Two Bodies ; One soul: Twinj (three shots) Part 2


Thank you to all the people who gave their love to my every os. I love all of u and even silent readers. Thank you so much for your love. Thank you sooooooooooo much. Here’s Part 2.
So let’s start
Next day, Twinkle stepped inside the auditorium and walks off to Kunj.
“Kunj I wanted to tell u, that we can become friends.” Twinkle said.
“Sure, I would really like to be friend with u after so many years.” Kunj said forwarding his hand towards her.
“But, only friends, anything beyond that Kunj.” Twinkle said. They shake their hands.
“Kunj I don’t think that I forgot everything u did with me and I will forgive u. I am just doing this for our play Romeo-Juliet to be awesome. The audience should love our chemistry as Yuvi said.” Twinkle said and warned him.
“Sure Twinkle. Even if u don’t forgive me it’s all right, but the main thing is we r friends temporally.” Kunj said.
“Guys come on, let’s practice. Kunj r u ready with your lines.” Ananya said. Kunj nodded.
“So come guys.” Ananya added. They all went for practice.
Twinkle started “Romeo, Romeo, Romeo, Where r u my Romeo.” Juliet (Twinkle) said.
“Juliet I’m here.” Romeo (Kunj) said. They practice their play and end their practice for the day.
While Twinkle leaves for class, Kunj looks at her and thinks “Twinkle, I have come here, after 6 years, not for just looking at u, but I will win u. Twinkle, six years ago I had left with no option. I will make u fall for me again and make u my life partner.” Kunj smiles, Twinkle looks at him and is confused. She raises her eyebrows, he nods to no.
“Twinkle” Kunj said. She looked behind.
“What?” Twinkle said.
“Please can u come with me for a coffee?” Kunj added.
“Excuse me.” Twinkle said.
“Twinkle actually; we became friends after many years, so I want to give u party of coffee.” Kunj said.
“Okay.” Twinkle said softly. Kunj jumps in joy.

“Twinkle, I want to tell u that, 6 years ago, I had left with no option.”
“Kunj, u don’t need to explain me.” Twinkle said.
“Twinkle I’m really sorry. I know I left u in a bad situation but I had no option instead of leaving for UK.” Kunj said.
“Kunj please I have not come here for talking all this nonsense.” Twinkle cleared him.
“Twinkle, please.” Kunj said while sitting down on his knees.
“Kunj stop get up, get up.” Twinkle said.
“No, I will not get up, till u forgive me.” Kunj said.
“Okay don’t get up and yes I’m not going to forgive u.” Twinkle said. She goes from there. Kunj sits on the chair, holding his head. He cries.
“Kunj what happened.” Mahi said.
“Mahi, Twinkle is not forgiving me. What did I do Mahi? I know I left her, but….”
“No, Kunj u didn’t leave her, just u left India without listening to Twinkle.” Mahi said. Kunj was silent.
@Twinkle’s home.
“He is asking for forgiveness. I can’t forgive him; I can’t forget what he has done with me.” Twinkle said to herself.
****************FLASHBACK STARTS****************
“U r the person who stole my eraser and scale, na. I know.” Twinkle said in anger.
“I’m not the person, its someone else. I don’t even know u. I’m new in this school.” Kunj said.
“Shut up, I know u r the person who stole my scale.”
“Do u have any proof.” Kunj said.
“No, but I know u r the person.” She said hesitantly.
“Oye, Twinkle woh munda nahi ye munda.” Rahul said.
“oh! toh tu woh laaloo hai who took my scale and eraser. Give it back to me.” Twinkle said turning to him.
“Ladki hai ya goondi (don female version).” Kunj said softly.
“Twinkle, Twinkle bacha samjhke forgive me.” Vivek said.
“I will forgive u but how dare u touch my things. Don’t do it again.” Twinkle said.
“And what about me, u will not say sorry to me.” Kunj said.
“U, sorry to doubt on u.” Twinkle said. Kunj left without saying any word.

@Taneja mansion.
Some workers r doing cleaning of the house.
“Maa, what’s going on?” Twinkle said.
“Guests r coming beta.”
“Mr. Sarna and his son, I told u na that Mr. Sarna’s son is coming here to live.”
“Oh!” Twinkle said.
“Get ready, Twinkle.”
“Maa, woh yaha mujhe shaadi ke liye dekne nahi aa rahe hai.” Twinkle said.
“Shut up Twinkle and get ready, Taneja’s should look the best.”
“Yes mommy.”
Twinkle is looking very beautiful. Just then, the Sarna’s arrive. They step inside and Twinkle looks on the path, is shocked to see……………
Kunj looks at her and both shout “u.” all confused leela and Manohar asked……
“Do u both know each other from first.”
“Mom, he is in my school.” Twinkle said. Kunj nodded.
“Mr. Sarna come inside.” Leela said.
“Sure.” Manohar said.
“Please sit.” Leela said.
“Ramu kaka, get some juice for them.” Leela added.
“No need.” Manohar said.
“Please have it.” Leela said. Manohar nodded. Kunj and Twinkle were looking at each other, thinking about the incident of blaming which happened in morning.
“Leela ji, actually I want say thank you because u r keeping my son in your house.” Twinkle and Kunj were shocked, although Kunj knew he has to stay there, but didn’t know, had to stay in Twinkle’s house.
“It’s my pleasure. I will be happy that your son stays with us.” Leela said.
“Maa, why is this person staying here.” Twinkle said softly in Leela’s ears.
“Chup kar.” Leela said.
“Leela ji, any problem.” Manohar said.
“No, no.” leela answered.
“Leela ji I know I’m giving u tension, but I don’t have any option because Usha has gone near Bebe and I’m going to UK.” Manohar said.
“U r not giving me any tension, I’m glad that I could help u and ten days thing only.” Leela said smiling.
“Okay, so I should go.” Manohar said joining his hands.
“Okay” Leela said joining her hands. Manohar went from there.
“Twinkle show Kunj his room.” Leela said.
“Maa, not I tell someone else.” Twinkle said.
“Twinkle” Leela said staring at her with wide eyes.
“Okay” Twinkle said. she took Kunj to his room.
“school mein toh goonde ki tarah rahti hai aur ghar par bheegi billi.” Kunj said.
“did u say something?” Twinkle asked.
“no.” Kunj replied. He smiles.
“See this is your room.” Twinkle said.
“awesome” Kunj said.

