two dons: one is heartless and one is kind heart (TS by rabia) shot-2

Shot-2 (a) :- (swasan knows each other as a don just due to signs of Scorpio and butterfly not by face and when they goes out as a normal human they cover there signs)

Aahhhhhh… a scream came from inside the one room….there we can found a girl is sitting on the floor while a man is sitting in front of her and tightly pulling her hair… these 2 were none other than swasan…

Sanky: what u thought haan?? The kind heart don of Dehli who is now in Kolkata will come here and do whatever she wants to do and I the heartless don of Mumbai will allow u when im here?? Speakkk?? By saying this he pulls her hair more brutally that now swara head is almost on a verge of touching her back and her neck is paining like hell due to too much stretch….. she was only seeing him with teary eyes because now she is not having any strength to scream or resist because pain due to pulling and stretching is becoming unbearable for her…

Swara with feeble and weak voice with great difficulty only said: pain..nn…ninn..gggg

Sanky after listening this also didn’t showed any mercy in fact he made his grip more tight… now swara losing her control on her senses and finally she collapsed…sanky literary throws her on cold floor and goes out without seeing that blood is flowing from swara’s nose.. which is due to access pulling


3 days back:-

Sanky decided to attack on one more builder who is having a project of very expensive building…

He already sent his man and he himself is coming butt in the middle way he got a call and fumed in anger.. because swara already saved that builders and also injured some of his man…

Sanky (in mind): ms swara u didn’t doo good in coming between my way first u snatched my target then also u r having a courage to harm my men.. just count your days..

Sanky ordered his men to find about the whereabouts of swara… when he came to know that she is living near to his mansion he smirks…also got to know that tara is out of city due to some work

Sanky: now see what will u face… my dearr kind heart don…. And gave a devilish smile…

After 2 days at night sanky’s men attack on her mansion when all r sleeping.. one sanky’s man disguised in the form of tea staller who always give tea to swara’s guards… they already mixed sleeping pills in the tea and when the guard drank that tea they all slept…

Sanky entered in the mansion and start searching swara’s room… he was covering his face…he finally got her room and entered.. the room was dark that’s why he can’t be able to see her face… actually swara was sleeping due to the effects of medicine because she was suffering from fever… sanky puts the chloroform on her face and picks her and left from their…

Sanky took swara to his mansion in the room of 3rd floor where nobody is allowed even suhana and abhi… swara’s face was covered with her hairs that’s why sanky can’t be able to saw her face…

Sanky throws her on the bed.. and turned but he turned again and become shocked after seeing her face…

Sanky: what the hell she is don swara?? And later fumed in anger…

Sanky: sooo she plays a dirty game by targeting my daughter.. swara u did the biggest mistake of your life I may be forgive u for previous mistakes but u targeted my daughter now u just wait and watch..and goes from there in full anger

(actually sanky is thinking that in mall swara intentionally met him to make him weak by targeting his daughter )

Next day swara opened her eyes but she is facing severe headache… due to the effect of fever and chloroform she didn’t notice the surrounding till now.. she tried to wakeup but after 2 steps she fall down…

Ooo the great don swara is not having any energy left in her body?? A voice came from behind..

Swara startled on listening the voice because she didn’t listened that voice in her mansion.. she turned her face and become shocked after seeing sanskar with scarf on his face is standing just few steps away from her..

Swara while holding her head: what the hell u r doing in my mansion and how dare u to come inside my room??

Sanky : chchchchch madam look around its not your room its my den..

Swara whaattt by saying this she saw around and becomes shocked after seeing the new surroundings..

Swara: how did I come here??

Sanky: I kidnapped u last night..

Swara in shock got up and tries to go near him but again fall down due to weakness…

Sanky: what u thought u will make me weak by targeting my daughter..

Swara being confused: daughterrr???

Sanky removed his scarf and swara becomes shocked on seeing him..

Swara: uuuuuu??

Sanky with red shot eyes: yes mee…u targeted my daughter naaa?? U came to know that she is my weakness..

