A Twisted Love Story Saga…. Avneil… (Episode 1)

Hey guyssss…… I am Heera and I am gonna write Naamkaran’s ff… Idk if some of u remember that I was writing Swaragini’s ff but unfortunately my previous acc is blocked so I couldnt continue writing it… I had to register a new one… Hope u dont mind… And plzzzz comment on my ff and plzz give me ideas and if u dnt like something do not hesitate to tell me through comments plzz and guys dont send me personal messages because I willl not be able to reply u due to some technical problems… And I will not be able to write daily but I will try to publish it as soon as possible… So here we goooooo!!!!!

Avni wakes up and goes to the window. Neela calls her. She gets dressed in a black dress and goes downstairs. She eats breakfast with Neela and converses with her.
Neela:Btw Avni dear… What is ur plan?
Avni:Well for now I have 1 year break and then my corresponding course will start.
Neela:But dear why will u do it at home?
Avni:If I dont do it at home mom I will waste my time by going to college. I will get the same teachings even at home mumma But right now I have to foccus on my revenge.
Neela looks on and says that she is worried for her.Avni hugs her and pacifies her.
Avni:for now I am free for 1 year… Wont u enjoy with me?
They smile and go shopping. They eat golas and take selfies. At night, Avni rests in Neela’s lap.
Avni:Mumma… U said that Dayavanti’s grandson Neil is here.
Neela says yes he also got 1 year break. He will join his father’s business for the break until his break is over. Avni says that he was the one who told Ashish Dad. Fb shows the moments.

Little Avni hides Neela in cupboard to avoid Ashish’s anger. Neil sees that and runs to inform Ashish. Avni stops him and pleads him not to tell Ashish anything or else he will beat Neela. Little Neil pushes her and goes.Avni cries. Neil informs Ashish and he and Dayavanti go to Neela and beats her. Avni cries and looks on. At night she escapes with Neela and promises to take revenge with the three of them.fb ends.

Avni cries:Ur sasural never respected u mumma..they used to abuse u… And Neil.. He was not even related to u… His mother was the niece of Dayavanti(“her cousin’s daughter)….
Neela cries. Avni hugs her. She makes her sleep and signs Aa leke chaloun tujko…. Neela sleeps.

Avni goes to the balcony and thinks of Neil. She looks at Neela and takes her bag. She drives her car and stops infront of a temple. Rain starts. She gets out and sits on a bench. She starts crying ? and remembers the tortures dayavanti did to Neela. Neil passes in his car and sees someone crying. He gives her umbrella. She looks at him… They have an eyelock…. She ignores him and goes. He looks on. He wonders who was she… Why was she looking familiar. Avni’s car punctures and she walks. She wonders who was that guy. Why she felt something seeing him….

After 1 month…. Avni sees Neil and thinks why do I see him everyday. And why I feel something on seeing him.She gets tensed If she has fallen in love. Her friend comes and makes her realise that she loves Neil.
Avni:But I dont even know him.
Friend:Love doesnt come after knowledge right.
Avni looks at him… Bolna mahi bolna plays….. She shies and smiles.She then remembers her revenge and turns to go.. She gets shocked seeing Neela crying and rushes to her.A car was about to ram her but Neil saves her. Avni shouts mumma…. Neela gets shocked seeing Neil and runs away. Avni thanks Neil and goes. Neil wonders what happened.

Avni asks Neela what happened. Why did she run away seeing that guy
Neela: he is Neil!!!! A part of my dark past…
Avni gets super shocked and cries. She thinks of her love for Neil. She sees Neela’s state and decides to take the revenge Asap. She calls Sia her friend and asks her to take Neela to Haridwar so as to cheer her up a little… After sometimes she bids goodbye to Neela… She hugs her and cries thinking forgive me Neela mumma for whatever I am going to do but it is for ur good only. Neela goes. Avni drives her car to Khanna Mansion. She sees the house with revengeful eyes. She enters and sees Riya’wedding going on. She enters and dwells with the guests. She goes to a room and dresses up beautifully. She opens up her hair and goes outside. She collides with Neil. She gets tears in eyes seeing him and also angry. She goes. Neil goes behind her to find out about her. Riya’s bidaai is done(riya is Neil’s friend). Neil sees Avni and stops her by holding her hand. She gets tensed if her truth will be out. Dayavanti sees them and asks Neil what happened. Neil asks them if they know her… They all deny. Avni looks on.

Precap:Avni bends on her knees and proposes to Neil. He gets shocked. Later,, Avni confronts Neil why did he say yes…..

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys hope u liked it… Plzz comment how it was… Plzzz…. Love u lots…

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