two dons: one is heartless and one is kind heart (TS by rabia) shot-2(b)

Guys guys before u demand the haunted os I am saying that I tried my best to give the epi’s of all three but im soooo sooo sorrryy I can’t be able to type more I was only going to post my ff but after seeing your comments in this ts’s previous epi I wrote this epi… soo plz wait for the epi of haunted os I will post that one with this ts next epi because my back was also screaming after spending 5 to 6 hrs in writing these 2…and thankuuu for your comments 
shot 2(b)

A room is shown… there we can found two person sleeping peacefully while hugging each other… both r the girls.. one is big girl while other is a child of around 6.5 yrs.. both r sleeping very peacefully and while having a bright smile on their faces…

Suddenly one man came inside the room with having a tray in his hand in which 2 glasses were their one is of milk and one is of juice…

Man: look how both sleeping heads r sleeping

Man goes towards them both and start waking them..

Man: shonaaa.. suhanaa wake up plzzz (yes both r swara and suhana only)

Swara while murmuring in sleep: sanky u donkey head let us sleep don’t u have any other work except waking both of us (yes the man is sanky)

Suhana also murmurs: yes papa why u always disturb usss.. u just goo and sleep and don’t disturb uss bye…… saying this she hugged swara again tightly while swara also take her in her embrace..

Sanky admires both who r his life… and mostly swara who is being a step mother of suhana loves her more than a real mother…

Sanky signs and said they will never wake up easily… by saying this he grabs both of them by arms and make them sit and before both lay down again sanky put the juice glass in
swara’s mouth and milk glass in suhana’s mouth…

Both: I hate u sanky/papa

Sanky giggles… but I luv u both.. after drinking milk suhana runs towards her room for getting ready to go to school after pecking her parents cheek.. and while swara again lay
down by holding the pillow..

Sanky laughs on seeing her childish act and sat down beside her and start stroking her hairs.. swara turned and lay her head on sanky’s lap…

Sanky: shona how many time I told u to not hug suhana that much tightly u know naa u r 2 months pregnant and what if by mistake suhana put weight on your stomach..

Swara with sleepy voice: sanky don’t worry my daughter will never hurt mee by saying this she again drift into sleep because sanky mixed the medicine in her juice which she was not having being a stubborn girl soo doctor advised sanky to mix the medicine in juice and medicine is having a minor sleeping effect that’s why swara slept again…

Sanky is admiring his sleeping beauty… after few minutes he make her sleep properly on pillow and he himself goes towards the window…

Sanky in mind: how my life change in these 2.5 yrs.. I didn’t thought that after naina my first wife I will be able to marry any other girl… it’s true that I only likes naina not loves her she was a great life partner…but swara who I hate the most because she always comes in my way…. Melted and theft my heart due to her beauty inside and outside.. she is the only one who gave life to my heart again… she healed my wounds which pierced my heart just at the age of 6…now everything is in his correct place.. abhi and tara got married 1.5 yrs before and having 3 months old cute baby boy rishsabh and lives in Mumbai and we both with suhana living in kolkatta only because here we found each other… we both get married 7 months before and now my love my life is 2 months pregnant..

Sanky laughs: I know I have too struggle a lot for making swara realize that I luv her… she also took a proper revenge for hurting her…and even my daughter took part in that revenge.. my daughter who never slept without mee now can’t even sleep near me.. both mother daughter twice in a week sleeps together by hugging each other tightly and throws me out from the room (said with a pout) this is the condition put by both shona and suhana before our marriage… on which abhi and tara teased me a lot…I remember the day when

I kidnapped swara and torture her.. today also im feeling ashamed of my doings…

Flashback:- (2.5 yrs back)

Sanky is standing with confused expressions while swara is crying more miserably.. sanky don’t know what happened to him but he slowly goes towards swara….

Sanky slowly calls her: swaraaaa…

Swara didn’t listened..

Sanky again calls her but this time he put the hand on her head….

Swara ups her face and looked towards sanky with red eyes due to crying…

Sanky’s heart felt something strange on seeing her like this…

Swara is staring him silently with continuously flowing tears..

Sanky makes her stand while swara walks with him like a lifeless body…

Sanky leads her to bed and make her sit.. and grab the glass water

Swara silently drinks the water… sanky sat down beside her.. both r now facing the window.. but nobody speak anything..

Swara lost somewhere said: I am from a middle class family… maa, baba, dada, dadi.. and me..

Sanky is listening her while seeing outside the window.. he didn’t stopped her..

Swara: baba is a banker he is on a post of manager… he loves me a lot….all family members loves me a lot….