Swara: I don’t even know that u r having a daughter..

Sanky roars: shuttuuuppppp

Swara flinched

Sanky came near her and sat down on the chair and pulls her hair tightly..

Swara screamed like hell..

Flashback ends..


Sanky came out from the room and angrily goes to his gym…he start punching on punching bag..

When abhi camee..

Abhi: sanky u didn’t do right by kidnapping her she is also a very powerful don…

Sanky: I don’t caree… she did wrong soo now she have to pay..

Abhi: maybe it is possible that she don’t know about suhana and also about u..

Sanky: nooo im sure she knows.. and I don’t want to talk anything else…u just goo..

Abhi unwillingly goes from there…

After 3 hrss swara got conscious she touched her nose where there is a dried blood.. her neck is paining like hell…she is a very strong lady but sickness making her weak.. she
was just seeing the dried blood on her finger when room door got opened…

Sanky came in… swara stares him blankly…

Sanky while smirking: oo u got conscious…

Swara with flat expressions while controlling her pain: u didn’t doo gud by kidnapping me..

Sanky laughs: ooo I got scaredd.. do whatever u want to doo but u can’t escape from my den….

The day u crossed my path that day itself u make me your enemy..

Swara: don’t think u won…

Sanky: im not thinking because I know I won….

Swara with all her powers got up and stand in front of him…

Before sanky can do anything swara gave him a tight slap… sanky stumbles on his feet first he become shocked but later fumed in anger….

Swara was going to raise her hand again when sanky grabbed her hand and twisted her at her back.and gave her a bite on her neck brutally that her neck start bleeding.. swara winced in pain… and jerks her towards the bed…..

Swara fall down on the bed….and sanky grabbed the pot of burning coal which he put on the table while entering and which goes unnoticed my swara…he put that pot beside the bed and came on top of swara

Swara came into senses and saw towards sanky who was almost laying upon her..

Swara start resisting but sanky grabbed her hands with his one hand..

Sanky with fired eyes: how dare u to slap me??

Swara: u bastard get up from mee.. and she start hitting him with her legs..

But sanky locked her legs with his and first he kissed her harshly on which she can’t be able to resist due to weakness and his tight grip.. and then sanky bite her neck again and again that her neck filled with bruises that almost bleeding… swara wincing in pain….her eyes where closed and tears r flowing from her eyes.. while sanky grabbed one burning coal who is half burnt and he picked that coal from cool side..

Swara opened her eyes.. when she smelled something she becomes shocked on seeing coal…

She became numb after seeing coal while sanky is seeing her with a smirk.. sanky while putting the coal almost near her..

Sanky: what u thought that I will leave u easily??

Swara didn’t listened anything she was only seeing coal with numb expressions..

Swara murmured: n..nn…ooo… it paineeedd.. alott… noo.oo.. pl..zzz……

Sanky is near her that’s why he was able to listened her murmuring and he becomes confused because the expression which is coming on her face it is showing fear,pain etc..
which can’t be seen in one don’s eyes..

Sanky being confused: what happened to u??

But swara was only murmuring.. suddenly she start shouting on which sanky become shocked and before he can do anything swara pushed him with full force…sanky fall down and saw swara with shocked expressionsss..

While swara is going backward while murmuring the same thing again and again….

Swara now starts crying bitterly…

Swara while crying going back and finally settle down in the corner by putting her head on her knees..

Swara: noo plzzz noooo it pains alott plzzz noooooooooo…

While sanky is seeing all this with numb expressions..

Sanky in mind: what happened to her?? Her eyes are showing pain fear why?? Why she is sweating badly…


Scene changes to swara’s mansion… there everybody became panicked on finding out that swara is missing tara also came back and now she is hell worried.. they all r thinking that her some enemy kidnapped her because they didn’t got a doubt on sanky because sanky is new while swara is having many more dangerous enemies…

Screen freezes on sanky’s confused face tara’s worried face and swara’s crying face…

To be continued…..

