Twisted Love Story (sdch) Episode 2

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Episode starts

In the morning sanchi packs her luggage and board train. Reached darjeeling.She gets down and ask everyone about St Paul college. She got address and leaves .

Location:St Paul College.

Veer waits for someone when someone blindfolds him.

Veer -how dare you. Open this Veer opens it and about to slap that person but controlled his hand when he saw a tall and cute boy.

Veer -Ricky (shantanu maheshwari)

Ricky -veer I’m ur friend

Veer -when did you came.

Ricky -today

Veer -thank God u came well new bakra will cum.

Just then sanchi enters ricky smiles at her.

Ricky -veer look there

Veer looks at sanchi with mouth open .

Veer -who is this

Ricky – well she is not bakra but bakri

Veer -doesn’t matter

Veer smirks goes near sanchi and pushes her. Sanchi fells down. She gets wears her specks looks at veer. Runs to him pushes him and both fell down. Ricky and all laughs. Veer gets angry and looks at sanchi. Ria cums and make veer stand up.

Ria -oh my baby how did you fell down

Veer -babe I wanted to insult my self.

Ria -what

Veer -do you think this. This will happen not even in ur dream.

Ria -who is this chasmish.

Veer -new bakri

Ria -hy u wats ur name.

Sanchi doesn’t answer and walks ahead when veer pulls her back.

Veer -r u mute Or u r deaf.

Veer takes sanchi purse. Sanchi tries to get it.

Veer -in one condition u will get this.

Veer looks at kabir who enters .Veer and all smirks.

Ria -turn back there is a boy standing. U have to

Veer – ask his phone number and his name. It’s easy

Sanchi turns back and saw kabir back who was talking to garg. She slowly walks to kabir. She taps on his shoulder. Kabir turns back and both looks each other shocker.

Veer -now see get scold from kabir. Coz we knw he stays away from girls.

Kanchi -Tum

Sanchi -wat is ur mobile number and ur name. They have my purse if you won’t tell me. They will not give me.

Kabir looks at veer and veer smirks.

Ria -now she won’t mess with u veer.

They all gets shocked as kabir takes out pen and writes something in sanchi hands. Kabir smiles to veer and went. Sanchi cums near veer shows her hands. Their eyes gets bigger and mouth opened as they saw kabir name and his phone number .Sanchi takes her purse from veer and left.

Veer -how did kabir gave his phone number.

Ria -he doesn’t look at me he holded chasmish hands and wrote on it.

Veer -something is wrong.

They all goes to their class room. Kanchi, veer ricky ria garg are in same class.

Veer sits with ricky and garg. Ria sits with madhubala. Kabir sits alone. Sanchi enters saw all places r full. She saw a space at the last bench.All laughs looking at sanchi when kabir was searching something in the ground. Sanchi goes and sites on the last bench. Kabir gets up and looks on shocked as sanchi sits beside him. Kabir sat quietly beside her. Veer eyes goes round and round. All looks on.

Lunch time

Location: Canteen

Veer and all sits in shock.

Ria -wat happened to kabir

Veer -he doesn’t sit with anyone in fact with me. Veer Malhotra. He sat with bakri. He stays away from girls. How did this all happened.

Precap : Ricky and garg ask sanchi to kiss someone who was standing near swimming pool.

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