Two Bodies ; One soul: Twinj (three shots) Part 1


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Let’s start. Here’s my first three shots.

“Romeo, Romeo, Romeo. Where r u my Romeo?” Juliet said.
“Juliet” Romeo said.
Suddenly a girl started laughing.
“Twinkle do u find it a joke.” Yuvi said in frustration.
“Twinkle first of all we r not getting our Romeo for our play and u r laughing” Ananya said in vain.
“That’s the thing I’m telling u guys, first find a Romeo and then we will practice.” Twinkle said sitting on stairs.
“Twinkle what u think about me.” Yuvi said.
“U, u r better being the father of Juliet.” Twinkle said laughing.
“U r right Twinkle. But, where will we get our Romeo.” Ananya said.
“Can I be the Romeo in your play.” A voice came from the door. Everyone looked at the door. The boy was handsome, tall around 6.1 inches, tiny eyes, and pink lips.
“Can I try for the role” the boy said. The boy comes in front of everyone. Looking at the boy, Twinkle’s expression were sad. She looked forward to see he boy.
“I’m Kunj Sarna, new boy in the college.” Kunj spoke. He looks at Twinkle in vain. She turns her face.
“Come in let’s see how u act. All boys of college have done with the audition, let’s see the last option will work or not.” Yuvi said in hoping for good.
“Okay” Kunj said.
“Yuvi we will find another person for his role.” Twinkle said
“Twinkle, no option left. If he does good acting then we can take him and we have this option left or the respect of college will go down.” Yuvi said.
“Twinkle Yuvi is right.” Ananya said. Twinkle leaves from there. Kunj does performs well, and he is selected as Romeo for the play. Twinkle went behind the pillar; spoke to her self “Why has he reentered my life, my past haunts me.”
“Twinkle come, we have chosen Kunj for Romeo role.” Yuvi said.
“He acts very well.” Ananya added.
“Thanks for the appreciation” Kunj said.
“Myself Yuvraj Luthra, I’m playing the role of Juliet’s father.” Yuvi said.
“Myself Ananya Malhotra. I’m directing the whole play.” Ananya said.
“Nice to meet u all” Kunj added. Mahi comes in and looks at Kunj.
“Kunj” Mahi shouted. She goes and hugs him. Yuvi feels jealous.
“Mahi” Kunj said. Mahi breaks the hug.
“Kunj, after 6 years. I can’t believe u r here after so many years.” Mahi said. Twinkle comes. There was an expression of mixed feelings on her face. She keeps looking at Kunj. Yuvi moves towards Twinkle, claps his hands in front of her. She comes to senses.

“What? What? Come and join us. We got our Romeo.”
“Yes” Twinkle said.
“Twinkle he acts very well.”
“I know” Twinkle said.
“How do u know?” Yuvi added.
“He is my school friend.” Twinkle said.
“Wow! This is better. Your chemistry will suit. Romeo-Juliet. Everyone will love the play and your chemistry.” Twinkle said.
“Kunj, Twinkle is the Juliet.” Yuvi said.
“Yuvi can u change the Juliet.” Kunj said, shocking Twinkle.”
“Why will he change the Juliet? Mr. u have come later, so u will change, if can’t please adjust, as I’m adjusting.” Twinkle yelled at him.
“Okay fine” Kunj said.
“okay let’s start the practice. Kunj u learn your lines and Twinkle, Yuvi and Mahi and remaining here, u all practice your scenes.” Ananya gave her order. Everyone nodded. They completed their practice. All moved to the classes.
“Yaar this guys is so hot and handsome.” The girls were speaking as they saw Kunj. The professor comes in the class.
“Students, Kunj Sarna is new student in this college.”
“and yes I heard that u r the Romeo in our college play.” The professor added.
“Sir u hear it right.” Kunj said. the class ended. Everyone left the class. Twinkle was about to leave, but Kunj stopped her.
“Twinkle, I want to talk to u.”
“I have no mood to talk to u.” Twinkle said. She went forward to leave, but Kunj held her hand and pined her against the wall.
“Kunj what the hell r u up to? Why have u reentered my life? Damn it.”
“Twinkle stop speaking.” Kunj said while closing her mouth by keeping on hand on her mouth. She was unable to speak.
“Twinkle, I know u r upset with me, but” Kunj said. Twinkle was about to say, but Kunj grips hard on her mouth. With no option left, she bites his hand.
“Aaaaaa” Kunj shouted.
“Stupid girl, u still do that, biting others hand.” Kunj added.
“Shut up. I’m going.” Twinkle said.
“Do u love anyone.” Kunj asked while she was leaving. Twinkle’s footsteps which were walking towards the door came back to the original position.
“No I don’t love anyone now, but, I loved a person six years ago who betrayed me.” Twinkle said.
“May I know the name.” Kunj said.
“You know the name.” Twinkle said.
“Right, I know the name.” Kunj said in low voice.
At night, Twinkle moves towards her wardrobe’s special section. She removed a photo frame, kept staring at it, it was usual for her, every night the same process from 6 years.
“U left me, I didn’t leave u. Still your memories are there with me, kept safely in my heart, even if I wanted to remove, delete button did not work and still they r there. Even if u r away, I think u r near me, but when u r near me why do I get so nervous?” She kept thinking. She hugged the photo frame and placed the photo frame softly on the table beside the bed and slept.
To be continued.

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Credit to: Mitali

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