Precap: swara broke down in the arms of sanky while sanky become shocked on seeing burnt marks on swara’s back…sw

Soo guys in next epi swara’s past is coming..

and other stories also i will try to post soon


  1. Manasvi


    |Registered Member

    Omg dii!! What is this!!
    Now m confused like anything..
    Amazing.. Now waiting for the nxt part..
    Btw when are you going to post love between swasan and swasan in a haunted mansion??
    Take care..

  2. shalini

    Oh god agat sanskar ki jagha koi or hota to usse jaan SR maar dalti SWARA k saath aasa krne k liye seriously yr gussa or nafrat m insaan pgl ho jata I lv sanskar sooooooooooo much BT Jo usne kiya vo bilkul bhi thik ni thi
    But but but precap ne heartbeat badhai Hui h 😘😘😘😘😘
    Amazing epi 😊😊

  3. Rosey


    |Registered Member

    It was superbbb Rabi I can’t wait to read more
    Poor Swara becomes so much scared and you were right sanky is really heartless in your ff but I’m waiting for next when Swara will break down in his arms that will be good to see

  4. SRSL


    |Registered Member

    Awsm dii..loved it..I guess someone tortured her in the past with these kind of coals that’s why she was shocked and said it PAINED….maybe she was innocent and she suffered a lot and hence thought of helping innocent people…..ohh god hating sanky…suhanna is so cute….instead of abhi and Tara you could have made it Laksh and ragini…its just my opinion….upload nxt part ASAP.😘😘

    • Rabia



      thankuu sooo much dear… and i didnt used raglak because abhi and tara r not having much role.. and whenever i use raglak as a supporting role or negative i gave them proper role thats why… mostly my all start ss contains raglak with a proper scenes 🙂

  5. Scooby


    |Registered Member

    Awesome chapie lady don… sanskar is too cruel.. i hate him… how cn he do like dis.. his wife is also victim na cnt he show mercy on girl… alas het pain made him normal.. post nxt part soon..

  6. Aliya123


    |Registered Member

    api hw can u make sanky so heartless….huuu u r angry on me na its i n m super angry on u …..u torture swara so much……………….making angry face like gol gappa

  7. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    D way sanskar treated her is making me to hate him sooooo much uurrgghhh 😠😠😠
    How can he treat her like dis knwng shez d same girl who took care of his girl… fine he can think shez using his daughter to destroy him bt man atleast listn to her.. dun knw wat he was goin to do wid dat coal… cant even think.. rabia aftr swara sankyz past… u hve to make him suffer for his bhvr towards swara

  8. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Oh God, it’s becoming damn interesting.. Loved it..Sanky the devil😡😡😡.. My poor doll😢😢…Excited for the further parts.. Keep going di..Get well soon..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😀

  9. Anniya


    |Registered Member

    Enough now, vo na I was sheding my tears for swara.
    Api give double torture to sanky
    This part was not so good



    Because this part was awsm( our secret wala awsm 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂)

    • Rabia



      hehehehehe titi.. it meanssssssss hehehehe (that secret line) and dont worry i will torture him like hell 😉 (y) and dont cry more my tissue also got finished 😉

  10. Aliya123


    |Registered Member

    ok be angry….bt listen one thing carefully…..block me on fb…dont knw what bt i m nt able access my account…it hacked or what bt just do it,….par khush mat hona picha chuta ….i will be back ….or wo jisne meri id hack ki hai wn na mar jaye….uske saare frnds use block kar de…….nd kar liya pin….hppy

  11. Jenisha


    |Registered Member

    Are plz post this story only…. awesome yar…. mind blowing 👌👌….
    you know I read this part almost 5times….. plz update tomorrow…
    .plz give sanky a heart…Ohhh poor swara!!😭😭…. plz update soon….
    Take care😉😋..

    • Rabia



      Hahahahhaa thankuuu sooo much dearr andd yesss u can call me dii 😁 im international di 😉😉😉 hehehehe 😘😘😘

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