Twisted love shivika chapter 9

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Let’s begin our epi …

shivay was standing in high rage …. Staring angrily at Arjun.. whereas Arjun bowed down smilingly…

Anji: chote… it’s simple game…. And you always liked this game in your college days….

shivay : dhi… I told you not to play any tricks…. All VIPs are here not to witness our childish truth and dare game….

One politician: mr.shivay we always welcome such childish games to lighten our hectic mood…

Saying so all laugh with him…. Whereas shivay was compelled to participate in the game…

Arjun: rule is simple…. You have to do what we say if u get failed in your task….

shivay gave death glare to Arjun… while anji came in between to avoid 3rd world war…

shivay and anika brought up to the center of the hall where no one can miss their game…

Arjun: it’s just truth game…because daring may not be possible for this newly wedded couole….
Saying so he laughed…

Anji: first anika’s turn… what was your dream boy like…??

anika smilingly said in one go without even realising the crowd: he is just like Salman Khan in chori chori chupke chupke… sharuk Khan in kabhi kushi kabhi gham … where the hero loves his wife like a mad person….

She suddenly bites her lips seeing all attention towards her… while all enjoys her cute innocent reply….

All claps for her… while vanthu came forward and repeats the question for shivay…

shivay : it would be better if you guys directly give me any punishment…. As you all know I would never say anything ….

Arjun: shivay please… don’t spoil everyone’s mood…. Tell something about your dream girl….

Arjun suddenly realises what he just said… he should not have asked him about his dream girl…. Arjun notices some red filled tears in shivay’s eyes….

He quickly changes the task for shivay: hey shivay…. You have to tell us how you felt meeting anika for first time…

shivay took the chit silently only to express that he is no mood to play.. all who already aware of shivay’s nature leave a sigh… while anika makes o shape mouth… she don’t want to accept defeat.. she grabbed the chit and asked shivay to play….

shivay: don’t try to act smart anika…

anika: shivayji… it’s a simple question… how can you accept defeat… and you can tell truth….

shivay: I don’t want to…

anika in slow voice: if you are to say that I was goddess of beauty and your heart missed a beat while you meet me for the first time.. then it’s ok … I know you are shy… and you can accept punishment…

shivay: oh really… miss.anika Kumari Gupta….

anika: Singh oberoi

shivay: yeah of course… mrs.oberoi if you have forgotten… let me tell you… our first meet is not something that I can think you as a beauty queen… you were like immature arrogant kid who slapped me…

anika: : oh come on shivay ji… after that when I fell over you.. you were starring me like a maniac…. And I noticed that…. And I know… no one can can ignore such cute girl…

shivay smiles : get that straight in the mind of yours .. you are not my type…

anika keeping her hands in her hip: then what were you trying to do…. In morning ….. removing dust in my face??? Not at all…. I knew… you were just attracted to me…

Both ends up fighting in a cute way forgetting the guests… no one could hear their childish fight except Arjun and Anjali who is very happy hearing their cute fight….

shivay grits his teeth: anika.. stop ur nonsense…. Before I leave with no option…

anika: fine .. mr.oberoi… I will surely make you fall for me… fall for this beauty… for my nature…

shivay: in your dreams…

anika: time will decide that..

Arjun stepped in between to stop their fight… and gave punishment chit to shivay

reading the punishment his mouth pronounced WHAT THE….

Anji smiled sheepishly: chote… game is game… rule is rule….

Arjun: what was written shivay… a

Anji: not a big deal…a small dance….

Saying so she suddenly push anika over shivay and starts the song….

anika: why are you doing a big drama over a small dance… if you don’t want to dance… you can praise me…. (She winks at shivay)

shivay: I won’t dance and its final

While he says… anika just grabbed his hand and placed it in her back and holds other hand …. She starts dancing when shivay was just still by this girls sudden act…

Tenu itna main pyaar karaan
Ek pal vich sau baar karaan
Tu jaave je mainu chhad ke
Maut da intezaar karaan


She again twrils and came near shivay holding his collar…. She bends slowly expecting armav to hold her… but shivay being shivay looks away… she herself takes his hand and stood up without showing the guests about shivay’s annoyance ..

Ke tere liye duniya chhod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake


Now she couldnt make shivay to dance … as he became alert and stood there rootedly… she keeping one hand in his shoulder circled him and danced… and all was just impressed with this lady’s charmful smiling dance… they clapped and even asking for once more….

While the crowd enjoy the cute dance… vanthu who noticed shivay’s annoyance ran away from there…. Arjun notices that and follows her..

vanthu closes her mouth to control her tears… but couldn’t help…

Arjun : vanthu… what’s wrong??

vanthu hugs Arjun and cries heavily : ajju… I .. have never let anything to affect anika’s happiness… you know nah?? This marriage… I knew it.. shivay was not interested…. Even after that…. I agreed for anika… as I thought anika liked shivay…. And also…. That day before marriage … you told about shivay being how kind and good hearted… I thought he would keep my anika as a little princess… even though he is not interested in marriage… he won’t hurt my anika… and look there… She is trying hard to keep up the marriage… That man is not even looking at her

Arjun: relax vanthu… now also.. I m saying that.. shivay is such a kind hearted person.. he never hurt anyone …. And …. How you know about shivay is against in this marriage..

vanthu : he himself said me… that he is marrying only for his sister…. And trust me ajju… I even told anika about this… but that crazy girl…. She said…. She liked shivay Soo much …. And if she is to marry anyone she will marry him only…. And I having no option left agreed to that….

