Hey!! guys here is the chapter 1.

    Lucus pov:

I am very much upset with the fact that i couldnt able to find my soulmate.


Being the strongest vampire in my kingdom and one of the strongest vamp in the vamparia world. I did my masters degree of power in the moon world. As I ranked 3rd in university of moon world I was rewarded by the power that I can ask any one question that i wanted to know to the moon goddness. So, I asked where is my soulmate and when i will meet her,because since 5 centuries i am waiting for her, from 5 centruies i am waiting for love and to finish my thirst.

To find my mate my father King tyson has conducted many balls for me in our kingdom, but i never found her. thats the damm!! reason i did my masters degree in moon world so, i could get this good opportunity to answered my all questions from the moon goddness.the person who got 2nd can ask 2 question and the person who got 1st rank can ask 3 questions and i was third dammit!!

but i am happpy that i will get my answer. ‘where is my mate and when i will find her?” i asked. “you will find her in human world near the woods” mood gooddness answered my damm question.but the answer was incomplete. “But, when i will find her?” i asked with little bit frustration in my voice. “i had been waiting for her since, 5 centuries and you knows it very well that how hard is that for a vampire to live without a soulmate” i added and pleaded to moon goddness.

“you were third, so i can only answer your one question”. she said in a very caml voice but, yet that irritated me alot. i know she is our god and i should respect her but felt angry on her that i got half information about my mate. “though u r the one of the strongest vamp in the vamparia world and as a moon goddness i will tell your soulmate’s name”she said in a calm voice. but this time,her calm voice didnt irritated me anymore insteal i was overjoyed listening her. “please tell me whats her name?” i pleaded again. i had not pleaded to anyone after ten. “her name is….ELISABETH” she said. i was very much happy that day that i got my mate name atleast n even the place too.


Its been 2:am and i am i a human world walking on the street which was surrounded by the woods. Its is a new moon night, so its the dark night  only few twinkling stars are seen. my feets suddenly stopped when i heard a veryyy small whisper of a girl may be 100 meters away from me as i am a vamp i can easily hear her ” Some-bod-y  p-plea-se  hh-el-pp  mee.” by her voice it was very much clear that she is weak as hell! and could die also anyone ll not help her. i went there, from where i heard her voice. deep down inside me. i was hopping that she should be my mate my betterhalf. finally i saw the girl from far as i has the ability to see in dark and hear her murmuring. I can easily see her and hear her also but, may be she is not a vampire. as a walked ahead i got to know that, she is a human. yess!! a human dammit!!. i am sured about it because i can hear her heartbeats & though  her face is looking dull of because of no food from many days but, the shine and glitter in her eyes and skin saied it all, that she is a normal damm human.

what u guys think is this elisabeth or not …. comment guys . and please say it u guys like it or not or i should stop writing or not. please guys comment and say what u feel about this story. and sorry for grammatical mistakes.

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  1. Priyu

    Wow interesting plot! Maybe she is Elizabeth ? or maybe she’s someone else ??? and aw what a vampire ? he is waiting for his soulmate since 5 centuries!! And I think that soulmate is a human!! Nice story dear!! Do continue!! Eagerly Waiting for the next part. After so much time I’m seeing a different story in the non serial category!!
    Awesome attempt. Well written!!

    1. Rupam22

      Thanx pari, your comment means a lot. After all its the 1st comment i received. the next part will be posted soon.

      1. Priyu

        ??? I’m waiting for the next part.

  2. Awesome story.. I loved the story.. Please don’t stop writing.. Continue your story.. Very unique and good story…

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