two aparted live birds again joined in a letter (OS)


Hi guys Iam not silent reader iam here with a os
Character involved

A boy is shown begging a girl lets hear them
B pls I really love you
G I can’t love you coz you don’t have money and throw your love in the dustbin
B twinkle pls understand me I’ll be able to keep you comfortable and happy
G kunj why are you not understandingyour getting only 15 thousand salary and you are saying toil keep me happy its impossible I want 50 thousand a day for my personal expenses will you give me that much money
KUNJ was all numb
Twinkle opened her bag and took 100 rupee note and gave to him and said
T keep this money and go home

After few months
Twinkle is shown standing in a stage as a bride its written
Twinkle n yuvi sangeet
Everyone keep gifting them their gifts and suddenly kunj comes gives gift n goes
That day night in twinkles room
She opens the gift and sees a cute statue of a couple and sees a letter
In the letter
Hi twinkle
Your dear kunj
How was the gift twinkle and you know be happy with yuvi
And you know I got a lady like a princess to love for a few days and thwt you and that happines is enough for me till my last breath and be happy with yuvi happy married life
Your dear kunj
Reading this she cries and calls yuvi
T yuvi come to MWB hotel
Y ok but why
T I said come

Scene shifts to MWB HOTEL
Twinkle and yuvi comes
T yuvi I don’t want to do this marriage
Y why are you gone mad twinkle tommorow us our wedding and your saying it now no you can’t say like this say the reason for this
T iam not happy with you
Y no this us not the correct answeryour lying say the truth
T I love kunj so only i can’t live without him she screams and runs from thete
Scene shifts to Kunjs house
KUNJ is shown lying in the bed
Suddenly there us a knock in the door
KUNJ goes and opens
He get shocked to see twinkle before he could say anything she hugs and she screams I love you kunj he is crying because of happiness and he too even scream I love you to twinkleT
soon they said their parents about their relation and married and lived happily

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  1. Shatakshi

    Hey tanisha that was cute??

  2. Short n cutecute. ..???

  3. short n sweet

  4. yeh kaisa logic hai

  5. Harshitha

    Awww sweet one Tanisha ❤

  6. nice one and please do read my first ff a prank played by destiny beyond our thinking.

  7. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome n cute one tanisha

  8. Amazing….. dear…. it was so cute….

  9. Anushka

    Cute one tanya di

  10. awesome loved it and so sweet

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