Leela comes.
“Kunj I hope u liked the room n if u need anything u can tell Twinkle.” Leela said. Twinkle looked shocked.
Twinkle goes in her room and come in front of the mirror. She just stared at it. Kunj came and said Mr. Mirror, Mr. Mirror tell me how beautiful I’m?
“Shut up and get out from my room.” Twinkle said.
“Okay, I will go, but your room is so nice.” Kunj said.
“Thanks for the compliment.” Twinkle said.
They everyday had a part in their as sweet nok-jhoks; it would be in school or in the house. But, as the time passed they became best friends. Their bonding was strong. And one night, Kunj peeped inside Twinkle’s room.
He tried to wake up Twinkle, but was unable to wake her up. He did it once more. She got up, but was about to shout. Kunj covered her mouth hard. She was unable to speak. Kunj was very close to her. He tightened his grip. Suddenly, Twinkle bit him. Kunj tried to control his pain.
“Stupid girl, why did u bite me?”
“Self-defense.” Kunj said making faces.
“why r u in my room at 3:00am.”
“Actually, I want to drink water.” Kunj said.
“Kunj, u could take it yourself.”
“Twinkle, u know that I get scared of dark.”
“For the first time, I’m listening that a boy is scared of dark.” She laughs.
“Twinkle” Kunj said.
“Wait, I will get water for u.” Kunj nodded.

The day came when Kunj had to go to his own house. Twinkle and Kunj both looked sad, but promised to be friends forever.
Kunj and Twinkle both missed each other, each and every day. Their 10th std arrived. Kunj realized his feelings for Twinkle. He wrote several letters to her and kept it once in her dairy, or in her pouch. He tried many things, but all went in vain.
He decided to write a letter to her. He kept it in the library in a book on Twinkle’s reserved seat and told Twinkle about it. But, his bad luck Twinkle did not visit the library that day. He lost all his hope and then, told everything to his father. Manohar scolded him to do all this things. Manohar told him to concentrate on his 10th std exams. Kunj did as he said.
The 10th results came out, Twinkle stood first and Kunj second.
One day, Mahi called Twinkle and told her that Kunj is leaving for UK. Twinkle was shocked. She rushed to the airport as she had to fallen for him and she saw Kunj going inside from the main gate.
“Kunj, Kunj.” Twinkle shouted. Kunj looked behind only to see Twinkle standing.
“Kunj please don’t go.” Twinkle said. Kunj was about to go, but there was an announcement for Kunj. The announcement stated “Kunj Sarna, flight no………….is waiting for u, Kunj Sarna please come fast.”
Kunj still went forward to Twinkle. There was another announcement “Kunj Sarna the flight is waiting for u, the flight is about to take off, please come fast.”
Kunj left with no option went to board the flight; he went without telling anything to Twinkle. Twinkle was left heart broken. She bursts out.
****************FLASHBACK ENDS****************
Kunj is talking to Mahi.
“Mahi, u know that I was left with no option. The actually thing is my dad hated Twinkle.” Mahi was shocked.
“What r u saying.” Mahi asked.
“Yes, my dad hated Twinkle. After coming to my own house, dad told me that he heard Twinkle saying to her mother that why has he (Kunj) come to stay here. He was very disappointed by Twinkle and therefore when I told him about my love for Twinkle, he scolded me a lot. And this is the real reason why he shifted me to UK, so that I could forget Twinkle, but then when he came back to India after a year for some work, he saw Twinkle for the first time after a year. She looked cheerful as per he said to me. she helped everyone, she made everyone smile, but she herself was not happy. Then, my dad started liking her. When, he came here he told me that I (Kunj) can go to India to win Twinkle. I was overjoyed.” Kunj said.
“I know Twinkle will be yours only.” Mahi said.
“And Mahi if Twinkle would have come 5 minutes ago on that day when I was leaving then I could tell her that how much I love her.” Kunj added.
“Don’t worry everything will be okay.” Mahi said. she smiles. Kunj smiles at her.


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Credit to: Mitali

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