Twisted love (Introduction & Chapter-1)

Summary of story

As a normal girl anika had tons of dreams for her marriage…she was just waiting for her prince charming to enter into her life in a heroic manner… But what she got ? A marriage with an unknown person whom she never met …

Before she could even get out of the shock she got married… None asked her permission… She deserved at least to decide about her life partner… But she is not given any option…

What will happen when she encounters a new life with the entirely new atmosphere… That too with the new person whom she never met…


Guys… This story will have very limited parts only or by can say abt 20 to 30 parts I guess… But can change based on your responses….. It’s inspired from one of my favorite movie…. It’s a Tamil movie…but not a single scene is from the movie…

Well I should reveal the name of the film at least….. It is… SILLUNU ORU KADHAL (A BREEZY LOVE STORY)…. There .. our hero got married to our heroine and they would be living like a super cool couple… The story took some years leap right after the marriage…. they will be seen as the most coolest  couple with their daughter….But here I m just showing after their marriage how they fell for each other….

My story is not based on that film .
So pls don’t go by that… It’s just a part..

Bare with my language errors…. If u find any u can tell me.. as it would definitely help me to improve my writing skills… Even though I like grammar I m not used to write such stories…. So it’s a humble request for all my readers to just ignore my typos if any….



Female lead…. A normal simple dreamy girl.. always lives in fairy world…. Her only aim is to do love marriage…

Male lead:
Shivay Singh oberoi…. Owns a fashion house … Loves his sister to the core… But hates being in relationship…. Rude and angry young man …

Sister of shivay

Main leads as per story is these three only….

Chapter 1:

An extremely decorated room welcomed her…. As she stepped inside , bunch of flowers travelled from her head to toe…

She feels as if she s a small kid enjoying those flowers playing in her cheeks….

Suddenly lights gets off… Darkness… Is the only thing which could scare her to death… She couldn’t breath..
Her beautiful egg shaped eyes starts panicking revealing her innocent look..

She felt some strong power grabbing her …. She closed her eyes tightly and took him into a hug … She didn’t leave him even after the light came…


saying those the man took her in his arms… She smilingly bowed down not able to meet his eyes….
A bucket full of water splashed in her face…. She woke up with a jerk… Hearing her mom’s voice….

“Is that a dream… ” She Pat’s her head and got up from her fairy tale romantic story….

Arey oh drama queen morning itself u have started dreaming ah? Just get ready to ur college… This is your last day…. Here is your favorite red saree I have ironed it well.. wear this quickly your friends may be arriving by any time” shouted her aunt in her high pitch voice to which anika nodes silently and smilingly she walks down her bed recalling her dreamy wedding night…

“I wish at least today I could see my prince… What if any guy propose me… Oh no… I should be very careful in my reactions… Oh no” she smiles broadly and took shower and changed into her saree look in the most beautiful eye catchy way… No one can pass without glancing her beauty….

She took a rickshaw with her friends … Even though she belong to a family who can barely earn enough money to run daily life, she lives like a princess… None in the home made her compromise in any of her happiness as she is the apple of the home… It’s her sister payal who works hard enough to fulfil her sister’s wish in a blink of eyes…


“Sir… Pls…. At least half a day leave is necessary…”
She pleaded her boss in a extremely apologetic way enough to impress him…. But neither her words nor her tears reached him…”u can resign or come to work” He just snapped back

“Sir… It’s my marriage…. ” She again pleaded….

“But not more important than your career” he replied with strong bold voice which shakes her in fear…

“Chote!!!! You r improving dad by day… And the most successful rude business man awards goes to you”
Teases Anjali with her cute smile also a pleading eyes to grand his employee her leave for her marriage…

shivay having no option agreed and got inside the cabin along with his only dear one who he had in his life… He took care of her like a father.. and she takes care of him like a mother… Neither of them can live without each other… She is the only person who has the capacity to control The Famous shivay singh oberoi…

He has everything – money power property… But lacks a happy family… As his parents died in an accident and all his relatives turn their face to them as they were very poor.. it’s his will and determination which made him such a powerful and successful young businessman..

His whole world shook when his sister asked him one thing… He stared at her for few minutes to dijest the fact ….

“Chote…till when will you be like this… Any one day u have to marry
… And I guess the time is here… And now your sister will search for a perfect bride for you”
Said Anjali with her cute smile trying enough to convince her brother who is still starring her in a unbelievable look.

“Dhi (sister) if ur so called nonsense talks got over, shall I get back to my work… And u can go home by my car” he answered in a very calm tone which hurts anji very much… He had never rejected any of her wishes but when it comes to his marriage… He used to hurt Anjali in a very bad manner… Even though after that it’s his routine to ask for her forgiveness…

Anjali left the place silently or to say in a very angry mood… This time she gonna make it tough for him to gain her forgiveness… She reached home… And smiled a little as she planned something already.

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  1. Aniriya

    Hi arshi
    Good start with a interesting story. Since I have not watched this movie so i will enjoy it. I will love to read your story. Keep writing 😊
    Waiting for more
    Bye keep smiling and take care

    1. Arshi

      Thanks dear…

      And even if u see movie u will enjoy.. because all those who seen this movie always wanted to see how they fell in love with.. which actually the movie didn’t cover… They just shown the lead as most coolest couple… I m just showing how they fell in love with…

      And thanks a lot for your comment.. as I didn’t think to continue this as I got not responses…now will surely post Soon.. as I have already have more than 10 parts …

  2. Nivika

    Finally di ..u came with new fresh story….
    I am sure that many ppl will fall in love with this story…
    Its quite different and will be fun reading ur new story..
    Remembering those day ..when i was eagerly waiting for u next epi of treat to ishra and arshi fans….as it was creating curiousity that what will happen next…hope that ur this ff will also create the same curiosity….😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    Loved this part❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Arshi

      Thanks dear… And I am sooooo happy tat I could see yoru comment… And m feeling the same now… And I won’t stop posting here…will soon post the next episode…and hope to get more friends on this ff too… And missing all you treat friends…

      1. Nivika

        And i cant tell you that how much i have missed ur writing…you know i have started reading treat to ishra and arshi fans again in sep…..but due to some problem i was not able to complete my second reading😂😂…i hope that i will get extra time to reading reamaining parts again….❤❤❤❤
        It was and will be mine fav….😘😘😘😘😘

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    Good one 👏🏻👏🏻

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