel that I will surely get heart attack)

Swara: it’s all about destiny sanskar… nor forget.. today u yourself finished your past now its timeee… to think that how u will make me ready for your love by saying this swara
goes while sanky start thinking what she just said….

Soo here again 2 commandos peep in…

Brain: abbeyyy oyee she said that u have to make her ready for your love…

Sanky while grinning widely it meanssss..

Heart: it meansss she accepted your lovee yupppiiiiii…

Sanky start dancing like a mad cow while brain and heart doing jinga lala hoo haaaa hoo haaa…

To be continued….

Precap: past flashback ends and present with the end 😉 hehehehehe


  1. Rosey


    |Registered Member

    Wow Rabi that was so funny and finally you post yaar what I say I’m totally speechless you know I’m so happy especially after reading your ffs MY ❤ HEART always becomes happy😍😍😍😘😘😘
    Thank you so much for this wonderful shot you made my night 😂😂😂

  2. Amore


    |Registered Member

    Heart and brain convo… hahaha hahaha

    Gym scene MAHNNNN! I rolled on floor reading this chappy

    punishment was so easy

    Chalo koi nai aaj hamari jagah heart ko self attack dia toh itna toh forgiven…

    well done KWBW…

      • Amore


        |Registered Member

        KWBW is the abbreviation of Keede Wale Brain Wali

        inn madam k dimag me jo keede hain naa usko tribute dia hai 😉

        naam dhasu hai naa??

  3. Aliya123


    |Registered Member

    Super SE upar…😁😁😁….subah subah funny epi…thank God it’s not emotional otherwise I have to cry subah subah😉😉…….
    Brain Nd mind t best….ooooo they were dancing…..API really at one moment I thought where r mine they never talk to me like this😇😇😇….
    Hwwwww.. API where is sankys daughter… U didn’t add her in this epi😢

    • Rabia



      heheheheh thankuuu sooo muchh bb andd chooryyy for not including suhana 😉 hehehe and happy new yearr too uu toooo 🙂

  4. parul

    wow amazing epi dr most funny heart n brain talk n sanky’s mad dance . just relax dr breathe in n out u will good in ur xams ALL THE BEST n last but not d least HAPPY NEW YEAR bye missu u dr

  5. Mynalove


    |Registered Member

    take care di

    PLS do read this girls names


    Now read them by ignoring the first and the last As.

  6. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Marvelous, stupendous chappy dear di… Loved it..Yahuuuu,you gave them a great punishment,good..Swasan moments are so cute and romantic😍😍😘😘…Heart and mind conversation is👌👌😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂NO words😂😂😂😂😂.. Keep it up di.. Waiting for nxt..


  7. shalini

    Pyar NE don ko bhi pgl bana dia 😘😘😘😘
    Kitna khdus sanskar h imean tha utne hi funny uske mind or heart h 😘😘😘😂😂😂😂😂
    Jingalala huhu 😂😂😂
    Superb amazing sooooooooooo amazing epi
    Aab sanky ka real exam shuru hoga 😂😂😂All the best sanky meri jaan 😘😘😘😘 for SWARA patao mission 😘😘😘😘
    Lv u 😘😘
    Happy new year 😘😘😘😘😘

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