A Twisted Love Story Saga…. Avneil… (Episode 4)

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Precap:Avneil got married.

Avneil arrive at their house. Avni looks on.
Neil:wow!! Such a big house and us together..
Avni stares at him.
Neil:Ohh.. Dont look at me with such a cheap look okk..
Avni:U will talk only or go inside.
Neil says but before that I want to know why u married me. Avni looks away and proceeds towards the house. She opens the door and gets scared seeing Neil with a dagger. He does her grah pravesh and pins her to wall..
Avni stammers Neill… What.. R.. U. D… Doing…
Neil:Shhhh!!! Now quietly tell me why u did this and why u married me and ruined my life like this?
He scares her and pretends to stab her. She shouts. He laughs. He shouts tell me dammit why u ruined my life. Avni pushes him.
Avni:Oh really! I did not know that marrying ur love is known as ruining ur life.
Neil gets shocked and looks at her.
Avni:What did u think i wont know? I got to know that day itself that how much u love me…
Neil looks away and says its false. She pulls him closer to her and asks really Mr Neil? They have an eyelock. Ae dil hain mushkil… Plays… He closes his eyes and says yess I love u a lot…. But unfortunately u dont… Avni asks how do u know. Neil looks on.Avni says I mean why did u not tell me? Neil says what would u do after knowing. Avni says I wouldnt have married u because the pain that u will get after I get away.. I know that pain. Neil looks on. Avni brings him to the room.
Avni:U want to who Am I right? I am Avni…
Neil is shocked and asks Avni.
Avni:Yess… The same Avni who had ran away with her mother…
She tells him everything. He gets shocked.
Neil:But I will not let u take revenge on Dadi.
Avni:Whose Dadi? The Dadi who wants to kill u?
She shows him the video. He gets shocked and drops the phone.He shockingly says no. He shouts. He the cries and breakdowns. She cries seeing him and hugs him. He also hugs her. She says this is the truth Neil.
Neil:But why did u marry me?
Avni:To save u from her?
Avni:Neil…I came in ur life to take revenge on u… But then I came to know that u r not at fault..Its all Dayavanti’s trap. And I want to punish her. Anyway dont worry.. I will go from ur life soo.. I know u love me but I am not an ordinary girl to be loved.. I cant have a normal married life. I have to take my revenge. I am Sorry Neil….
Neil looks on. Avni gets up and turns to go. Neil holds her hand and stop her.
Neil:U saved my life and now u want to take the revenge alone and become great?
Avni:But Neil..she is ur grandma…
Neil:she is also urs naa… I didnt know how she was… Now i know her true colours… And I will help u in this.
Avni looks at him.They smile. Avni says but it has a lot of risk. Neil says anything for u… They have an eyelock. He pulls her closer.
Neil:Now that we are alone in such a big house,we should fulfill Mum’s wish soon na…
Neil:Yes, a child…
Avni beats him.
Neil:bach ke kaha jaaogi jaaneman(Where will u escape to?)
She runs. He follows her. They run in the living room. She falls on the sofa. He falls on her. She asks him to leave her and not to talk rubbish. He smiles.
Neil:But as long as we are married we have to fulfill their wish right.
Avni gets shy and tries to go. He goes close to her and whispers in her ears why r u so tensed. U r my wife and I have right. She closes her eyes. She pushes him and laughs..
Avni:Ur this wish will never get fulfilled.
They have a nok jok. They come in room. They get tired of running and sleep into each other’s arm on the bed.

The next morning, Neil wakes up. He finds himself hugging Avni. He gets mesmerized at Avni’s beauty. Bolna mahi bolna… Plays… Avni wakes up and looks at Neil. She sits and sees her back string of the bridal dress open.
Avni:Neil..last night..
Neil:Last night was the most beautiful of my life.
He goes close to her and teases her. She says how did u do this without my consent. She cries and beats him. He holds her hand and pulls her closer. She looks at him.
Neil:I did not touch u… And I will never touch u without ur consent.and nthinng happened yesterday.
She gets emotional and looks at him. She hugs him. He is surprised and looks on.

Precap:Neela pushes Avni out of the house. Avni cries and pleads her to open the door. Neela says she is dead for her now. Avni is shocked.

Credit goes to:Heera

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