two dons: one is heartless and one is kind heart (TS by rabia) shot-3(a)

guys i think in this also u need hankies 😉 hehehehe
Shot 3(a):-

Flashback continues….

Swara: u r also having a past?

Sanky nodes with a painful smile and start telling her…

But before telling Sanky got up and goes towards the side table and take out ointment from the drawer…

Swara gave him a confused look but sanky didn’t bother to answer her back….

Sanky put ointment on her bruises which he gave on her neck while swara hissed in pain but sanky nor look towards her neither stopped from putting the cream on her neck… later he ordered food for her…but didn’t talked to her for once..

Swara: u r telling me something??

Sanky didn’t answer her and took the tray from servant who came while knocking on the door..

Sanky ordered her to ear food only with the eye movement swara tries to denied but don’t know why she start eating and sanky after completion gave her medicine…

Swara: now speak…..

Sanky signs and goes towards window.. he was facing his back towards swara while swara is sitting on bed..

Sanky: im fromm sorry I was from a very well off and well known family.. my father is having a business of exports and imports… I was the younger child of my parents and my di annanya she was 5 yrs elder then me… we r living a peaceful life… but as u said naa good days are not permanent… same thing happened with us…

I was 6 that time.. a child of 6 can’t understand properly.. but me faced the cruel face of society… who snatched my childhood my family everything….

My soo called father… loves my mom a lot… butt… when he saw another new lady in the same field of his business.. he start spending time with her… he even ready for divorcing my mom… my mom due to me and my sis..

Pleads him to not divorce her just give a little place in their house due to us.. I don’t understand much but I always saw tears in my mom and my sis eyes… that lady my dad’s 2nd wife… insult my mom once a day she even slapped my mom many time and when my sis raises her voice that lady beats her with dad’s belt… my sis cried a lot and when I asked her she said nothing brother it’s just a little pain…I know di was in great pain but she didn’t let me know… mom’s health was deteriorating day by day but she didn’t let us know….

Finally one day she vomits blood in front of us both… I ran to dad’s room but he didn’t listened he even kicked me with his leg like I was not his own blood… mom died in front of uss… we both tried a lot… we even runs outside pleads ppl on the road.. to give help us.. but they didn’t listened… and when we back mom already left us… I was crying because I was little naa.. my di was already broken.. but she supported mee she was also not a big girl she was also just 11 that’s time..for 2 days moms body was there in the room… finally dad came but he didnt felt any guilt or gave us support he just send mom’s body for last rituals…

But when mom left we realized that our mom was our biggest support its true that she was not a very strong support but due to her we both r safe to some extent… but after mom left… our step mom always take work from us… di always doo my work… soo that I can,t become tired.. she even gave her food to me.. she mostly slept without having any food.. days r passing like this… but we thought these days r worst but we didn’t knew that this just the beginning..

One day our step mom forcefully took my di with her.. she made her sleep with one of their business partner…I only heard my di’s screams she was pleading but nobody showed any mercy to her… but this was not the end this is the beginning.. dad and step mom made my di a show piece for their business partners for their profit.. my di becomes a lifeless body within 2 weeks…

She tried to hide her pain from me I also don’t understand properly but I only seeing marks on her body… she was becoming weak.. but I think she is only alive due to me… she don’t wants to leave me… but one day dad and step mom crossed all the limits… they sold my di to one of their business partner…

They came and start taking her with them.. I was crying and pleading to leave my di.. I even bite one of the man’s hand who was holding my di’s hand..due to anger that man slapped me hardly and I fall down.. but that man didn’t stopped he pulled out the gun and pointed towards me.. I was only seeing him with scared eyes… finally he shot.. but I didn’t felt anything.. because di came in front of the bullet.. she saved me… she came in front of me she took my death on her…

By saying this sanky fall down on his knees and starts crying like a kid… swara who was listening this runs towards him and take him in his embrace…sanky was crying miserably in swara’s embrace… first time the heartless don broke down emotionally in front of someone.. but he didn’t felt any embracement.. in fact he was feeling peace… swara was just patting his back and rubbing his head… she was also in tears…

Sanky continues…

Di died in front of me.. but before dying she said me to run… before those ppl grabbed me I ran from their… swara being a coward I ran but what can I doo that time?? I was just under 7 that time …I don’t even know the proper ways I was just running aimlessly finally I became tired and fall down and slept on the road itself.. when I woke up I found myself in some dirty place.. I didn’t understand anything…

but later I got to know that im in the clutches of begging mafia… they trained us for begging… I thought to deny but in front of me they cut the hands or legs of many children and made them handicap who denied from begging.. I kept quiet… I was there for 2 more years… for 2 yrs I done the work of begging pocket picking… they also beat us a lot.. and gave us food when we gave them the required money otherwise we slept without food.. in front of mee many children died due to weakness due to access blood lost in the process of making them handicap.. one day I was on the bridge side… it was raining a lot… and ppl r running here and there.. and in the process I fall down in water… I don’t know where I was but when I opened my eyes… found myself in between the drug dealers…

