Twisted Love Story (sdch) Episode 3

Hi guys thanks for ur likes and comment it really means alot. But I’m little bit disappointed. In intro I got more than 19 comments but now I got less does it means u guys didn’t like it. It’s OK if you didn’t like it. If  u guys r silent readers I mind that. Pliz do comment than I can get to knw u guys will like it or not than I can decide to continue this or not. Now it depends on ur likes. 

Episode starts

Location : Still in canteen


Veer and all sits on shocked when sanchi enters. Veer looks at her.Sanchi takes coffee looks at veer and  bumps kabir. Sanchi’s coffee fell on kabir shirt. Kabir gets angry.

Veer -yes now kabir will teach her lesson. Go my friend.

Kabir -wat the

Sanchi gets scared. Kabir eyes gets red.

Sanchi -I’m sorry ka ka kabirrr

Kabir -it’s ok

Instead of pizza veer eats chilli in shock. He mistakelly eats it and shouts.Instead of water he drinks hot coffee and burnt his tongue.

Ricky -veer coffee kabir par giri dimag tera gum gaya Kya.

Kabir feels pain as coffee was hot and his chest got burnt. Sanchi saw that and throws water on kabir. Kabir gets more pain. He and others look at sanchi shockingly.

Sanchi -I’m sorry again

Kabir  went there without saying anything. This shocks everyone. Specially to ria and veer

Veer -takur to giyo. Mera bhai bemar hai.

And he faints. Ria holds him and goes on fb.

Ria mistakly drops water on kabir. While giving him. Kabir gets angry and slaps her. Ria comes out of fb and touches her cheek.

Ria -veer is right kabir is sick. I just drop water on him he slapped me and now chashmish dropped coffee not coffee but hot coffee. She wakes up veer

At night sanchi was going. When a girl calls her. Sanchi turns back and someone throws a bucket of water. Sanchi gets fully wet .Person was going when sanchi asks to stop.Person turns back and she is pragya.

Pragya -u threw coffee on my  brother. This is return gift.

She went.

In the morning all were playing truth and dare. Except of kabir and veer. They ask sanchi to play. Sanchi was going when ria throwed some tantrums. Sanchi played with them and she chose dare. Ricky and garg ask sanchi to kiss whoever is standing near swimming pool. Garg and Ricky saw veer there before giving dare .

Sanchi disagreed and was going when madhubala badmouths about her. Sanchi gets furious goes kisses the person and both fell into swimming pool all gets shocked.

Ricky and garg smiles but they get shocked as veer cums behind them.

Ricky -veer is here

Garg -than whom did sanchi kissed

Just then they see kabir cums out holding unconscious sanchi in his arms from swimming pool.All faints left kabirshocked.

Precap : Sanchi faces  kabir anger.

How did kabir came to veer place u will get to knw on next part.

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  1. Priyanshipp

    Syna Syna what an amazing writer u r dear….. the episode was mind blowing. …. superb yaar n the connection between kaanchi is making me more crazy for this yaar….. this 1 has become my fav ff dear. …. only I can say yaar pls pls pls do post as soon as possible. Lots of love and take care ☺☺

    1. Swethaa

      it has became my fav also…:)

  2. It’s amazing dear. Precap is interesting please post next one soon. Don’t think about dislikes nd please continue this story as a reader we all can understand how much efforts you writers are done to put such an amazing stories so keep going, it’s a request. Take care

  3. Swethaa

    as usual the epi is mind blowing…kabirs reaction omg whats going…keeping me more curious….
    and ria fb…hilarious..loved it…waiting for next part eagerly…lots of love and a big hug dear…amazing epi

  4. I am loving this …..
    Please write next epi as soon as possible

  5. Aafiya

    Wow! Superb yaar…
    Waiting for the next update..
    Post soon..
    Take care…

  6. lovely
    post soon

  7. Amazing dear

  8. Anhsaa

    I love this .with so much suspence …

  9. Awsmm….

  10. Awesome blossom 🙂

  11. Awsm yaar pls update soon

  12. --Jia--

    U r an fab writer we luv this story nd as u kknow we all hv to study so we r busy with them nd unable to cocomment nd the dislikes now we r habituated to them in every article there r 2 or 3 dislikes they never tell why so don’t be sad due to them

  13. Sanveer

    This ff is Awsome!! Plz make the episodes longer! And post next one asap

  14. Khan__sananah

    It waz o7m i luved it t made me crazz…dis iz 1 of my fav ff…u r d one who post ua ff dailz plz don’t think abt leaving dis ff…kanchi scenes were fantastic..dis made me more crazy abt kanchi n my iz increasing day by day 4 dem…n don’t be sad if u get 2 or 3 dislikes….others luv u n ua ff a lot…n i em one of dem…luv u loads dea…by…tc

  15. *khan__sannah

  16. Niyaaa

    Hi syna sorry dear for not commnting on ur previous epi.. Actually my exams r going on thats why i did’t get tm to read but now i m free i will try my best to commnt on every epi .. If not then one like u always got from my side… Btw epi is outstanding u r a fab. Writter within 3 epi this ff is one of my fav.. Nd u too.. Lovv u sweety nd bye tc nd last one a humble request to u nxt time plzz plzz post a lengthy epi.??bye tc ??

  17. Riyarocks

    hey syna……….sorry yaar for not cmmnting on ur prev epi……..but dear, this suspense is really killing me………kabir’s behaviour, infact, special behaviour towards sanchi………..I really felt like they both knew each other from b4………..don’t know, just a wild guess…………& u mentioned that “Writing isn’t ur cup of tea”……….in ur profile……………do change it immediately………..coz u’re an amazing writer…………luv u sweety…………..bye………….tc

  18. Ziyarasheed

    My my my, what should I say. It is so awesome. Actually the title suits your FF best. Because it’s full of lovely twists. And veer, he deserves all those chilly and hot coffee. I wish ek do chilli ria Jo BHI khilata. It would have been nice??. Kanchi scenes are so sweet and lovely. Ek dam jhakas episode. Please don’t make them confess soon. We want to enjoy more of these sweet moments of innocence and the dear glare. ? Do update soon dear

  19. Its amazing… Waiting for thr next part

  20. Anu88

    So so amazing and awesome and superb and beautiful episode yaar…….

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