A Twisted Love Story Saga…. Avneil… (Episode 2)

Hey guyssss… I am back…. I am really happy that u all are liking my ff but unfortunately u r not commenting enough which is discouraging me a little but…

Precap:Avni entered Khanna Mansion and Neil spotted her.

Neil then goes close to Avni. Avni looks at him.
Neil:Who r u?
Avni gets tensed and thinks what to do….She thinks there is only one way..
She bends on her knees and proposes to Neil…
Avni:I love u…. Will u marry me?
Bolna mahi bolna plays…. Neil looks on shocked. He makes her get up and pulls her to a room. He holds her close.
Neil:Who r u? And why r u doing this…
Avni:I….I already said that I love u…
Neil:Shut up… I know its not true… Tell me ur motive… Listen I am a cop trainee and I can clearly tell that u r lying.
Avni looks on with teary eyes and says I did that to save myself… Uhh there were some goons behind me and… And they were forcing me to marry one of them..
She stammers and sweats.. Neil looks on.
He takes her out and tells everyone that he will marry her. She is shocked and looks at him. Shweta smiles and says that she is indeed beautiful. But Neil u said that u dont know her. Neil smiles and says that he was angry with her. They smile and hug Avni. They feed her sweets. She tries to talk to Neil but they pamper her.. Dayavanti thinks something is fishy. She thinks to find out. Avni rushes to Neil.
Avni:What is ur problem huhh? I told u the truth… Still….
Neil:I know u r lying thats why I did that… And I want to know the truth and I will know it before marriage… Dont wrry I will not marry u.
He goes. She thinks this was not my plan. Dayavanti comes to her. She sees her and remembers the past. She gets angry but controls herself. She takes her blessings.
Dayavanti:Do u really love my grandson?
Avni nods. She smiles and hugs her and thinks to find her secret. Avni smiles and says I wanted u to doubt me…

Avni passes by Neil ‘s room and hears him talking to his friend. She stops and listens.
Friend:But does she love u?
Neil:Idk… But I dont love her…
Friend:Seriously! Did u forget how u became mad about her the first time u saw her…. U were restless without her… U had even told me that u loved her like crazy.
Avni gets shocked and cries. She goes to the temple and asks God why is he doing this with her… Now she has to take revenge on someone who loves her madly….. She cries… Neil comes and sees her.. She sees him and clutches his collar…
Avni:Are u sure u will not let me marry u…
Bolna mahi bolna plays…. Neil looks at her… They have an eyelock… She says answer me…
Neil nods… Avni thinks why is he sacrificing his love… He doesnt even know me still….
She goes from there.. Neil talks to himself.
Neil:I love u… And I dont want to ruin ur life by marrying u because I know u dnt love me….

Avni goes to her room and cries thinking about Neil… She thinks I am missing u mumma… Shweta comes there…
Shweta: dear… U havent told me ur name…
Shweta:Nice name…. Btw where is ur family?
Avni:I have no family…
Shweta hugs her and says we are ur family now…
Avni thinks why Am I getting attracted towards them? No… I cant fall weak…..
Avni:Aunty…where are the other family members of this house?
Shweta:I had an elder Cousin… Ashish… Dont know where is he right now?
Avni gets angry hearing his name…

She goes to the hall and sees Ashish’s photo.. She asks Shweta about his family..
Shweta cries and says I had a little niece whom I used to adore very much… Dont know where is she now…
Avni gets emotional hearing this… Neil comes and asks why is she interested in knowing this house’s members. He changes tone seeing Shweta.. Once Shweta goes.. Neil comes closer to Avni.. She gets tensed and moves back.. She stops near the wall..he puts his arms around her waist… She looks at him and struggles…
Avni:Why r u doing this? U r pretending to protect me.. And…
Neil:I told u that I will protect u.. If the goons get to know that u r marrying they will stop troubling u… Wait until marriage day and then u will be free..
Avni:And what about u?
Neil looks at her… They have an eyelock… Bolna mahi bolna plays….
Neil thinks I will also be able to know why u did this… What is ur motive..
Neil:As a future husband.. I can romance with u right.
Avni:Dont u dare…
She points finger at him.. He kisses her finger.. She gets shocked… He smiles, winks at her and goes… She gets angry on him…

Its morning, Avni wakes up in the room. Dayavanti brings tea for her and smiles fakely seeing her… She thinks I will find out ur secret at any cost…
Avni:Sorry but I dont drink tea..
Dayavanti:ohh b dnt wry Go and freshen up I will make coffee for u…
Once Avni goes to bathroom.. Dayavanti checks the room but finds nothing.. She goes when she sees Avni going out.. Avni opens her towel and moves her wet hair..Neil passes by and gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. He comes to her.. She asks him what is he doing here so early…he teases her and laughs… She smiles and goes…

She comes to the kitchen and sees Dayavanti preparing coffee… She makes the boiled coffee fall on her.. Dayavanti screams… Avni smirks… She takes her keys secretly and hides it… Dayavanti goes to change…

After sometimes.. Avni goes to Dayavanti’s room and searches for something.. She gets some papers and smiles. She hides it in her bag and thinks this is the start of ur destruction Dayavanti….

Dayavanti later gets a call and gets shocked… She shouts who sold my two factories for free!!!!!!! And who transferred half property of mine to Orphanage…they all are shocked to hear that… Avni smiles….

Shweta says that forget all this… Tonight is the sangeet of Avni and Neil… Avni is surprised and looks at Neil.. Shweta gives her a shagun plate and asks her to go and get ready. She nods and goes to her room… She thinks sangeet…
She gets ready in a beautiful silver lehenga… She puts on her bangles and bindi and Opens her hair.. She sees her back string dress open and tries to tie it.. Neil, dressed in a white sherwani sees her. He comes to her and pulls her closer. Avni looks on. He ties her string…he whispers in her ears that she is looking beautiful.. She stops him.
Avni:Enough!!! We are not marrying for real that u r romancing here okayy!!! Dont u dare come close to me… I hate u
Neil:Even I dont love u… I am doing this to protect u and also to know ur secret and till I dont get to know the motive why u came here I will not let u go…
They look at each other and challenge each other… Music plays…. He holds her hand and brings her downstairs..shweta praises them.. Dayavanti looks on… They sit and the sangeet starts.. Neil asks her to smile or else people will think she is mad.. Avni stares at him and smiles fakely. Their nok jok starts… Everyone dance… Avni thinks to teach him a lesson..she brings him to the dance floor and dances with him on romantic songs… She makes him fall.. She smiles and makes him stand up.. She says this was the punishment for holding me close to u… She turns to go.. He holds her hand…she stops… He dances romantically with her on Ae dil hain mushkil… Plays…. At the end hr kisses her on her forehead.. She is surprised and looks on.. He smiles…

Precap:Avni comes to the mandap. Neil is shocked seeing her… He asks what r u doing here… U were supposed to run away.Avni says I am ready to marry u… She smirks….

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys so this was my second episode hope u liked it… Plzz comment how it was… I would be really happy if some silent readers also commented pleaseeeeeee…. Love u lots…i havr lots of expectations from u plzz dont disappoiny

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  2. I don’t know why people aren’t commenting but I’m loving it ???

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  4. Awesome awesome ?
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    Alia in the program also ali and avni are cousin as nanno is grandmother of ali but maternal grandmother of avni, still ali loves her.

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    I read all ur episodes in one go… Loved it.. and ur right… people read but dun cmt.. but it’s ohk dear.. keep continuing… it’s lovely.. ?

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