a twist in the tale; swabhiman (chapter 16)

it was a week before karan would be cured from his disease, finally. after so long, karan would be able to touch people again. karan would be normal. naina came home that day exhausted and starving. she went straight to the dining table where everyone was already seated and apologised for being late.

naina: i’m so sorry, work was insanely busy and then my appointment got delayed.

nirmala: it’s okay, naina. it happens sometimes. sit and eat now.

meghna: how was your day naina? and, how are you?

naina: horrible. work was so busy, i didn’t get time to eat all day. i feel so weak, my hands are literally shaking because i’m starving. my teeth hurt so much and it was so hot outside today, i got a horrible headache since morning. it’s just not going away. i’ve never had such a horrible day. i just want to shower and sleep.

sandhya: how was the dentist appointment, naina? is everything alright?

naina: i have to take out my wisdom tooth next week, that’s why i was getting all this pain.

sandhya: oh man. who’s coming with you to the appointment?

naina: um, no one.

sandhya: naina, you can’t go alone.

naina: no one’s free to come so i thought i’d just go alone. anyways, the driver will be there so i’ll manage.

sandhya: naina, you’ll be loopy from the drugs afterwards. you need someone to take care of you. i’ll come with you, anyways, i’m free that day.

karan interrupted to disagree. after all this time karan was still upset with sandhya. after all, she did ruin his life and for him, she could never be trusted – especially not with his wife.

karan: naina, i’ll come with you. anyways, my treatment finishes by then.

naina smiled at karan and nodded. a week passed by and karan was now okay. karan was cured the same day naina had her wisdom tooth removal. naina went to the appointment with karan and afterwards, naina woke up all loopy from the drugs which was already expected.

naina: karan!!

karan: hey naina. how are you feeling?

naina: i’m good, what will happen to me? how are youuu?

karan: i’m doing good too.

naina didn’t say anything for some time. she just looked at karan. then she said something that confused karan.

naina: you love me.

karan: what?

naina: you came here with me which means you love me. rohit didn’t come and so he doesn’t.

karan: no naina, it’s not like that. he was busy in a meeting.

naina: no karan! before, he would miss anything but he would take care of me, he would still come.

before karan could say anything, the doctor came in and discharged naina. karan helped naina to the car and when they were on the way home, naina brought the topic up again.

naina: or maybe, i don’t love him anymore.

karan: naina, who are you talking about?

naina: maybe i don’t love rohit anymore, karan.

karan: what do you mean?

naina: i don’t feel the things you should feel when you’re in love around rohit.

karan: what are those things you’re supposed to feel?

naina: you’re always happy, your heart beats veryyy fast, when they leave – you feel sad, when you’re going to meet them you get nervous and when you’re with them it feels like you’re the only two people in the world.

karan: okay so when do you feel those things?

naina looked at karan and while she lost herself in his eyes, she said something which she would probably not even remember later on.

naina: when i’m with you.

karan didn’t know what to say to that and so instead he told naina to rest. naina rested her head on his shoulder and karan was filled with thoughts. he didn’t realise naina felt this way about him but, what if it was just because of the drugs. what if naina didn’t mean it? she wouldn’t even remember all of this. but, at the same time, karan was thinking about how naina and him could never have a proper relationship – not realising that now he was okay and that he could touch. karan wasn’t an outcast anymore, he was normal.

thank you for reading! okay so i have a lot to tell you guys. first of all, i’m so sorry for the really slow update this time around. i usually try to not make it more than two days but this time i didn’t write or plan anything. good news is that i have it planned till chapter twenty four so till then, there won’t be slow updates. i’m still really busy with school, though. but that ends this month so please bear with me for the next week or so. also, i promise you’re going to enjoy the next few chapters a lot because there will be so much nairan scenes happening!

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  1. Pratha

    Thanks Nana….
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    Just kidding don’t take it seriously.

    1. NainaSharma

      haha thank you! i won’t take long for the next few chapters, don’t worry.

  2. Pratha

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      no problem x

  3. Tamihna0808

    This was so cool! Loved the whole wisdom tooth taking out idea and how she’d feel kind of high and so she’ll speak the real truth! Super funny and cute update! Can’t wait for the next one! ??❤?

    1. NainaSharma

      thank you so muchh!! but, naina won’t remember any of this afterwards haha. i’ll upload soon though.

  4. Titli

    Fabulous.. post soon.. ❤️

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      thank you so much! i’ll be posting the next chapter tonight or maybe even sooner.

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