Sanky: u know swara u was very lucky that u found that orphanage lady.. u got the love but i.. I didn’t got a single percent love from anybody after my di and my mom’s death… I always get caught by the criminals, drug mafia, human trafficking etc. they beats me.. trained me for illegal work… I didn’t saw a single percent humanity only killing, raping, kidnapping etc… from last 24 yrs I was only seeing this…

Sanky: u know swara they even injected drug injection inside me in the age of just 12… I became the drug addict… just at the age of 12… I done kidnapping at the age of 15, I start killing ppl at the age of 17….

Sanky: the one who never saw any love any humanity how can he think of doing any kind heart work?? Tell na swara?? The one whose heart got crushed by killing her di… by looking her mother dying in front of him how can he think for other’s sister or mother?? May be I have to think for once but how?? I never got anyone who can console me support me…

Swara was only seeing him with teary eyes… now both r sitting near the wall…

Sanky: I got abhi… as a true frnd cum brother but I also took many tests from him…

Sanky while looking at swara: I can’t trust anybody swara I cant im afraid if I tell abhi that how much I adore him how much I love him as a brother.. then he will also leave me like my di and my mother… I love suhana she is my life but I never said to her that I love her because im afraid swara im afraid by saying this he starts crying again while hiding is face in his palms…

Sanky while crying: im afraid that if once again I gave life to my heart then this time I can’t be able to survive… im not having any capacity to lose any one else in my life…

Bro at least once u have to trust me naa… a teary voice came and both swasan looked towards the direction there they found abhi standing with teary eyes..and it is looking that he heard a lot..

Sanky whispered: abhi…and stands..

Abhi runs towards him and take him a bone crushing hug.. he was crying miserably…he don’t know that sanky is having such a painful past… he also thinks him as a ruthless heartless man.. but today he got to know how he become like this.. this society killed the innocent soul at the age of 6…

Swara was only seeing them with teary eyes.. she was also thinking just like abhi…

Sanky is crying his heart out while hugging abhi… this is the pain of 24 yrs.. which he was taking out.. not abhi nor swara stopped him…

Papaaa.. a voice came sanky and abhi broke the hud and trio looked towards the door their they found suhana with a doll in her hand is standing with sleepy eyes..

Sanky wiped his tears quickly and runs towards her..

Sanky: suhana beta why r u here??

Suhana with sleepy and childish tone: I was waiting for u but u didn’t came for telling me a night story so I was searching u in the whole mansion by saying this she hugged him..

Swasan, abhi smiled on seeing her antics… suhana later saw swara and jumped from sanky’s lap and runs towards her…

Suhana: mall walii diii…. She literally jumped upon her and swara also took her in her tight ambrace.. while abhi and sanky smiled..

Suhana happily: when did u came?? And why didn’t u told me?? She said with a pout..

Swara kissed her on her cheek and said while glaring at sanky : one monster was behind me naa soo I came in a hurry soo that I can hide with my suhana…

Abhi surpass his laugh while sanky choke..

Suhana: ooo is that monster is very cruel??

Swara while seeing sanky with teary eyes: he was suhana he was cruel but now we came to know that why he was cruel…on listening this sanky turned his face to hide his tears.. but swara already noticed him…

Suhana: now it means he is a good boy??

Swara: not really but we will make him a good boy will u help me??

Suhana happily: yeesshh I will help u…

Sanky: suhana beta today abhi chachu tells u a story go with him

Suhana: okay papa.. and jumped from swara’s lap after kissing her on her cheeks and runs towards abhi he goes out while picking her in his lap..

Swara is glaring sanky while crossing her arms on her chest and sanky is avoiding eye contact..

Swara: u r having a reason behind your all this behavior but don’t think that I will forgave u on making my this condition…u have to bear punishment..

Sanky with a smile: im really sorrryy for my behavior but Im ready for bearing any punishment..

Swara twitching her nose: that I will see later first I have to contact tara she will be worried.. give me your phone… said in a bossy tone..

Sanky’s eyes popped up on listening her bossy tone..

Sanky: don’t u think u r giving me order??

Swara: im not thinking because im giving u order… soo now just shut up and give me your phone..

Sanky signs in disbelief and said while murmuring: who will believe that the this little don is ordering the most dangerous don..

Swara: I heard that..

Sanky: okay okay sorry and here is the phone..

Swara talked with tara and calls her here… swara was feeling pain in her head due to fever effect..

Sanky saw this and said: u take rest..

