Twisted Love Story (sdch) Episode 1

Sorry for late guys well im back. Looking at ur dislikes I think u guys didn’t like the intro. Well it’s fine seeing ur comments and likes. I really hope who disliked intro will like first episode As u knw I’m new here .Bare me. Well I’m straight forward girl what I feel I just say without thinking. I hope you guys don’t mind anything ahead. Thanks for welcoming me. For the pairs it’s suspence like in ashu ff. Pairs u will get to knw in few episodes .

Episode starts

In orphanage. Some students attends the assembly. Mother announces who will get scholarship and will go to st paul college in darjleeg for further studies. Mother announced a girl’s name who cums infront.She was looking very pretty .She cums ahead and falls. Mother asked her to wear her specks. Girl wears specks and smiles .Mother and all students congratulate her. In the night she sleeps and after sometime mother cums and looks at her and caress her.

Mother -I’m scared Sanchi. U r going alone to new college new city. How will u manage. Pliz God help Sanchi. I hope she will get someone who will make her special.

In Dajeeling two car races and both cars crossed finished line at same time.

A girl cums looking very pretty. All boys looks at her and girls gets jealous of her.

Two girls runs behind her calling her ria. Ria looks back and saw madhu and bala.

Ria -oh God u madhubala don’t call me ria.Just call me college queen. I’m only gorgeous girl here.

Madhu -oh ok bye the way what r u looking at

Ria -babes I’m searching for my heroes.I don’t knw where they are.

Bala – there they are.

Ria – why doesn’t they gets down. Well they are waiting for me.

Ria was about to go when a boy steps down from the car holding a beer bottle. His was handsome. Girls looks at him. He cums near ria and puts his hands on madhubala. Ria gets jealous.

Ria – Veer Malhotra.

Veer -yes babe.

Ria -put ur hands down.

Veer -y should I

Ria -Enough now where is he.

Veer -He

Madhubala -our college prince.

Veer -oh he is doing some important work.

Ria -work

Veer -1,2 and 3

Another car glass breaks and two boys flies on the ground. One boy faints and other boy stands up with bg. His eyes shines.He looks at veer and smiles. His smile is breathtaking. He cums near veer and hugs him. He breaks the hug and ria was about to hug him when he stopped her showing his hands. Veer and other girls smirks.

Ria -Kabir Kapoor wat u think of urself.

Kabir -well I think I’m the college prince actually I’m the only prince.

Veer -thanks bro

Kabir – when will you stop this veer.

Veer – never

Kabir -veer

Veer -well I took a girl for date. I didn’t knw she had a boyfriend.

Kabir – tell me something did he really slapped u.

Veer -no actually I lied. Sorry for that actually he came pushed me and took the girl.

Kabir gets angry and goes to boy. Make him stand. Apologize to him. Bring him to veer and slaps veer. Boy looks on.

Kabir -sorry veer I can’t see anyone slap u only I can slap u coz I have right on u.

Veer takes kabir to corner.

Veer – kabir u could slap me in corner you did you slap me infront of them. Wat about my image .

Kabir -enough ur drama buddy. Tomorrow is

Veer -yeah to-morrow wat is tomorrow

Kabir -tomorrow college will open.

Veer -oh God dad will kill me he asked me to pass this year. But tomorrow will be fun.New students. Ragging

Kabir -no ragging

Veer -OK no ragging but masti

Kabir and veer starts to leave. Veer throws beer towards kabir. Kabir have a sip and thrws back to veer. Veer have a sip and throws to kabir. They went back to hostel.

Precap : College Opening. Sanchi, Kabir and veer first meeting. Veer pushes sanchi and she fell down.

Well I hope you guys will like it.Maybe then I’ll post next part.



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