But u know naa time never remains the same I was just 8 yrs old.. when one man in baba’s bank done some fraud and he created such situations that it looks like that baba done a fraud… the fraud was not of a less amount it was around 4 crores…

Baba got beaten by bank ppl.. they beaten him with iron rod.. baba 3 ribs broke down… he somehow came home but he was in full of blood… maa, dadi, dada becomes shocked after seeing baba’s condition… I was standing in the stairs… and seeing all…

But this is not the end even neighbors also didn’t left a chance of taunting my whole family….bank ppl didn’t complaint in police because baba was a loyal employee but they also didn’t let us go they snatched are house car etc. everything… now we all r living in a small hut… I have to leave my school because all money got finished in baba’s treatment…

Maa started working in houses… baba cant walk due to broken ribs… dada start selling veges and dadi started stitching…butt this is also not the end.. baba’s wounds got infected… and doctor’s said that we have to doo his operation otherwise wounds will lead to cutting her body parts…. All broke down… maa works in some house where lives a couple off almost my parents age… maa demanded money from them….

And the..yyy… (swara choked while saying further on which sanky turned his face towards her and pats her back)

Swara: thee.yyy… said….ddd.. that maa has to spend night with the man because those husband wife were Casanovas ..(sanky closed his eyes after listening this)

Swara: maaa becomes shocked after listening this and she even slapped the lady’s husband…

3 days passed like thiss but we can’t be able to arrange money… doctors said that within 24 hrs we have to operate baba otherwise he may die…

Maa didn’t told anything to uss and she left from the house… by saying this she will arrange money but in actual she goes to that couple house…

Maa have to stake her dignity for saving papa…but maa can’t be able to face uss… soo shee did suicide infront of uss by putting fire on her… baba, dada, dadi become shocked they tried to save her but maa already burnt herself alive…

We didn’t got the money even…. And we r also not having money for doing maa’s last ritual… baba is also in a very critical condition.. dada, dadi always crying and I cant be able to understand anything I left the home and start walking… I found one kiln were small children r doing work… they have to make bricks…she pleads the owner and he let me doo work…

But the owner was very cruel on one mistake… hee…hheee… puts the burnt coal on children back….kkkk…kkk

Sanky saw towards swara with shocked expressions and feels disgusted on himself for becoming the reason of scratching her old wounds..

Swara: also putt the coal on my backkk.. 4 timess… by saying this she removed her upper shirt she was wearing sleeveless vest with deep neck from the back and turned towards sanky…

Sanky eyes got wide after seeing 4 big burnt marks on her back.. he slowly with teary eyes put his hand on her back.. on which swara closed her eyes and turned towards sanky and hugs him tightly…sanky reciprocated and took her in his embrace…

Swara was crying bitterly while sanky is only patting her back…

Sanky calmly: then what happened next swara??

Swara while crying continues:- I cried a lot due to pain.. but I completed my work.. and got the little money… my wounds were paining like hell but im also very happy that I got some money I ran towards my home happily…butt I found ambulance there I didn’t get anything soo I ran inside and there I found the bodies of my whole family…

Ppl were talking that they ate poison….one lady gave me one letter…

I was just 8 that time but I can read the letter easily…


Shonaa.. we r sorry betaaa.. we r leaving u alone in this cruel world.. but beta we cant be able to face this world any more.. we cant be able to see u crying in front of us due to hunger… we r very bad family members.. plz forgive us beta.. we will pray that in next birth u will get very good and loving family whoo loves u a lot.. we r sorry beta… we r sorryyy…

Your baba, dadi,dada..

Swara cried her heart out on reading the letter but nobody comes to console her all neighbor just seeing the drama…

Swara runs towards her baba’s body.. and hugged him tightly..

Swara while crying: babaaa plzzzz wake upp plzzz.. look naaa I got some money… I know it’s a little butt we can manage naa baba… plzzzz wake naaa…

She goes also to her dada dadi bodies and shakes them and pleads them to wake up

Swara: dadi plzzz I will never irritates u I will be a good girl dadi plz wake naaa… dada plzzzz… mom also left mee how can I sleep now… who will make my favorite food plzz naa dadi plzz naa dada wake uppp plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Finally heartless neighbors also got some heart and they also cried after seeing the situation of this little girl but they only cried nobody comes towards her for consoling…… ambulance took the bodies with them while swara is sitting there and crying…( I don’t know about u guys but I myself cried while writing this)

Neighbors left from their while swara slept on the floor being tied from crying and due to pain of her wounds…

Sanky’s tears start flowing from his eyes.. he was continuously patting her head and rubbing her back…

Swara: I woke up when felt a touch.. there I found an old lady in front of me.. she was seeing me with soft smile…

That lady was an owner of an orphanage.. she took me their… she is the only one due to whom I will be able to reach in this place.. she was my ideal but she also died when I was 18… but before dying she gave me the pprs of orphanage she is having no one in her life.. soo she named the orphanage in my name…

Swara: sanskar u know why I became like this while having such a dreadful paste because I don’t want to see any other family any other child once again at the same place where I and my family was… may be I also become heartless due to such a past but due to the orphanage lady I became like this…

Swara broke the hugs and saw towards sanky who is also having tears in his eyes..