Arjun: vanthu.. whatever happened is just fate…no one could have stopped it if it’s God’s will… so just relax.. and I am damn sure anika and shivay is made for each other…

vanthu: no Arjun… no… I have done a big mistake… I should not have allowed anika to marry him ….

Anjali came there listening to their talks…

vanthu hides her tears and turns…

Anjali: vanthu ji.. I know for what you are worried for… I was also very upset and sad by their marriage… but what I have seen is the evidence that they both are meant to be… my chote have suffered a lot in his childhood now your anika will bring all happiness in his life… and I promise you we will never let a single drop of tears in our anika’s eyes..

Saying so anji hugged vanthu assuring her…. vanthu someway gets convincd
They all entered the hall… where shivay smartly dispersed everyone to have their dinner.. Arjun had planned many more… due to shivay’s samrt move he was defeated….

vanthu entered the room to freshen up herself…. Reading the message which she received a little before she smiled a little and moved towards the balcony where Raghav stands facing towards the sky…. vanthu slowly takes baby steps to reach Raghav… the steps she took unlocked one of the gift boxes which was hanging there… she was damn surprised and confused about such sudden gifts… she took one parcel and found one small locket…. Having P and R inside a heart….

Another parcel opened itself which reveals a chain…. Matching the locket…. Another parcel slowly moved towards Raghav… Raghav took that and turned…. vanthu smilingly asked him about this arrangement…. He silently bends and opened the box revealing a cute diamond ring…

Raghav : our relation starts with fight… and grew stronger …. I don’t know when I fell for you … I started fighting with you for no reason only to talk with you…. The more I fight the more I enjoyed…. I just want to fight with you life long… will you marry me vanthu…

While he finishes… number of fireworks came and glitters the sky having their name in baloon

vanthu realised his plan and smiles broadly… as she completely impressed with his gesture… she really liked him.. since her school days… but always she is annoyed with his fighting nature… when she agreed to marry she only thought of her parents .. she even waited to know about raghav’s heart but he didn’t leave any clue .. so she just accepted to shivay’s proposal… and now everything in her life is falling to the right place she is feeling cloud nine…

She ran and hugged him tightly

Raghav: I LOVE YOU vanthu….

She nodes and shouts: I LOVE YOU TOO….

The clapping sound of everyone alerted vanthu who is still hugging Raghav… she looked at everyone and bowed down…

anika came and hugged vanthu

anika: then… when is your marriage
She asked excitedly

vanthu : only when your life becomes happy…. (She murmered)

anika: what jiji??

vanthu: nothing anika… marriage …. Raghav just now established his business… he needs time

Raghav: what r u telling vanthu…(vanthu pinches Raghav while he hiss in pain)

vanthu: you only said that Raghav.(she stressed that while gritting her teeth.. to which Raghav nods confusedly)


anika and shivay in IGNITIOUS hospital…

shivay smilingly: so are you ready mrs.oberoi.. to work under this devil??

anika: what the??? (She is shocked)


It’s a little update … also may be a boring one…will be trying to give nice shots in upcoming track… do give your views….

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  1. I don’t like it please change the track

    1. Arshi

      Track means… Which one should I change?? … I didn’t even start any track…. I mean… There is much more coming on the way…

    2. Arshi

      Can you mention it more clearly

  2. I really like how you combined two of my favorite series in one story. What I like the most is the fact that Anika/khushi character is a woman with a career. I would like to see Anika acting more like a mature doctor instead of the silly personna they were destined by IB and IPKND’s writers. Sense of humor is an added value but silliness kills the maturity of any female lead. The choice of names was very smart. It helps the reader to imagine Anika’s face but with Khushi’s immaturity. Good luck and keep on writing, you’ve got what it takes.

    1. Arshi

      Thanks for this long cute comment… It just made my day…😍😍

  3. I really like how you combined two of my favorite series in one story. What I like the most is the fact that Anika/khushi character is a woman with a career. I would like to see Anika acting more like a mature doctor instead of the silly personna they were destined by IB and IPKND’s writers. I of humor is an added value but silliness kills the maturity of any female lead. The choice of names was very smart. It helps the reader to imagine Anika’s face but with Khushi’s immaturity. Good luck and keep on writing, you’ve got what it takes.

    1. Arshi

      Actually wrote this story on arshi… Tats y you can see kushi immaturity… I m Soo surprised that my story got you think kushi in this… And happy that u liked it… I have published this story on arshi in watpadd .. and here I wanted to share this story on shivika…

  4. Aniriya

    Amazing episode dear

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      Thank u dear

  5. Ur way of story is amazing, looking forward to seeing interesting, funny, romantic SSO and ASSO moments….. But the update is too short

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      Thank u dear.. and yeah well surely give long update in future epis

  6. Awesome but episode is too short

  7. Awesome episode arshi

  8. Nikita_jai29

    Hii dear… Update is good but you end up mixing two characters in one.. Please make sure… You use only oberoi in shivaay surname not raijada it confuses some time.

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