Swara while pressing thumb on her temples: no im waiting for tara when she will come we will leave.. butt she start feeling dizzy and before she touched the ground sanky holds her
swara already fainted…

Sanky make her lie… and gave her injection.. being a don he knows every medicine for emergency purposes…

After 15 mins tara came… before sanky abhi already met her and explained all the things…

Sanky came after 20 mins..

Sanky ask forgiveness from tara… but tara forgave him..

Sanky: tara u can take swara tomorrow she is now sleeping..

Tara trying hard to hide her worriedness said : umm.. okay..yyy..

This was noticed by sanky and abhi and both gave each other confuse look..

Sanky: any problem tara??

Tara: umm no..oo… no..tthi..nngg..

Abhi: u can tell us..

Tara signs and finally spoke: swara’s life is in danger..

Sanky, abhi both: whattt???

Tara: actually I thought that swara’s some enemy kidnapped her… that’s why I send our men to extract the info.. later she called mee and told everything soo I became relax… but before coming I came to know that one man who got imprisonment due to swara 5 yrs back on raping 3 little girls of age 12 to 13.. is now set free due to some higher authorities now is making the gang with all swara’s enemies for taking revenge from swara… in last tara choked….

Tara while crying: sanskarr…rrr

Sanky with concern: yes tara feels free..

Tara: swara thinks that I don’t know anything.. its true that I don’t know anything about her past but I know one dark past of hers..

Sanky’s heart felt pinch and said: what u know tara??

Tara: swara was also harassed when she was in orphanage..

Sanky feels floor is slipping from under his feet.. he stumble but abhi holds him at the nick of time…

Sanky with great difficulty: didn’t told me about this??

Tara: she also didn’t told me I read her dairy… it’s her luck that she was able to save her dignity that time but she was tortured a lot mentally…when the orphanage lady died.. her some relative came for claiming the orphanage land… they tortured swara a lot they even send her to mental asylum… she got electric shocks… their one doctor tried to snatched her dignity but she got saved.. due to one another old doctor.. because once swara saved him from the getting hit by a car…

Sanky sat down on sofa while grabbing his head.. and abhi is consoling tara

Sanky (in mind): why swara why u hided this big thing from me… I thought but his thoughts interrupted by tara’s voice who was sitting on her knees in front of sanky while joining her hands..

Sanky startled after seeing this abhi is also seeing this with confuse expressions..

Tara while crying: please sanky please save swara… I know she will never tell about any danger which is on her life.. sanky I have no one except swara she is my everything… that
time also she got attacked but this time her enemies will never leave her they will kill her they will kill her..

Sanky clenched his fist and said in a furry full voice: abhi I want the complete info of swara’s enemies.. and to tara..

Sanky: u both r now staying in our mansion.. go with abhi and pack p your work from your mansion and come back here…

On the time abhi is seeing sanky with suspicious looks..

Tara nodes and goes out while sanky looked towards abhi..

Sanky: whaatt??

Abhi: do u love her??

Sanky shocked: whaaa.ttt….??

Abhi: u r behaving like a hero whose heroine is in danger..

Sanky avoiding eye contact: shut up and goo with tara..

Abhi gave him a teasing smile and goes behind tara….

Sanky murmurs: am I really love her??

Mind: idiot now also u r having any doubt??

Sanky with pout: but how can i??

Mind: why r u exceptional??

Sanky: but I don’t have heart naa..

Heart screams: ooyeeee don’t u dare to again kill mee (while sobbing) from 24 yrs I didn’t felt any butterflies after seeing any girl..

Mind with confuse expressions: but ppl butterflies in stomach naa..

Heart: abbey yar just feel naa why r u investigating like a police..

Sanky : shut u both..and just get lost

Mind and heart runs with the speed of bullet 😉 hehehehe

To be continued…

Precap: flashback completes and present…

Guys I’ll try to complete in the part b of shot 3 if not then there will be one more part of shot 3…


  1. Hadi


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    Both of them bear soo much pain feeling so sad but u ended this epi in a classical manner which release the layer of sadness awsum part post soon

  2. Pikachu


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    Eeeeeeeeeeeeee 😁😁😁😁😁😁last scene was sooooooooooooooooooooo cute…. Sanskar’s past😭😭😭😭😭😭post next soon… Warna 💣💣💣💣🔫🔫🔫

  3. Shizuka

    Di it was too emotional but at last the conversation between heart and mind & sanskar was funny. And u always give awesome episodes.

  4. Deeksha


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    Rabiaaaaaa….!!!!!!! My hankie is already wet….. I need more…..!!!!!!!!

    And the last part was awesome….. But iss peanut brain mein ek doubt hai……. Agar heart and mind runs away then Sanskaar is lifeless na and he is a corpse na…????? Hehehe…..

