Two Best Friends Walked In Three Cam Out (OS)


Hello Everyone !!!!! I am back.Forget unknown destination.You will tell I am crazy but the true fact is that one girl is copying my ff and has managed to say everyone that I am copying hers.So now no interest but check this out .My new OS is Based on a scribble ? Don’t forget to read the authors note.Please a request it is ???

Two Best Friends Walked In
Three Came Out !!!

It was a new morning.All the students had come to the college.There you could find two people who were forever best friends.People used to think they are dating but they never did.
Their friendship was the strongest you could find.Yes!!!!They once dated but things don’t work out.They moved out but promised each other to remain the best of friends.

The whole of the college was sad.The whole college had a special exam and most of them did not study .They had their MSC’s .How on earth could they study? Everyone assembled in the ground where the supervisor was standing.Suddenly whispers were heard wondering where was the principal ?
Supervisor:Children I know you have studied well but unfortunately Principal Sir is I’ll and the exam has got postponed .We give you the students a holiday to learn more
Students :Yes Maam
As soon as the supervisor went you could hear loud sound.They were literally screaming.That stupid exam had got postponed there could be nothing happier than that ??
Everyone rushed to their homes.They were still talking
L:Swara tomorrow is your bday.Which gift do you want
S:ummmmm It’s a gift and shouldn’t a gift be a surprise.
L:Were you doing your Ummmm for this
S:If you think so ?
L:OK fine I will give your gift right now
S:Now bday is tomorrow Mr Laksh
L:Just come

They soon arrived at a place. Laksh stopped his bike in front of a Animal shop.
Swara was literally steaming twirling and whatever she could do because she always wanted to buy a dog.And she understood he was gonna buy one for her
Laksh stood there looking at her going crazy
L:Can we go
S:Sure ?
They went to the shop but the Person told there were no puppies or dogs right now.
Swara was sad.She was so happy but………suddenly a rude man entered
He screamed at the shop owner
What kind of dog is this :Doesn’t even do one job.He is so stinky
Shopkeeper:We are sorry sir but its not our fault
Man:What do u mean by not your fault
S:You have no right to talk to a elder person like that Mr.whatever
Man :Oh!!!Really then why not you handle this stupid one
S:Oh!!!Hello stay in your limits.Dare you call him stupid
The man kept the dog there and walked out in a Huff
Swata bended down and could and understand the dog was tortured.She bent down and patted her hand over his fur.She could see he was sad and crying.After all animals do have feelings
She just took him and have a tight hug
She kept him down and smiled but the dog wagged his tail in happiness
Shopkeeper:Looks like she likes you
Swara :(smile) not understanding what the shopkeeper said
Shopkeeper :Dear why don’t you take this one.But the money.No need dear.I know you will keep him happy
Swara gave the shopkeeper a friendly hug
Laksh slowly lifted the dog and gave him a kiss on the forehead.The dog wagged his tail.Putting a collar .Taking Him now not 2 but 3 best friends walked out.
Isn’t there a saying “A Dog is a Man’s best friend ” ????

A/N : It is true that I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs
But I trust a dog when it doesn’t like a person.
The reason I love dogs is let there be any moment in our lives. Our pets are forever with us unlike people who are there only when we have money !!!!!
It’s a bitter but a true fact.The reason I wrote this OS was just to tell you people don’t hate dogs.If they bark at you remember you don’t ignore people unnecessarily unless they have done something to you likewise the dogs top have a heart.Something must have happened with them for them to bark.Why don’t you adopt a dog home and see how it feels.Trust me you are gonna experience something you never experienced.Your gonna get such happiness which nothing I’m the world could give.
Dogs Are Special more special to me cause I lost my dog years back and I still hate he person who did that but I stil love dogs.Any dog I see I try my best that if I have some food with me .I give it to them cause they have no one.They go and search in the dustbins for food and forcefully to survive they eat plastics but we don’t even care

Oh!! Wait we will realise that when it happens to us
Do Adopt A Dog!!!Your lifetime partner

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  1. Silent_writer

    Soo true n nyx dear n when will u write unknwn destination

    1. Angel_Swalakian

      Thank you di 🙂 About unknown destination somebody has copied my ff saying its her ff.When i messaged her to sort it out and telling i will help her if s he wants to write a new ff.SHe dint budge.Leaving her on her own. I i have my exams soo na once that is over I will hopefully start a new one

      1. Silent_writer

        Ohhh no prblm n about copied if u r writer so u should not quit u should write it bcz its ur story n u have right ??

    2. Angel_Swalakian

      Ya!! i agree with you but its her first time.Atleast by copying let her try er new ideas and do the story.I will love to read her story 😉 🙂

      1. Silent_writer

        Whos she??? If she try then all support her

  2. Wow well said dr….
    Lovely os dr….

    1. Angel_Swalakian

      Thank you Madhu 🙂 <3

  3. AMkideewani

    Awesome dear, I’m afraid of dogs, but you are right a man’s best friend is a dog. I will love to read your new ff?

    1. Angel_Swalakian

      Thanks bae ?? I love you ??

      1. AMkideewani

        Love you too dear?

  4. Radhika..

    nice message given. by u animals are the best friend we can ever have they r trustworthy help us even protect us what can we say about them they r really a true friend even my uncle have a horse and for some days he is going to uncles friend home and when he is going he turned back and there only died doctor said that he don’t let the shock of getting away from u and got heart attack and died this only shows how much animals love us in uncles home there are all kind of animals from dog parrots birds cows horse etc All the types of animals some in farm house and some in their home only i also love them but can’t keep them as have allergy from them i got rashes on my whole body if dog licks me or any other also so can’t keep them but love them all and u r doing a great job by feeding them and all ur dog died its sad now u have dog or any other animal or not
    just love the message u wanna give and true animals are our best friends loved the oa and message also??

    1. Angel_Swalakian

      Tanks Radhika !!!!!
      It was vey sweet of you to take your time and write this and about your allergy I really hope some miracle happens and you dont get the allergy 🙂 ?
      Ya!! my dog died .I live outside india and am studying.Once i go back forever my first job will be to adopt a dog 🙂

      1. Radhika..

        ur welcome dear hope so something happen like miracle because i tried every type of medicine and doctors but nothing happens
        i wish u will come back after successfully completing ur studies and adopt a dog which became ur best friend and u became his/her best friend ??

    2. Angel_Swalakian

      Thats actually sweet of you 🙂 DO message me would love to become your friend 🙂 <3

      1. Radhika..

        ok i will message u on ur account and me too love to be ur friend??

  5. Inu

    loving it.superb.nice message.

    1. Angel_Swalakian

      Thanks INu 🙂

  6. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    First of all, sorry for the late comment dear.
    Secondly, Os is awesome and you gave us a precious massage. Thank you for it??
    Keep writing like this dear.
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Angel_Swalakian

      Thank you Abdul
      Glad that you got the message 🙂 Thank you so much

  7. Sherin

    its so nice…

    1. Angel_Swalakian

      Thank you so much 🙂

  8. Awwww suchhh a sweet story.. loved it dear..thnk u.

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