Twisted love shivika chapter 10

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Something is not going right between shivay BITTUVA and anika… “ said mamaji with utmost sad voice as he noticed somewhat uneasiness between shivay and anika..

Nothing is like that .. they are very happy… and anika is like a kid… she is Soo cute…. “ Said Mami with constant smile while recalling anika…

Still mamaji is not convinced… he is left in thoughts…

“ That day…. shivay chased anika like idiot .. right?? “ Asked mamiji.. to which mamaji nods…

‚Äúi asked anika.. she told…That’s because shivay was asking for a kiss (she giggled in between) and anika was shy to give him‚ÄĚ said Mami ji.. which made mamaji to smile in relief ‚Ķ.

WHAT THE‚ÄĚ the words skipped from shivay’s mouth while hearing all nonsenses from his mama and Mami‚Ķ.

shivay was hell angry with this tiny girl for spoiling his image in front of his mama and Mami… he always managed to portray himself as a perfect rude boy who have no emotions at all rather it comes to his sister…. But what she made him now…. For the past few days he tried to act someway cool to her… but she took advantage in that… now he should switch himself into full sso mode to bring that girl in her line…. (He slightly raised his eyebrows to control his excess anger while he steps inside his room)

The loud volume of song which is playing inside his room irritates his ears…. He slowly steps to the right corner to witness the happenings…. His eyes got fixed in tat position forgetting to blink… he forgot to breath for a second … in addition his heart skipped a beat…. Why he is so freezed in there…. The song playing added more intense in his look…..

Arey aaja tu paas mein
Rahenge saath mein
Haathon mein haath de
Sochenge baad mein
Baaki hai jo bhi bacha
Hum dono ko chadha nasha

The lines played exactly to match the dancing beauty ‚Ķ. anika was dancing and her grace and energy expressed how happy she was‚Ķ afterall her sister’s marriage is fixed.she didn’t bother to look at the poor fellow whose anger vanished in a second seeing her this side‚Ķ.

anika dance

Ding-dong ding
Ding-dong, ding-dong ding-dong
Ding-dong dong
Ding-dong ding-dong

Ek do teen
Chaar panch chhe saath
Aath nau dus gyarah
Baarah terah

The song comes to an end when anika does the signature step of the song…. While she goes backwards she gets hit by shivay’s hard muscles she turns and looks at his dark green coloured eyes which is starring her like anything… she lowered her eyes at once realising the happenings… she was panting heavily releasing her breath which she was holding while dancing….

It switched to next song while they two stare each other

Bheegi bheegi sadkon pe main
Tera intezaar karun
Dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko
Tere hi naam karun

It was shivay who breaks the eye lock first as he came back to senses and angrily looked at anika… anika noticing his anger switched off the song and gets inside the washroom to get her changed as she is still in her lehanga…

Raghav parents wanted to get them married in the coming month… while vandhu denies the same….

vandhu in low voice to Raghav: it’s because of me anika is in this position‚Ķ now I have responsibility to make her life better …then only I can dream of marrying‚Ķ.

Raghav: I can understand vandhu… but.. my mom is not so well… she wants to see us married… I will support you in every situation… but please vandhu… accept this ….

vandhu though wants to accept .. she is not ready to accept… which makes Raghav hurt.. he leaves the home silently expressing his annoyance …. Arjun who came there witnessed those and decided to talk to them…

In park …

vandhu: Raghav please…. I know ..

Raghav: you know‚Ķ but still you won’t marry‚Ķ whats the exact problem of marriage‚Ķ you can help anikaeven after marriage‚Ķ

vandhu: I cant happily marry when anika is suffering because of me…

She started crying …. While Raghav wipes her tears expressing his care towards her still he is not happy with her decision…
anika went to bed … she was grabbed to corner of the room by shivay…

anika: what happened… you are hurting me…(she struggles to get herself free)

shivay: listen mis.anika‚Ķ I don’t know wether you are actually dumb.. or else behaving like dumb‚Ķ but whatever the case may be stop your antics ‚Ķ or else I don’t know what all I would do with you.. you can take this as last warning ‚Ķ. Stay away from my doings and me‚Ķ. Don’t try to mess with shivay Singh overoi‚Ķ or else you won’t have even a chance to regret it‚Ķ.

anika : stop the hell Mr.whatever‚Ķ. (She again forgot his nameūüėā)… First of all‚Ķ I m mrs.anika‚Ķ and what are all you saying‚Ķ ‚Ķ.

shivay having red shot eyes presses her shoulders with much anger as he really hates such personality ‚Ķ. She didn’t pay attention to the rest while she. Got stuck with the point that she is Mrs. Not miss‚Ķ. How ridiculous he thought‚Ķ.

anika hiss in pain: why are you behaving like this suddenly Mr.oberoi. .

shivay releases his hands while she rubs continuously to relieve the pain….

shivay: I just heard what you said to Mami … when I chased you for my phone…

anika suddenly Popes her tongue out realising the reason for his anger….


shivay ***

Damn‚Ķ why she is always doing this‚Ķ and what is happening to me‚Ķ whenever she does such idiotic expressions I always lost control of my anger‚Ķ infact my anger just vanishes and I just wanted to smile at her ‚Ķ. No‚Ķ. She can’t play with my emotions‚Ķ I can’t let her win over me‚Ķ I am shivay Singh oberoi‚Ķ this tiny girl can never succeed‚Ķ. None of her antics will succeed