Swara while wiping her tears: u know I never discussed about my past with anyone but I don’t know why I discuss it with u the one who I hates the most and im also feeling very light blinks her eyes sweetly….

Sanky smiles and said: swara u r a very brave girl….u will be able u make your heart alive because u r having the support of that orphanage lady… but swara nobody is that much lucky like u…said with a painful smile…

Swara being confused: means??

Sanky signs and said: everybody is not bad by birth they r having a reason behind becoming a bad person….u were brave that being having a dreadful past u became a kind person but I was not that much strong swara I was not that much strong who can give life to his dead heart who can become kind on having a bad past…

Swara: u r also having a past?

Sanky nodes with a painful smile and start telling her…

To be continued….

Precap: sanky’s past…

Guys if u r having any question or doubt than ask I will clear them all in the next epi 


  1. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Di its an emotional epi di….. I too cried reading this di…. No such child should go through what swara have gone….. Amazing di….. The heartless don melted hearing swara’s past….. Amazing di…. Loved it…. 😍

  2. shalini

    Omg yr sooooooo amazing
    SWARA ka past 😢😢😢😢 God mere aansoo ruk nahi rahe or mera idiot bhai mujhe irritate kr raha h supid 😠😠
    God plzzz plzzz hunted OS SE pahle is ts ka complete kr doo plzz 🙏🙏🙏 nahi to sanky ka past jaldi jldi reveal kr do
    Amazing epi very emotional Nd I lv SWARA Nd suhana’s bond 😘😘😘
    Jo gussa tha sanky p khtm ho gya aab to Tara’s aa raha h dodo lady don to kese smbhaleg😂😂
    Lv u😘😘😘

  3. Madhu

    Awesome dr…..i too cried while reading ….just superb dr……she is such a brave girl……
    Waiting for next part dr…

  4. Manasvi


    |Registered Member

    Dii.. Its an amazing episode..
    Love between swasan mein hasate ho aur phir yeh wala ts padhake rulate ho😭
    Phir bhi bahut achchha epi tha.. I loved it..
    Love you..

  5. Swarmayi


    |Registered Member

    Diii.. swara’s past was very terrible. I cried while reading.. Even sanky also melted n cried hearing her dreadful past.. Loved the chappie. Eager to knw sanky’s past.. post soon..

  6. Aliya123


    |Registered Member

    subah….subah rula diya…….god what a dreadful past .., it is also true…is world mein swara jaise humein hazaaro mil jayenge jinhe childhood se hi itna kuch dekhna padha ho……..

  7. Rosey


    |Registered Member

    Rabi what was this????
    Yyou know you make me cry so much it’s so pain ful I never thought you can write emotional episodes too as you always writes mystery thrillers but this episode totally surprised me
    I loved it and first moments were so cute and yah post sooner

  8. ashwinimool

    Swara past so emotional… After reading her past I was literally crying yrrr…… So emotional episode but happy to swasan got married… & there cute family…. Plzz post next part soon

  9. Scooby


    |Registered Member

    Painful i too had tears lady don :'( swasan had terrible past and thy r wound healers foe eo… currently ie prsent topic was superb ….

    • Rabia



      arreyyy navi the ghost sanky’s past is on the way it will be also not less than swara 😉 hehehehe and thankuuu sooooo muchh 🙂

  10. Anniya


    |Registered Member

    Tisueeeeeeeee paper,I want it ….
    You agai made me cry very bad girllllllll
    So for you nice( you know na which type of nice is this 😂😂😂😂)

  11. Sulbi

    Hey ya rabia… awesome episode… actually am a regular reader of all ur ff… but a silent reader… but today i cnt able to control myself by typing it… even i cried alot while reading swara past… still am crying… the episode was superb… i loved it… and “Haunted Mansion” really u scared me in first part… i literally shouted for some place while reading… i was really scared alot… u have a brillinat skill… the way you portrait was too good… we can able to feel and watch everything through your writing skill… Amazing… keep rocking dear… tc…

  12. Savanshi27


    |Registered Member

    Now this was something emotional… but yet the start was quite funny…
    I really admire the was u write…
    U r an awsm writer who has the capability to bring out something enjoyable in the most toughest phase.. this makes me ur fan….
    U r mind blowing!!!!!
    update soon… and if I have missed d update can I get d link???

  13. Rabia0032


    |Registered Member

    Awesome yaar how painfull past she had😢😢😢😢😢😢I really hate those hearthless people didnt they felt bad for 8 years girl like seriously they all were disgusting

  14. Afra96


    |Registered Member

    Di..u’r writings made us laugh or gave us a shock but this was emotional and made me cry..take care and update next part soon.

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