  5. Aliya123


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    ganga ,…..jamuna ….saraswati all three r flowing..,…swasan had bear a lot from childhood,….bt nw they will create new memories with suhana bcoz………sanky is in love….la la la la……..his mind nd heart r more smart than him

  6. Rosey


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    wow Rabi what an episode feeling bad for sanskaar
    but last seen was kamaal seriousely i m so happy after reading that
    wo kehte hain na “DIL KHUSH KAR DIYA TUM NE”

  7. Arshaanya


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    Both ve horrible past yr…
    Bt rabia wbt his father n dat ladies punishmnt??
    Show flashback of sanky giving dem punishmnt n making dem suffer…
    Continue soon

  8. Rabia0032


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    Awesome dear 😍 kitna dard diya is zalim duniya ne say poor boy seriously itna zulam…
    Bechera dil aj it ne Dino baad Bilanz hai ❤

    • Rabia



      hahahhaa rabia kyn k dosri duniya may sanky zulm dhaaa raha 😂😂😂😂 devil ban kr 🤓🤓🤓😬😬😬 thankuuu sooo muchhh 😘😘😘

  9. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Sanskar past😭😭😭😭😭.. Obviously I need a hanky..
    Swara was harassed..aaaaa*crying more loudly..

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    Take care
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  10. Anniya


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    • Rabia



      titi control control hankies will catch cold naaa put them infront of heater 🤓🤓🤓🤓😂😂😂 hehhehehee thankuuu sooooo muchhh 😘😘😘😘😘

  11. Niku


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    It’s amazing one dii… last section u give ur signature dialogues that’s proofs it’s ur ff diii….😂😘 It’s amazing dii….n dii u r also a one piece human just like me 😂😂…make us cry n in end make us laugh ….love u dii…

  12. Mynalove


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    the past was so emotional i’m again crying
    the middle part was amazing
    and the last part proved that Rabia di can never be serious for long

  13. Manasvi


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    Why did you gave this much pain to my sanky??😭
    Huhh, (sorry kakali dii for copying your dialogue) crying on the footpath..
    And the convo b/w heart and mind was fantabulous.. Love you dii.. Take care..

  14. Amore


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    nai nai batao madam aur kya naya dramey ka pitara baaki hai??? har baar chakkar dena zaruri hai kya??? dono dons ko ek hi episode me rula dia arreyyy nai nai unke dono right hands ko v rula dia…

    fir role reversal kar dia… madam jii Jo darr rahi thi WO boss n attitude se bhari danger ban gayi… aur Jo dangerous tha WO rondu k sath sath silent follower ban gaya…

    Jo log hate karte hain unko ek hi episode me partners bana dia…

    Yar kal taq Jo story “TOM AND JERRY” lag raha tha aaj “SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS” ban gaya *sigh* ufffffff

    Waise pata hai I’ve finalized your name: KWBW which means KEEDE WALE BRAIN WALI 😉

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    Waise what a turn naa?? ek hi hug se Abhi teasing mode me aa gaya… aur hugs hote toh (*widens eyes in shock*) baba re baba kya kya sochne pe majboor karti hai ye ladki… mere seedhe saadhe SAAF i mean CLEAN brain ko dirty kar dia…

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    • Rabia



      i have to separate one extra hr for replying your comment soo wait till then i will come after replying to all because little comment will be the insult of your this long comment which u gave meee.. and it means alot thats why i will give u reply when i will be totally free soo that i can’t miss any point 😉

      • Rabia



        hahahahah first dear tell me your original name?? 😉 hehehehe after all its my right naa (pout)

        and its not my fault that my mind always runss in the opposite direction in every next epi… he will never be able to stand at one place… i think its a manufacturing fault of my brain ;)hehehehhehee

        andd yes yess u can give me this namee…

        and i was thinking to ake him batman whats say?? (winking)

        and dearr mujhay irritate krnay k liyeee abhii both kuch seekhna paray ga ;)…. hehehehehe

        thankuuu sooooo muchh for thisss longg and lovelyy comment… and u didnt irriated me at all in fact first i became faint after seeing your this much long comment… u took that much time for mee thankuu sooo much once again 🙂

      • Amore


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        Arreyyyyy Batman aur Superman me sirf color ka variation hai appearance nahi 😝 aur haan mera naam… Chalo guess karlo… Amore is Italian word n my name is in Sanskrit… n haan m a girl… iss baat me dimag lagao… n msg box me batana yaha Sab ko pata chal jaega

        u guess n I’ll say yes/ no… 👍

        !tesb echt lla

        Chalo ye upar kya likha hai batao… ulta dimag chalta hai naa toh chalao 😝😋😝

  15. shalini

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    Sanky ka past omg 😱😱😭😭😢😢😢
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  16. Shubhangi


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    No words
    In starting i was crying like someone died
    And in ending I was laughing like a maniac
    My mother though i need a doctor and dad called our relatives to inform them that I’ve gone mad 🙁

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