He quickly changes his mode to anger…

anika: listen… I was just ….

shivay: HELL WITH YOUR EXPLANATIONS‚Ķ(he shouted which brings instant tears to her eyes‚Ķ he ignored those and continued .. it’s necessary to shout to bring himself in control also anika yo understand the depth of his anger) IF YOU EVER ACT LIKE THIS AGAIN.. I SHOULD RETHINK TO HELP YOU IN YOUR FATHER’S TREATMENT‚Ķ

The tears which was already formed in her eyes flows at once not having option to stop‚Ķ she was still hearing such harsh words‚Ķ shivay didn’t mean to blackmail her‚Ķ but the words just skipped from his mouth due to anger‚Ķ he was also upset for using such words‚Ķ seeing her devastated state he just zoomed off to sleep to avoid further mistakes of him ‚Ķ

anika sobs continuously…. How can he say like that…. She was sure that shivay was a good hearted man… she always noticed his soft side which he managed to hide from everyone… and unknowingly she felt good of her decision of marrying him… but his words prickled her heart like anything… she should not have tried to act friendly with him… after all he is a MONSTER….

The last words skipped from her mouth… shivay woke up and looked at her

anika: yeah (she sobs again) I mention you only… you are a monster devil…

shivay: of course.. I have never denied that‚Ķ. And up now I didn’t show my devil side to you‚Ķ. Sweetheart you can never bear it.. so stop your antics and sleep now‚Ķ.

Saying so he slept… she also sleeps in the same position…

shivay got up from his bed and searched for anika she is found nowhere‚Ķ. Yeah he didn’t check the pool side.. he moved to find her there ‚Ķ wow she is looking innocently beautiful in that simple attire of her‚Ķ. The silk cotton cream top hugged her in perfect places which explored her perfect sturcture‚Ķ her hair form curls which she showed off with a bunch of hair, does it’s work to add more cutness in her look‚Ķ. The light pink shawl which she left in her shoulder touches the floor in flawless way‚Ķ.

She was doing her makeup‚Ķ when shivay called out for her‚Ķ she just turned making shivay numb‚Ķ damn he is affected again by seeing her ‚Ķ her simple yet innocent look he can’t just take his eyes off‚Ķ

She moved forward with confident: Mr shivay Singh oberoi ‚Ķ I guess it’s right‚Ķ.

She questioned him about his name being right while he just nods giving confirmation . She further talks…

anika: let’s clear out the things between us‚Ķ. We both need each other’s help‚Ķ I need you for my father’s treatment‚Ķ and in turn I will keep our relation secret from your sister‚Ķ apart from this‚Ķ if you hurt my pride‚Ķ I wont sit back‚Ķ you will get perfect reply for your actions‚Ķ and last thing‚Ķ. You will never act like that again like last night ‚Ķ if you do so‚Ķ I ‚Ķ.

That’s it shivay came close to her‚Ķ how can this tiny creature can blackmail shivay‚Ķ

Her heart was beating fast ‚Ķ she clears her throat .. and again said‚Ķ ‚ÄúI‚ÄĚ

shivay: what will you do??

anika: if u act like that again‚Ķ you can’t stop me messing up with you .

Saying so she tried to go…

shivay: what??

anika turns: you were angry nah?? That I lied about you chasing me … to Mami ji…. I meant that….

Saying so she walked fastly‚Ķ it’s fact that she is scared of him really‚Ķ she don’t want to show her nervous in front of him‚Ķ to avoid that she ran maintaining her calm bold face‚Ķ

shivay looked at the piece of paper laying down… he picked and read his own name written there… he smiled seeing anika’s craziness… she actually memorizes his name not to forget…. How crazy is she he thought….

He came downstairs only to witness anji and anika talking in a serious tone..

Anji: anikaji.. what’s there need for you to join job .. you can take some more days off‚Ķ

anika: I have some personal loans .. and I want to repay them with my earnings…. Please dhi… I hope you will support me in this …

Anji hugged anika: ofcourse anikaji‚Ķ but if you don’t mind.. I can help you

anika: no dhi .. pls

Anji: accha baba… I know …. I am telling about this tiffen

Saying so she handed over the box to anika.. anika happily took that and took her white coat .. waving bye she went…..


Why the hell she got appointed in that hospital… everything is almost finished there… and every arrangements is just waiting for my signature….

thinking so he also went ….


In her first day she almost welcomed by everyone… she was very happy and guided well by everyone… some of the higher officials only knew about the hospital status of going shut down… so everyone else were unknown of the fact…

Saying so RUBY left anika near her new cabin‚Ķ being a physiotherapist she is given a cabin ‚Ķ but what’s there to work under special person.. she is confused to hell with the happenings‚Ķ she was scared as she is only assigned to work under someone‚Ķ those who joined the hospital along with her was not at all given any‚Ķ.

She took baby steps … and reached the cabin… she felt someones persence inside the room…


asked shivay with a smirk on his face…. He has something in his mind for sure but what is his new motive??

anika was blank… his smirk said something dangerous… she could sense her danger zone… did he just said devil?? She is now damn sure that he is taking revenge for directing him as monster last night…. Her heart starts thumping fast …

Little they know that their this journey will change their life…

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